Dennis Smith   Hey guys
★HansDeLeenheer★   Beers!
Dennis Smith   waiting for Lance to join..he's having some trouble getting signed in
Dennis Smith   Hey Hans!  How's it going
JeffHengesbach   Good afternoon
★HansDeLeenheer★   fine thx
Dennis Smith   Hey Jeff
DarkingDK   Ah finally it worked, thought the chat was broken :)
Dennis Smith   you know the's me not you lol
erson   hi all
Dennis Smith   Hey Erson
Lance Boley   Good afternoon everyone
Dennis Smith   Hey Lance!
DarkingDK   Good Evening Lance :)
dell_gumanow   hello
Lance Boley   Sorry, yes good evening for our great guest outside the US
Lance Boley   Well, I will go ahead and kick things off since I was a little late.
Lance Boley   Today we are going to talk about the new EqualLogic firmware version 6 that Dell Storage Forum last month.
Dennis Smith   better late than never :-p
Kong Yang   Hi everyone!
hypervfan   Hi Kong
Lance Boley   The EPA version has been available for about a week now, so we hope everyone has downloaded it and has lots of questions for the panel today.
Kong Yang   Hi Tom!
ShankyAtDell   Hello everyone. Have anyone downloaded the Firmware 6.0 EPA yet?
Lance Boley   Thanks Shanky, I will turn it over to you ...
JSC   no, was hoping to get convinced to give it a try.
hypervfan   Wanted to say that I really like that ODX is in place. This time you are upfront instead of way behind as last time with 2008 R2 and CSV
ShankyAtDell   Thanks Hypervfan :-)
JSC   ODX will be a big benefit with Server 2012.  Saw some demos at Tech Ed last month
erson   I haven't since you HIT for Microsoft doesn't support Win2012
dell_gumanow   Which demo did you see?
erson   :-you
★HansDeLeenheer★   hypervfan: Wanted to say that I really like that ODX is in place. < +1
JSC   saw a Hyper V VM, running on ODX capable storage with the new VHDx format.  The iOPS that thing could push was MEGA!
erson   what is the timeframe for when HIT for MS officially supports Win2012?
JSC   of course Server 2012 VM on Server 2012 host
dell_gumanow   WRT demo of ODX, what were they showing. I get the VM on Server... but what were the apps?
JSC   they had SQL 2012...and they also did tests with IOMeter
ShankyAtDell   The GA of HIT/MS is targeted for Dell Q4
ShankyAtDell   and will support Win2012
dell_gumanow   should show a great gain.
erson   Q4 :(
hypervfan   A bit late since it's RTM very soon
erson   at least two months of Win2012 without official drivers then
erson   that pretty much sucks
ShankyAtDell   We will have the EPA version sooner than that. I dont have the exact dates though
JSC   yeah, kind of sad provided there have been preview releases for a while
Lance Boley   We will have a seperate chat around HIT at a later date, and will discuss details then.
erson   Win2012 RTM is most likely available for TechNet/MSDN within two weeks after RTM
Lance Boley   Today we are talking about the new version of FW available
JSC   we got bit on a version 4 FW EPA, so we stay cautious with those releases now
hypervfan   Have not had much time to look into it, could you explain a bit more about the replication that's supported?
Sheryl K.   What about synchronous replication - has anyone out there been waiting on 6.0 for the release of that?
Sheryl K.   LOL hypervfan - we're thinking the same thing!
erson   was trouble galore with fw 5 if I recall correctly
hypervfan   Yes :)
JSC   been waiting on it to give it a long as it's stable  :-)
Sheryl K.   it's synchronous replication, goes from one EQL pool to another, and can be configured per volume.
★HansDeLeenheer★   @Sheryl, it is a good item for the public offers checkbox but it still has some downsides
Sheryl K.   the source and target pools can be different for each volume.
Sheryl K.   yes Hans - which ones in particular are missing for you?
Sheryl K.   it is very exciting when you type with all those stars around your name! l ike a marquee
★HansDeLeenheer★   not online on second location and no SRM interation
ShankyAtDell   Firmware version 6.0 has loads of features including Synchronous replication, Volume unmap, Volume undelete, Snapshot Borrowing, Single Sign-on, IPSEC support, SED drive support
★HansDeLeenheer★   which means yuo need to do failover manually or have to script everything yourself
★HansDeLeenheer★   the only upside is no data loss, but there is no failover
Sheryl K.   got it on the failover - thanks & yes.  what about its being within a group - pool to pool - does that meet how you'd want to use it?
★HansDeLeenheer★   which means i cannot use it where we have sold SRM before
★HansDeLeenheer★   well, i see why that was necessary but for me it seems an extra hassle
DarkingDK 2   I like the volume undelete idea, especially with several admins on the storage side.. human error has/can happen, hopefully this will help
★HansDeLeenheer★   keeping it in the same group
★HansDeLeenheer★   i would rather have it online then if it is the same group (mirrored)
Sheryl K.   thanks Hans - helpful.  DarkingDK - glad you like that undelete.   Multiple admins= "too many cooks in the kitchen" sometimes
hypervfan   Agree on the undelete, nice to have a extra level of recovery
ShankyAtDell   Yes Darking, thats right. Volume undelete will especially help in situations such as what you describe - multiple admins managing an environment.  The firmware 6.0 places deleted volumes in a volume recovery bin, where they are preserved for up to one week, or until free space is required
★HansDeLeenheer★   other point: our clients will digg the borrowing!
Lance Boley   I am done, can everyone see the slide okay?
hypervfan   Yes
DarkingDK 2   I can see it
DarkingDK 2   Could someon eplease explain borrowing a bit further
DarkingDK 2   im not sure i understand the concept entirely
ShankyAtDell   Hans, how do you see using snapshot borrowing?
erson   no slide visible here
★HansDeLeenheer★   well, we had customer complaining about the reservation and that it was a disadvantage on their administration
Lance Boley   opps ... sorry guys ... had an issue ...
erson   now
erson   wll that pdf be available afterwards?
★HansDeLeenheer★   i would still love it better to have no reservations at all but hey, we're halfway :-)
Sheryl K.   lance is this a test to see how quickly we can see all the new features?  :)
cooksarah9 2   Sheryl, life is always a test
hypervfan   Any performance impact when using IPSEC?
DarkingDK 2   hello?
★HansDeLeenheer★   Q: are we still snapshotting on rync rep volumes?
ShankyAtDell   We have done extensive testing and IPSEC does not introduce any noticeable performance impact
hypervfan   Good
ShankyAtDell   Darking, Snapshot Space Borrowing feature enables you to temporarily increase the available snapshot space for a volume by borrowing from the snapshot reserve of other volumes and pool free space.
DarkingDK 2   Ah ok, so if i have 200gb snapshot space available on a volume, i can use it on a volume where i dont have enough room for a snapshot in progress
ShankyAtDell   yes. you can
DarkingDK 2   Well that sounds like a function i will probably use then
DarkingDK 2   I seem to recall IPSEC was only on newer arrays?
DarkingDK 2   PS6000 or newer
ShankyAtDell   Currently, if you dont have enough reserve space, oldest snapshots in your collection are deleted to make room for newer snapshots
ShankyAtDell   With Snapshot Space Borrowing, space is borrowed from  reservers of other volumes or pool free space
erson   The performance impact of IPsec varies by host and network configuration, and increases with the number of IPsec-protected iSCSI connections to the group. Based on these factors, you can expect that using IPsec will degrade I/O performance.
★HansDeLeenheer★   someone is asking on twitter for SMI-S support
★HansDeLeenheer★   (and he's right)
erson   from release notes
erson   SMI-S is a must for us Hyper-V geeks
hypervfan   Yes, forgot about that one :)
dell_gumanow   erson :  yes, you'd need to make sure you have a network connection that supports IPSec offload at the host. The array supports the offload and provides the acceleration of the algorithms.
erson   We've been asking about SMI-S since spring 2011 when the first public preview of SCVMM 2012 was released. No solid information yet....
erson   I'm jealous of NetApp, EMC and even HP that always seems to be first with support for new windows features
★HansDeLeenheer★   @erson, buy a Compellent. Microsoft use that to demonstrate SMI-S :-P
ShankyAtDell   You need SMI-S or SMP provider to support SCVMM. We will be supporting SCVMM 2012 in the upcoming version of HIT/Microsoft
★HansDeLeenheer★   Q: wht undelete, how can you know what is still available for undelete?
★HansDeLeenheer★   so SMI-S will be in the HIT coming Q4?
erson   ok, so no SCVMM 2012 support until 6+ months after its release?
DarkingDK 2   So if its offloaded to the host, why does ps5000 arrays not support it? have the architecture just gotten a bit too old to support it?
ShankyAtDell   Hans, we are going the route of SMP provider
DarkingDK 2   Never heard about SMI-S :-S
★HansDeLeenheer★   euh ... why?
hypervfan    @DarkingDK 2:SMI-S will let you manage the storage directly from SCVMM
hypervfan   In short :)
DarkingDK 2   Ah cool, im looking into the whole hyper-v thing... i want to test it out, and decide if we want to stay on vsphere or not
ShankyAtDell   Hans, I dont have the technical reason for why we chose SMP provider over SMI-S provider. But functionally the end user will see similar manageability of EqualLogic via SCVMM
★HansDeLeenheer★   what is the advantage of an SMP Provider if nothing else but the SCVMM will use it?
hypervfan   Hyper-V is getting better and better, so good idea DarkingDK 2 to look into it :)
Lance Boley   With the EPA release of the firmware who has downloaded it and started looking at the new features?
erson   if this is to differentiate EqualLogic and Compellent I'm going to be disappointed
ShankyAtDell   Hans, I am not aware of the provider level differences between SMP versus SMI-S. We can note down this quesiton and cover it in the upcoming Host Software tech chat that we will have
Lance Boley   Great idea Shanky, should make for some good conversation.
ShankyAtDell   No Erson, that is definitely not the reason. But I will ensure that we cover this SMP vs SMI-S in more detail in the upcoming host software chat
Lance Boley   So who is excited about synchronous replication?
★HansDeLeenheer★    @Lance:RPO=0 looks nice for presales guys ;-)
hypervfan   I like it, not automatic failover, but a important step in the right direction
DarkingDK   Unfortunately i dont have anythng to replicate :(
Lance Boley   @DarkingDK, how many arrays do you have?



hypervfan   Have not been to happy with the replication as it has been in earlier versions, so this will make it easier to sell
★HansDeLeenheer★   important Q:what are the group/pool limitations on sync rep?
ShankyAtDell   you can have upto 32 volumes enabled for Sync Rep in a group
★HansDeLeenheer★   for me one of the downsides would be that Sync Rep requires equal performance on 2 sites. On async rep you could use SATA boxes
DarkingDK   lance:  management found Offsite too expensive, and we do not loose enough money by downtime for it to make sense
Lance Boley   @DarkingDK, business decision ... sounds good to me ...
★HansDeLeenheer★    @Darking: iff offsite is too expensive, then do backup to DR4000 and let that one replicate to a hosting environment ;-)
DarkingDK   Shanky:The EPA mentions a limit to number of arrays, is that lifted for the final release?
DarkingDK   lance:Yeah, atleast they didnt let me decide it ;)
ShankyAtDell   Erson, thanks for your earlier comment on the IPSEC perfomance aspect. I just got confirmed that from an EqualLogic perspective, the controller  is used to accelerate some IPSEC cryptographic ops.  So there is not much impact on performance for member to member communication with IPSEC. However, the host initiators perform many IPSEC operations on the software and there may be performance degradation with IPSEC communication  between  iSCSI initiators and the group
ShankyAtDell   thats right Darking. the restriction is only for EPA
cooksarah9 2   it's been fun as always! bye to a meeting
Lance Boley   Thanks for joining ...
Lance Boley   Great conversation everyone ...
★HansDeLeenheer★   so the ONLY limitation within a group against another regular group is 32 volumes?
erson   Looking forward to HIT 4.5 EPA, hopefully released soon
Lance Boley   any final questions before we close this one for the day
ShankyAtDell   Hans, what do you mean by regular groups? COuld you please clarify?
★HansDeLeenheer★   what do you think that would be Darking?
erson   XS, XVSes
Lance Boley   @DarkingDK, that is going to be later
DarkingDK   But they dont come in the 6500 series do they?
DarkingDK   Ah ok
★HansDeLeenheer★    @Skanky: a group without sync rep:16 members of whic max 2 4000's
ShankyAtDell   Hans, all other limitations remain the same
ShankyAtDell   No change to any of them if a group uses sync rep or not
★HansDeLeenheer★   check!
 Lance Boley   Thanks everyone ...
Lance Boley   talk to you next time ...
DarkingDK   have a great day
DarkingDK   its 23:00 here now, so im off