Dell_Biswajith   Good Evening - Welcome to the chat session for "Application Integration with Dell Storage"
Dell_Biswajith We are ready to take questions now and share our thoughts for todays topic.
Dell_Biswajith So can anyone just give their thoughts on what Application Integration with any storage means?
Dell_Gumidel Good everyone!
Dell_Gumidel good evening everyone !
Ashish Kumar good evening :)
Dell_Biswajith Does anyone know what Storage Virtualization Is?
Ravi-Trimax we know storage...however need clarity on virtualization part
Dell_Biswajith Perfect there we have someone. By the way i forgot to introduce myself. My Name is Biswajith Nayak and i take care of the COE Lab for MB in India.
Dell_Gumidel as part of traditional storage you basically tend to bind the performance of a LUN or volume that you create on a SAN or storage to set amount of drives
Dell_Biswajith Storage virualization is a concept of moving away from a traditional Raid kind of an architecture to a more flexible and scalable storage solution. A solution so flexible that it scales beyond the hardware alayer and integrates with your applications.
Dell_Gumidel can anybody answer how you currently manage your storage infrastructure ?
Ravi-Trimax so can you please elborate on virtulazation part
Ravi-Trimax Let me give you my introduction...My name is Ravi Makhija
Ashish Kumar Simply by connecting server and storage to SAN Switch
Ravi-Trimax Let me give you my introduction...My name is Ravi Makhija\
Dell_Biswajith To give an example what if your SAN storage can understand what a Virtual Machine is or what a Database is or what is a mailbox is.
Ravi-Trimax I'm working with compnay called Trimax IT infrsatructure & Service..
Dell_Jisha Hi....I'm Jisha from Global Solutions Engineering group within Dell
Dell_Biswajith Traditionaly in a typical storage you would have bunch of drives and then you create a Raid group and then you carve out a LUN or a Virtual disk out of it.....
Dell_Biswajith But the performance and the integrity of the data which is residing in that LUN is limited to the boundary of the drives..
Dell_Biswajith With storage virtualization, Raid is only used for redundancy but we go beyond the tracks and sectors and we slice the data as multiple pages which are spread across all the available drives.
Dell_Biswajith which not only gives better performance but also more granularity. Just think of the drives are servers and we virtualize the drives as a single resource pool as how you do in server virtualization.
Dell_Biswajith and then the LUNS or VD's are carved out of the common resource pool.
Dell_Biswajith Questions on this?
Ashish Kumar Do we require any specific hardware and software for this virtualisation ?.... Does VMWARE is used for this purpose only?
Dell_Biswajith To answer this question, you do not need any special software or any hypervisor to do this..
Dell_Biswajith This architecture is a built in feature of Dell storage
Dell_Gumidel just to add to biswajith, with storage virtualization the volume is given complete freedom to move across different drive types.
Dell_Jisha Virtualized storage also is about an intelligent storage layer which understands the  IO and tunes it appropriately. For example, a virtualized storage with Tiering enables the most hot(most accessed) data to be on the highest tier always
Dell_Biswajith absoulutely. This is where the possibilities of Data Tiering and Data progression comes into picture.
Dell_Biswajith So Data progression is a concept of placing the right data in the right place at the right time with the right cost.
Sachin Dell Team let us also briefely touch up on the application integration options that we ship with our core products such as equallogic and compellent, more on the ASM for Equallogic
Dell_Jisha also, most of the virtualized storages of Dell allows you to start with a smaller storage investment(may be a fewer number of drives) and then add additional capacity as needed..using another feature called "Thin provisioning"
Sachin Dell Application integration for VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, etc
Dell_Gumidel when one talks about application take an example..we have a software call Auto Snapshot Manager available on our Equallogic storage
Dell_Gumidel ASM on EQL inegrates with platforms like Microsoft, VMware etc.,
Sachin Dell With Dell Equallogic we are trying to re-define the way customers handle their storage infrastrucutre, most of the storage installations today cater to only capacity and performance, but at Dell we recognize advanced functionalities
Dell_Gumidel to be more specific, ASM on Equallogic for Microsoft integrates with Exchange, SQL Server, Hyper-V virtual machines and Microsoft File systems, ASM on Equallogic for VMware inegrates with ESX virtual machines
Dell_Jisha ASM -- Auto Snapshot Manager for iEquallogic... This is a tool provided with the EqualLogic which allows application aware snapshots to be taken(from the server side) for Microsoft applications like SQL Server, exchange etc... here it would be able to take the consistent Snapshot copies(also clones and replicas) of the Microsoft applications..suppose ur database is spread across 4 drives, u'll be able to take the consistent copies for all the 4 drives at the same time
Dell_Biswajith Any Questions on this
Ashish Kumar Does this product have feature of De-Duplication as well ?, bcoz I have come across requirement de-deplication in some of the RFPs
Sachin Dell I will take that team
Sachin Dell De-Duplication is prevalent in many formats, one is at the source, one is at the target, but what we recognize across the board is that de-duplication on primary storage is resource intensive,and is not mature, plus it does not promise a significant space savings, as of now de-duplication for us exists in the backup space with a specialized appliance called the DR4000
Dell_Gumidel with ASM on Equalllogic we can recover single mailbox on Exchange, single database on SQLServer, and single virtual machine on Hyper-V and VMware ESX servers using in built snapshot feature on Equallogic storage without the requirement of a backup software thus reducing the RTOs and RPOs..
Sachin Dell so Ashish kindly check out the DR4000 product from Dell, it is an appliance based de-dupe, with inline, and compression enabled
Ashish Kumar I am working on one requirement where they want storage at two different locations with maximum 15 Minute RPO with 50 TB space at each site... Then what product would you suggest... for remaining 4 small sites they want 15 TB storage where one another loaction will act as their DR site...
Ashish Kumar what would you suggest in this scenario..
Sachin Dell Thanks for the info Ashish, we would be in a poistion to help you with this requirement, when we have more details, I can ask one of our specialists to get in touch with you. For sure be  assured that we can provide end to end solutioning.
Ashish Kumar But my client is in Embargo list... under Atomic Energy ... Govt. of India... will you be able to help me in this case
Sachin Dell we can run this through our account management team to assist you here, within the purview of dell guidelines
Ashish Kumar Because Client have clearly mentioned that they cannot sign any kind of agreement with OEM and they will not allow any kind of audit in their premises.
Sachin Dell so the agenda for today's discussion was looking at ways our primary storage integrates with VMware and Microsoft
Sachin Dell probably santosh and biswajith can talk about the vmware integration we have equalogic
Ashish Kumar Ok lets focus on Agenda...
Dell_Biswajith Gr8. So anyone who is has implemented Server Virtualization?
Dell_Biswajith Or working with any DB like SQL or has an Exchange setup?
Dell_Jisha Yes, we work on SQL database solutions.
Dell TechCenter We have only 5 minutes left ... if you have any questions, please raise them now
Dell_Biswajith Ok. To be more specific, assuming that you are runing virtualization and you have couple of VM's which are hosted in a Datastore (common storage Volume), ASM helps you to granularly recover each and individual VM from the common volume by making the file system (VMFS or NTFS) visible to the storage. Same goes with SQL databsases and with Exchange mailboxes.
Dell_Biswajith And this entire process can be automated and scheduled.
Dell_Biswajith as per your RPO and RTO requirements.
Dell_Biswajith Team . Any questions on this?
Ashish Kumar How to handle multi location scenario...
Dell_Biswajith Equallogic or Compellent supports replication - Unidirectional , bidirectional and multisite.
Ashish Kumar what kind of connectivity and bandwidth will be required for this ?
Dell_Biswajith in fact in Compellent we have synch and Asynch replication with a choice of FC and ISCSI.
Dell_Biswajith Bandwidth is completely dependent on the rate of change of data . Once we run our tools we would be able to size the bandwidth.
Dell_Biswajith Team any more questions before we wind off.
Sachin Dell with compellent storage you can simulate replication to determine bandwidth
Dell_Biswajith Yes best part is, you can test the DR before a disaster occurs.
Dell TechCenter Thank you very much for attending the chat!
Ashish Kumar can i have mail ids and mobile number of conatct persons
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