Lance Boley   Welcome everyone, we are a couple minutes away from getting started ...
★HansDeLeenheer★ ★BEERS★
★HansDeLeenheer★ have bene a few weeks. missed you
Dennis Smith Hey everyone!
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Hi Dennis
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Hello Hans; and everyone else
matt - @virtualhints Hi.
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 We wanted to chat a little today about the Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track on the recently announced vStart 1000m
Dennis Smith I'm guessing the M doesn't stand for mobile :)
Lance Boley Thanks Brian
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 ::)
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 no, in this case it is the Microsoft version of the vStart 1000
Lance Boley @Brian and GW, tell us a little bit about what you do and what we are going to chat about today.
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 we recently announced the vStart 1000m where we have a pre-validated solution using the PowerEdge M620; PowerEdge R620; Compellent Storage Center; and Force10 S4810s
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 on top of the solution we have also validated the Microsoft Private CLoud Fast Track solution
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Has anyone heard of the Private Cloud Fast Track Program?
ah3015 no
@alexanderjn not I
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Great, that gives us somethign to start with...
ram hello, to all :)
ram i am a newbie
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Gong, can you explain?
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 the fast track that is ;-)
ram i joined the community, i would love to have answers
Dell_GW It used Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V role and MS System Center 2010
ram regarding my computer
ram i hope someone could help me
Dennis Smith ram, this is a chat on the vStart 1000m
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 And just for a little background, Gong and I are the Engineers on the vStart team doing the design and validation work.
ram i am currently here in vietnam, its very late and i am so very sleepy
★HansDeLeenheer★ simply put Fast Track is a programbetween MS and all the other vendors with predesigned confgurations
Dennis Smith if there are questions with your system you may want to ask in the forums
ram oh, maybe nextime
ram okay, thanks for the info
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 that's it exactly Hans!
ram i'll visit one day
★HansDeLeenheer★ Q:why are there already MS licenses in the 1000m and not in the 1000v ?
ram thank you very much, i am happy to meet you guys, i'll see you next time, or i will visit the forums
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 On top of our vStart solution we include a pair of R620 servers that host the fabric management components of the private cloud.
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 That's a good question Hans, the licenses are included based on the licensing of Windows Datacenter.THere isnt, to my knowledge, a vmware license that includes guest OSes.
Dell_GW For the compute, vStart 1000 uses from 8 and 32 PowerEdge M620 blades
★HansDeLeenheer★ my first remakr there is that you'll need those datacenter licenses anyhow for the v too / second remakr:how about education and government licenses?
★HansDeLeenheer★ or are these OEM licenses? (which would include no SA possibilities)
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Ahh... much easier... yes, OEM
★HansDeLeenheer★ can I buy the pack without licenses?
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 We have gotten similar feedback and are investigating the vstart licensing
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 but currently, we only have the OEM licenses bundled with the solution
Dell_GW As Brian mentioned, the fabric management is running with System Center 2012 running as VMs on R620 servers.These includes SCVMM, SCOM, Orchestrator, Service Manager, App Controller, etc.
★HansDeLeenheer★ the issues I'll have (as reseller) is that most of the customers who will buy these solutions already have some kind of Ms agreement
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Understood. I certainly will feed this back up the chain here :)
★HansDeLeenheer★ ok, about the System Center then:I don't se ethe System Center licenses in the datasheets
Daniel_Bowers ...So the 1000m includes a Windows Datacenter license for each of the M620's?
★HansDeLeenheer★ (sorry that I keep on going about licensing but this is a sales issue)
Dan Borges How would I benefit migrating to the cloud as a small buisness owner with upward to 10 machines locally virtualized??
Dell_GW yes for Daniel's question
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 no worries Hans... We do not include the SC2012 licenses... they will have to be customer provided. there is certainly a gap in that area.
Daniel_Bowers @Gong thanks
★HansDeLeenheer★ so the system is designed on Systems Center but it is not included ...
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 YOu need to think of the Private Cloud Fast Track as a reference architecture built on top of the vStart
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 We arent selling the private cloud per se,it is a solution that is capable of running the private cloud.
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 does that make sense?
Lance Boley @Dan Borges, we have other configurations and options available that might better fit your needs
★HansDeLeenheer★  @Dan: on an environment with (only) 10 machines you wouldnt benefit looking at a vStart (to big for that)
Daniel_Bowers I thought vStart came already integrated, with some installation services.If Private Cloud fast track is a "reference architecture", doesn't that mess up the idea of an integrated solution?
matt - @virtualhints (sorry for the ignorant question...) What are the benefits of buying the vstart 1000m over just pricing/buying the systems individually and configuring your own software?
★HansDeLeenheer★ @Dan, you'd benefit more out of a 2 hypervisor solution with for example a MD2000 SAS connected
matt - @virtualhints Why not just buy your own boxen?
★HansDeLeenheer★ MD3000 offcourse
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 @matt - the vstart 1000 is delivered pre-assembled, cabled, racked, etc.Then, a deployment team from dell comes on site to configure the systems.
★HansDeLeenheer★ can a reseller buy the vStart without the services?
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 @matt - there are some requirements to actually be on-site; such as AD integration; routing within your infrastructure; etc.
Dell_GW @Hans, I don't have the answer on it and we need to get back to you on it later...
matt - @virtualhints Ahhh...More of a turn key/professional services package.
matt - @virtualhints Makes sense.
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 This is something that certainly that could be self-installed so to speak; but you are going to be on your own.The advantage here is that we've already done the work to validate the architecture.
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 yes, turn-key
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 We take the guess work out of configuring teaming, and network vlans, and fibre channel zoning, etc.
Daniel_Bowers Is there a sizer or sizing metrics associated with Private Cloud Fast Track (like there are with FTDW)?
★HansDeLeenheer★ the resellers have been doing this for years too :)
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 These knobs and switches are all tailored to the cusotmers existing infrastructure too
★HansDeLeenheer★ If everything is preinstalled, why would you still be doing nic teaming, vlan , zoning, ... onsite?
★HansDeLeenheer★ i thought only thing onsite was joining AD etc...
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 @Daneil we do have guidance around the sizing for VMs used in the fabric management that what you're asking?
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 @hans it's tailored on-site....teaming is not configured until on-site with a customer's requirements in-hand
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 same thing with zones (if they have specific requirements)
★HansDeLeenheer★ ok, but I still don't see why this would have to be done by the direct team and not by the reseller
★HansDeLeenheer★ that's why they call us Vallue Added Resellers :-)
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Understood....I dont have the answer for you there Hans.I will certainly feed this back into our team
Dennis Smith So what is the lead time from order to onsite config? 
★HansDeLeenheer★ I'll even go further then that, if you don't do that, channel will find a way to go against that model which you don't want in the end
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 The Private Cloud Fast Track Reference Architecture is available to everyone though, and you could use that as a foundation for a private cloud
Dell_GW @Dennis, I don't have answer on that... Brian and I are working on the engineering side....
★HansDeLeenheer★ so let's take it a step further: are there integrations in the public cloud foreseen or not?
SteveD@Dell Brian, can you talk a bit about what's new in the vStart 1000m Fast Track
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 This is a private cloud Hans, that being said though, the AppController in System Center 2012 will pull in Azure to the same management
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Sure Steve, the vStart 1000m is the first vStart with blades; fibre channel; and 10GbE
Dell_GW @Steve, vStart 1000m Fast Track includes System Center 2012 which was just RTM'd earlier this year.
Daniel_Bowers Is the amount of memory on each blade defined?
Dell_GW 128GB per blade and rack server which can be configured higher...
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 The each blade also is configured with dual Eight core processors and a 10GbE network interface
Daniel_Bowers Is it 128GB because it's a 'convienent' sweet spot (e.g. 16 x 8GB), or is there some deeper reason behind that quantity?
Lance Boley @Brian, do you have some links to share for everyone around vStart?
Dell_GW @Daniel, the size of memory is based on the projected density of VMs and type of workloads... It can definetely be configured with larger size...
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 more info is here too mission-critical-applications.aspx
Dell_GW Continuing on the management, in addition to the System Center, Dell OpenManage Essentials and Compellent Enterprise Manager are inlcuded..
Daniel_Bowers As the engineers, what did you find to be the toughest or longest part of the validation effort?
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Thanks for bringing that up Gong.... The Dell components are what really add value to the solution.
Dell_GW Dell OME is the replacement of IT Assistant which provides an One-to-Many management interface to inventory, monitor and update your systems...
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 The Compellent Enterprise Manager pulls in teh SMI-S interface to SCVMM enabling the rapid provisioning of storage
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 And the Dell Management and ProPack bring the dell insight into SCOM
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 @Daniel; I think the most important thing for us in the validation is to confirm that we have no single point of failure
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 as a result, we spend the most time on that
@alexanderjn is Dell OpenManage Network Manager associated with vStart? It's free if you don't go beyond 10 devices....
Daniel_Bowers  @Brian So you got to pull blades and yank fibre cables to test things out?Cool :)
★HansDeLeenheer★ #lol
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Those are some of the exact things we did.We test all the componets, inject failures, confirm they do what they are supposed to do
Dell_GW along with this approach as Brian mentioned, our fabric management VMs are implemented with HA:either guest cluster or using its builtin HA feature…
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Furthermore; we do this while the systems are loaded up.
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 running as close to a real world workload as we can
Daniel_Bowers In a kit like the 1000m, what's most prone to 'outages'?Presmably individual hard drives in the compellent array?
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 Honestly, I think misconfiguration is probably the highest probability of and "outage".
Dell TechCenter We have just about five munutes left
Lance Boley @Brian, GW anything else you would like to mention today?
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 For those interested, we are posting the Fast Track's Reference Architecture very soon.It will be available on the page as well as here on the Dell TechCenter
Lance Boley Does anyone else have anything they want to ask before we wrap up for today?
Lance Boley Thanks Brian, we look forward to that ...
Dell_BrianGautreau 2 sure... thanks everyone for joining today!
Dell_GW second to that...
Lance Boley Yes, thanks everyone for joining us today.
Lance Boley Unitl next week ...