Dell-WarrenB Hello everyone!  Welcome to today's TechChat with the Client SysMan team!  We'll get started in a few minutes!
erson hi all
Lance Boley Hey everyone ...
Dell-WarrenB Let me open up a poll for you all  while we wait for others to join
Dell-WarrenB OK, Let me introduce the team today while we get the screen sharing sorted out. 
Dell-WarrenB From the Client Systems Management team we have Sandeep Karandikar who is the lead engineer for the client sys man tools. 
erson Will you provide the presentation after the chat?
Dell-WarrenB We also have Nathan Martell who is the manager of the dev team.
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) Hello Everyone!
Dell-WarrenB I know that Sandeep wants to keep the discussion flowing so he has just a few slides to guide the conversation.
Nathan - DELL Hi all
Dennis Smith Hey Guys!
Dell-WarrenB Can everyone hear Sandeep OK?
Joseph Herbert I can't
Joseph Herbert However I just did the AdobeConnect audio setup wizard, and it works fine.
Joseph Herbert Can others hear him?
Lance Boley I can not
Joseph Herbert now I can hear
Kong Yang yes
Lance Boley There we go ...
erson I can hear you
RobertR Kong, in case I have to come and go, do you archive these Adobe Connect sessions for on-demand viewing?
Dell-WarrenB Driver cabs started posting today...the TechCenter Cabs page will be updated shortly
Joseph Herbert Is this session recorded?
Kong Yang @RobertR - Yes, these sessions will be archived.
erson it is now :)
Joseph Herbert thanks!
Kong Yang We are still working through some logistics since this is new to us as well :)
Joseph Herbert Also -- can you make the PPT available for download?
Dell-WarrenB We should be able to make the deck available.
Kong Yang Do you guys prefer slideshare or a download link on DTC?
hypervfan Download link
erson How soon after Win8 RTM can we expect driver cabs for compatible models?
Kong Yang ok
erson yeah, download link
erson Intel RAID status report! Great news!
erson /me equips all workstations with raid1 using Intel Rapid Storage Technology
★HansDeLeenheer★ ?beers?
Dell-WarrenB Hi Hans!
erson Hi Hans
erson You in Las Vegas?
Dell-WarrenB Thanks! Sandeep! 
Joseph Herbert is the screensharing turned off now?
Joseph Herbert i see, nvm
Dell-WarrenB I'm looking for more feedback from you all so make sure you fill out the poll
★HansDeLeenheer★ @Erson I wish I was in Vegas this week and Boston next week but for both it will be the EMEA shows for me
Joseph Herbert Out of Band Mgmt -- e.g. Intel AMT, etc.
Kong Yang Uh-oh... IT Hulk is here... what's up Hans?
Kong Yang Hey erson!
Dell-WarrenB Who is using AMT/Vpro today?
erson I am
Kong Yang Hi Tom1
Joseph Herbert We are not, but we would like to
Joseph Herbert We have approx. 5000 computers globally, incl. 600 at our corporate HQ
  Dell-WarrenB Are there any OOB features that you wish you had?
Rob Will there be an update to the DCIP for SCCM 2012?
hypervfan Hi Kong
Joseph Herbert We currently use Dell Custom Factory Integration (CFI), with Dell ImageDirect 3
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) Yes there will be an update to DCIP for SCCM 2012
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) DCIP 3.0 is planned for SCCM 2012 ( GA + 90 days) as we announced at MMS 2012 earlier this  year
Rob Thanks
Joseph Herbert Would like to be able to install/configure CCTK and out-of-band mgmt on the CFI image
Joseph Herbert but no one at ImageDirect / CFI seems to be familiar with these tools
Joseph Herbert don't know if that's something you can assist with or not
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) Are you looking at getting AMT Configured when it ships from Dell?
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) Would that be something that you folks would be interested in?
Joseph Herbert No -- we would like to know how to do that;   they can't support it
Joseph Herbert Yes, definitely
Joseph Herbert We also don't have the in-house experts / resources to setup & configure the AMT infrastructure; in terms of what is required -- server setup, etc.
Joseph Herbert Would prefer as little overhead as is required
Dell-WarrenB Is anyone else using vPro?
Joseph Herbert i see the recording light as still going
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) Have you had a chance to look at the AMT capabilities within Dell Client Integration pack?
Dell-WarrenB Thanks for some great results from the poll question!
Joseph Herbert My attention is split between my primaries duties as Helpdesk, and doing "Desktop Engineer" in my spare time.
Joseph Herbert I would really like to be able to have an Overview / Synopsis of all different Dell tools available (OMCI, DCIP, SCUP, DCSU, Intel vPro / AMT, etc) --  the features of each one,  and also the infrastructre req'd before implementing.
Joseph Herbert This would allow us to evaluate -- from a technical perspective -- each tool, and whether it suits our needs (or is overkill).
Joseph Herbert At this point, I don't have a very clear understanding of anything except for CCTK (which I've begun using on a one-off basis).
Dell-WarrenB new poll on out of band management....please give us your feedback
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) @Erson -- What models would you be looking for in terms of your move to Win8?
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) @Herbert - Have you had a chance to visit our Dell Tech Center portal?
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) it provides a quick overview of where each of the Tools are targetted for...
Joseph Herbert I found the enterprise home a while back, bit confusing to navigate -- too much information
Joseph Herbert is this the Tech Center Portal?
Joseph Herbert
Dell-WarrenB here's the overview of all the OpenManage tools (including client)
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) Thanks Warren
Joseph Herbert Who can I contact by phone to discuss these tools?
Joseph Herbert Our Dell Account rep isn't very knowledgable
Dell-WarrenB You can email me at and we can setup a call.
Joseph Herbert thanks very much
Dell-WarrenB feel free to share any challenges that you are having with any of these tools.  Sometimes that is the best feedback!:)
Nathan - DELL I agree with Warren there
Nathan - DELL Direct customer feedback is really important
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) @To Everyone -- Are there any other tools that you would like to see from us that would simplify your day-to-day activities?
Dell-WarrenB We have about 18 minutes left...since the Client sysman tools are working perfectly for you all...I'll open it up to any other questions you might have.  :)
erson Sandeep: Primarily Latitude E6400. No problem if it's not supported. We're doing a complete client update with Haswell next year (hopefully Q2).
Dell-WarrenB What is the primary reason you are using Out Of Band Management?  What additional features would be of interest to you?
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) @Thanks Erson..
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) Have you of you been looking at Win8 and any challenges that you have run into with trying out the RC build from MS?
erson Been running Win8 since the developer preview and all in all the most important things seems to covered by builtin drivers.
hypervfan Using Win8 on a E6410, just minor drivers not in place
erson But surely Dell has optimized drivers and drivers that are being updated
erson Personally for managing clients I wouldn't mind being able to monitor them in OpenManage Essentials
hypervfan And minor issue with the screen bluring out for some seconds before it's back to normal
erson For a complete view of all Dell hardware
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) Do you guys have Metro Mode Enabled/Disabled on these configurations?
hypervfan Enabled
erson enabled
erson Can it be disabled?
hypervfan I have only used search to find programs since Vista, so not a big change for my part
erson Will take some time for users to get used to Metro, but since everyone is using windows phone I'm hoping the transition on the desktop won't be an issue
erson We're a MS Partner so they are quite used to getting the latest pretty soon after release.
hypervfan Dell just need to get out models with touchscreen fast enough
erson Another thing if you big jump your users from WinXP to Win8
erson yeah, end to end touchscreens
Dell-WarrenB @erson Yes, lots of requests for client support in OME
hypervfan And some good slates :)
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) are you looking at moving your desktops to Win8 as well or just notebooks?
erson yeah, slates and hybrids with detachable screen as tablet
erson everything is moving to Windows 8 and Windows 2012
erson Already have a small pilot group using Windows 8 Release Preview. No major issues so far.
hypervfan Same here
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) Are you using Systems Center 2012 to manage these deployments or one-off hand installs for now?
hypervfan one-off installs for now for us
Dell-WarrenB   Just a quick note before the hour is up...Dennis and Lance from the TechCenter team will be in Boston next week for Dell Storage Forum.  Anyone going to be there?
erson one-off so far, putting SC 2012 into production when we have Win8/2012 RTM
  Dell-WarrenB Also, Lee will be at TechEd.  Anyone going to Orlando for TechEd?
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) Great thanks for sharing...
Dell-WarrenB I want to thank Sandeep, Nathan, and the rest of the Client SysMan dev team for joining us today! 
erson Thanks Sandeep, great job!
hypervfan Thanks for good info
erson Keep up the good work with the client tools!
Dell-WarrenB If you have additional questions, post them on the TechCenter forums! 
Dell-WarrenB Thanks to everyone for joining today!  We'll see you on the next TechChat!
erson Warren: I would be interested in a techchat with the guys deciding the hardware configuration of primarily the desktop series
Sandeep Karandikar(Dell) Thanks everyone
Dell-WarrenB @erson anything in particular that you want to discuss on the desktops, or just a general discussion?