Peter Tsai:Hi all


  @wonder_nerd:Hey Peter!

  Peter Tsai:Hey Tony!

  Peter Tsai:how's everything going?

  @wonder_nerd:Hans. I like the way you think

  JohnB-Dell:good afternoon

  Peter Tsai:John is one of our subject matter experts for Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers

  JohnB-Dell:That is correct Peter I perform Technical Marketing for Rack and Tower Servers

  Peter Tsai:we'll start in a couple of minutes

  Kong Yang:Hey Tony, Corey & Daniel!

  HoosierCAB:howdy from scenic, mostly student free UIUC

  Kong Yang:I miss the empty UIUC campus :)

  @wonder_nerd:Hi Kong!

  Kong Yang:Grad students would have the entire place to ourselves

  Peter Tsai:Chris is our other subject matter expert for Dell Blade Servers

  Chris Dell:Greetings Chat participants!

  Peter Tsai:so please ask him questions once we get started as well

  Peter Tsai:Today we're here to talk about the second wave of our Dell PowerEdge 12th Generation launch

  Peter Tsai:It was announced yesterday and includes Rack, Blade, and Tower Systems

  Peter Tsai:You may have seen the blog post on Dell TechCenter about the launch @

  erson:nice writeup -->


  Peter Tsai:Stereo vision!

  Peter Tsai:basically we have a variety of 2U and 1U rack systems

  Chris Dell:and Blades

  Peter Tsai:with 4 socket, 2 socket, and 1 S options

  Peter Tsai:as well as blades

  Peter Tsai:in full height, half height, and the exciting new, ultra dense quarter height blade form factor

  Peter Tsai:the blades come in 4 socket and 2 socket configurations

  Peter Tsai:the quarter height blade I mentioned is the M420 - product info can be found here:

  Peter Tsai:If you want to get a better view of some of the systems that launched, we also have some videos available for your viewing pleasure. 

  Peter Tsai:

  Peter Tsai:the 2nd wave of 12th Generation servers have the same feature set as the initial 12th Generation launch, just in additional form factors

  Peter Tsai:One more note before I turn it over to our experts,

  Peter Tsai:the performance benchmarks for the R820 and the R720 were released recently and can be found at: ---- and -----

  Peter Tsai:You can also keep in touch with the latest 12th Gen documentation on our Dell TechCenter page at:

  Peter Tsai:With that I'll turn it over to John so he can tell you more and so you can ask him the questions I know that you want to ask.

  JohnB-Dell:Thank you Peter.

  JohnB-Dell:Excellent links by the way

  JohnB-Dell:Well, there are several key thoings to keep in mind with the R820 which launched yesterday and our Wave2 R/T servers... they offer relative scale and continuity that is common to our wave 1 servers

  JohnB-Dell:so be it blades, racks or towers admins can have the same powerful tools for deployment management, updating their servers regardless of form factor

  JohnB-Dell:what we once called "value rack and tower servers" do provide "value" but in truth they go well beyond previous generations

  JohnB-Dell:Redundancy, fault tolerance and RAs features are generally the same if not exactly the same be it a 1socket T320 tower or a 4 socket R820 rack server

  JohnB-Dell:For us that is important as it meets customers demands and needs but it also separates us from the current competition generationally until they finally catch up

  ★HansDeLeenheer★:Q: If I look at conenctivity I see Broadcom 2x10GbE or Intel 2x10GbE CNA. HOw about Brocade CNA, Emulex CNA, Mellanox, ... ?

  Kong Yang:PowerEdge M-Series Blades IO Guide


  ★HansDeLeenheer★:btw, I'm talking rackservers now (R820)

  erson:looking forward to the update of the I/O guide with Force10 MXL

  JohnB-Dell:happy to answer your questions

  Daniel_Bowers:What's the target for the R320?   Any advantage of that versus just taking a R420 and only populating one CPU socket?

  erson:Hans is talking about what is listed here -->


  Peter Tsai:Please take a minute to answer our poll question on the right side of your screen

  ★HansDeLeenheer★:or here: :-)

  erson:I'm ordering my 12Gs next week! Weee....

  JohnB-Dell:@Daniel_Bowers -  more PCIe slots, and of course more memory... keep in mind that with all 12th Gen servers there is no flex mem bridge technology... so a 2 socket or a 4 socket server must be fully populated to access all RAM

  ★HansDeLeenheer★:we are buying this time :-) > 14xR820 + 5xEQLPS6110XV

  Dennis Smith:@erson, that switch should be released this summer and the I/O guide should be updated with it's release

  ★HansDeLeenheer★:therfore the question for the 10GbE options

  JohnB-Dell:with the R320, I like it as an Edge server, File/Print, low scale or a "toe dipping" virtualization server for someone JUST getting their feet wet

  erson:Regarding this --> JohnB-Dell: what we once called "value rack and tower servers" do provide "value" but in truth they go well beyond previous generations

  Kong Yang:Rock on @Hans :)

  Daniel_Bowers:@JohnB Thanks.  Though with 1 socket populated in a R420, aren't the memory and I/O sockets available identical to what's on the R320?

  Kong Yang:you too @erson!

  erson:I'm a bit dissapointed that SNA wasn't included further down the line

  Daniel_Bowers:@Hans Quantity 14?   Nice....

  erson:Daniel Bowers: With dual E5-2400 you have access to 6 dimm slots per CPU

  Rahul:Brocade CNA, Emulex CNA,  > Brocade and Emulex CNA are supported

  Daniel_Bowers:@John R320 is VMware certified?

  Peter Tsai:Hans, thanks for being a great customer - 14 R820s have serious power

  ★HansDeLeenheer★:@Daniel: yes, need new development environment

  Peter Tsai:Also, joining us on the chat is Rahul, who is the subject matter expert for Dell 12th Gen PowerEdge perhipherals

  Rahul:Brocade BR815/ 825 Brocade BR1020 2P SFP+ , Emulex LPe12000, Emulex LPe12002

  JohnB-Dell:@Daniel R420 info...2 PCIe Gen3 + 1 Storage Slot :w/ Two Processors:One x16 PCIe slot with x16 bandwidth, Gen3, half-length, half-heightOne x16 PCIe slot with x16 bandwidth, Gen3, half-length, full-heightw/ One Processor:One x8 PCIe slot with x4 bandwidth, Gen2, half-length, half-heightOne x16 PCIe slots with x16 bandwidth, Gen3, half-length, full-heightNote: It is important to notice with one processor the slot-1 bandwidth is x4. When plug in PERCH810, 10GNIC and FC8, the card performance will degrade to x4 and not meet card maximum datarate.

  ★HansDeLeenheer★:@Rahul: I can buy them on my own but not from DELL wth the server? (just asking)

  erson:Great, then Rahul could possible answer if the promised 1GbE NDC for M620 has been released with wave 2?

  JohnB-Dell:@daniel YES R320 will work with VMware

  Daniel_Bowers:@JohnB Thanks

  erson:Chris as in Chris Christian?


  Chris Dell:I am here

  Daniel_Bowers:I don't see optical drives as options on some of these new 12G's.  Are those drives going the way of floppy drives?

  erson:Chris: first 30 seconds is more true than ever with the M420 -->

  ★HansDeLeenheer★:@Daniel: how many times do you use optical drives nowadays?

  erson:and for the m620 as well

  JohnB-Dell:@daniel -  yessome drives are available 12mm and 9mm options in the rack servers for example...

  Chris Dell:ah yes, what a wonderful video that was

  Rahul:Broadcom 57810-k NDC is supported by the M620 and has 1Gb abd 19GB

  Chris Dell:and yes the M420 is making a VERY impressive showing in our SPA labs

  Chris Dell:VERY impressive

  Daniel_Bowers:@Hans Maybe once a year :)

  Peter Tsai:Since we are talking about blades, lets let Chris talk about the new blades in the announcement yesterday

  erson:Rahul, yeah same goes for the Intel and QLogic, right?

  Rahul:QLogic is 10Gb only, Intel is 1/10

  Chris Dell:The new Blade EcoSystem from Dell is quite robust.  In includes the ONLY quarter height Blade Server

  Chris Dell:and an entire portfolio of Blades that can run at intake temperatures of 114F!

  Chris Dell:It is true that many are launching E5-2400 Intel based platforms, but the value that Dell is bringing outside that of the chipset is unique

  Daniel_Bowers:How much power could a chassis filled with M420's consume?

  Chris Dell:4-ports of 10GbE into EACH M420 with 32 of them in a 10U space!

  Chris Dell:@Daniel - that is largely dependant on what model E5-2400, plus how much memory and what fabrics are p[opulated

  erson:Chris: Thats with the upcoming 4 port 10GBe mezz. for Force10 MXL, right?

  Chris Dell:it is within the capacity of the M1000e's PSUs

  Daniel_Bowers:@Chris Good answer :)

  Chris Dell:erson- no, that is with 2x10GbE LOM plus a 2x10GbE Mezz card

  Chris Dell:erson - more goodness on the horizon = )

  erson:Isn't the max capacity of the M1000e upwards ~15kW

  erson:Chris, oh snap, so the M420 can actually use the fabric A?

  Chris Dell:The processing power of the E5-2400 is very impressive and with the added density of the M420 you REALLY start to get what shared infastructure is all about , Density!

  Chris Dell:leveraging more server nodes across your switching fabrics

  Chris Dell:not to mention consider how many fans and powersupplies you would need to deploye 32 1U servers!

  Chris Dell:tremendous consolodation potential

  Daniel_Bowers:Does the M420 require the Force10 MXL, or is that switch only needed if you want all 4 10Gb ports?

  Chris Dell:not to mention that you can manage up to 9 M1000e chassis (288 M420 nodes) through a single login by linking them together

  Chris Dell:@Danile - no the M420 does not require the MXL, the 10GbE ports will speed down to 1GbE

  Chris Dell:if you want 10GbE speeds and twice the amount, you will need the MXL

  Chris Dell:if you want twice the ports at 1GbE speeds you can actually use the M6348 switch!

  Daniel_Bowers:Is it a different drive carrier in the M420?  Just looking at pictures; haven't seen one (or delved into specs).

  erson:So two M420 are sharing the Fabric A-connector and puts 4x10GbE thru to Fabric A?

  Peter Tsai:If you did not notice, there is another poll open on the right side of the screen.

  erson:And then a mezz. on either Fabric B or C depending on the position of the blade

  Chris Dell:Daniel -yes, actually the drives are 1.8" SSD drives, hot swappable and HW RAIDed

  Peter Tsai:please vote for the features you find most useful /relevant on Dell 12th Generation PowerEdge servers

  Peter Tsai:you can vote for multiple choices

  erson:Dell SSD are $$$

  erson:why no 1.8" HDD option?

  Chris Dell:erson - yes, the mezz connectivity will depend on the position of the 420 within the sleeve

  Daniel_Bowers:Is it the same SSD drives that are used in other 12G's (just in a different carrier), or are they physically different (thinner) SSDs?

  erson:1.8" instead of 2.5"

  erson:smaller carriers

  erson:they are stacked horizontal instead of vertical

  Rahul:Dell SSD are $$$ > They are performance packed! There are a number of white papers online that show performance numbers.

  Chris Dell:erson - the SSD 1.8" drives will come down to almost the same as 15k SAS post RTS

  JohnB-Dell:@erson ... you bring up a good point - cost ... SSD non rotational drives are not "cheap" but the advantages of front accessible hot-swap PCIeSSD are HUGE 500X the IOPS, for one, convenience for another and when compared to the hassle of internal SSD or even say IBMxFlash SSD the Dell option is more cost effective.. just depends on if your workload needs the performance...

  Chris Dell:erson - Fab A as twice the connections that Fab B or C have , lanes if you will, so every M420 has a connection to Fab A

  Rahul:Thank you John: Erson. here are some of the performance papers :

  erson:Rahul, Dell sells 3Gbps MLC 100GB drives for $$$, same stuff as the random Intel 320/330/510/520 that sells for 1/10 the Dell listprice

  erson:Although Dells increases the spare area compared to those consumer drives

  Chris Dell:erson - we had to go with the 1.8" SSD for density, power consumption, and airflow.  the are Hot Swapp and HW RAID

  erson:H310 is the only option, right?

  Chris Dell:erson - yes

  erson:Does every 12G blade have the dual SD slots for redundant hypervisor?

  Chris Dell:erson - YES!

  Chris Dell:even the M420

  Chris Dell:they are on the side

  erson:Wether to you pick that when purchasing or not?

  Chris Dell:we thought we would be 1st to market with this feature but none have followed

  Daniel_Bowers:When do the E5-2400 machines start to ship?  (And when do we get to see prices?)



  Chris Dell:Daniel - RTS should be May 22nd

  Daniel_Bowers:@Chris Thanks

  Chris Dell:The M820 is also launching in Wave 2 June timeframe

  Chris Dell:its ia an amazing platform

  JohnB-Dell:@daniel u will see rack servers 5/22 towers following close behind

  Chris Dell:think almost everything the R820 is in a blade form factor

  erson:So the only reason that x520 and below didn't get SNA was marketing reasons, right?

  Chris Dell:AND it will have PCIe SSD in the blade like the M620 will

  Daniel_Bowers:Why is there a quarter-height blade with E5-2400, but no C-series with it?

  Chris Dell:erson - it was a decision for the 600 series and up to have this feature

  erson:differentiate the products

  Daniel_Bowers:Does "Wave 1" and "Wave 2" imply a "Wave 3"??

  erson:Daniel: I have heard a "yes" on that

  Chris Dell:Daniel - they consider the M820 June launch a Wave 3

  Chris Dell:ish

  Daniel_Bowers:@Chris Ah, OK.

  Chris Dell:Daniel - that is a good question for the PowerEdge-C folks, ask them about Systems Mgmt while your at it = )

  erson:what about that C-class server with 4 blades in a box?

  JohnB-Dell:@erson... not just marketing, good point of course.. but more over the rack server chassis are condensed and making them as Chris pointed out Fresh Air capable and still versatile and scalable required that some features needed to be up the line so to speak... another thing we had to consider was the input from custoomers... did those using 510 and down as an example see value from a R/T perspective in having say SNA, PCIeSSD in the servers they are using now...

  Daniel_Bowers:Systems management is for pessimists.

  Chris Dell:daniel - ha!

  Peter Tsai:@Daniel - haha.

  Peter Tsai:can I use that quote :)

  erson:Chris, It was my understanding that it's the other way around --> Chris Dell: erson - Fab A as twice the connections that Fab B or C have , lanes if you will, so every M420 has a connection to Fab A

  Daniel_Bowers:Wait, are the PCIeSSDs supported across 12G, or just in some platforms?

  erson:Just look at the I/O guide or at the M1000e architecture whitepaper

  Peter Tsai:@ Daniel some

  Chris Dell:erson - I have seen it, with the things that are headed into the M1000e from a networking and drive capacity perspective, in additiona to the robust systems mgmt and fabric choices, customers have quote the choice when it comes to shared infastructure in the Dell portfolio

  Peter Tsai:a good number of them

  JohnB-Dell:@erson... well keep in mind that the R720xd does not suppor them...

  Chris Dell:erson - when it comes to total "lanes" of communication

  Chris Dell:A has more

  JohnB-Dell:err daniel i meant

  erson:Chris, ok, but not lanes in form of what is usable for network, right?

  Chris Dell:Erson - I will have Peter send you a slide = )

  erson:Do that

  erson:Your turning my world upside down here :)

  ★HansDeLeenheer★:do all PowerConnect and Force10 switches support CNA's that will use SR-IOV in Server2012?

  Peter Tsai:@Daniel_Bowers - Express Flash PCIe SSD is supported in R720 R620 T620 R820 M820 M620 - you can find this info on

  JohnB-Dell:thanks Peter

  Daniel_Bowers:@Peter thanks.

  erson:and what about NICs from Dell that supports RDMA with ROCE or iWARP. In other words not Infiniband.

  Daniel_Bowers:@Peter is the PCIe SSD available / shipping ?  Not a loaded question, just haven't seen one and would like to.


  Peter Tsai:@Daniel, @John - no problem.  R820, R720, and T620 support 4 PCIe SSD drives, the rest support 2

  erson:Rahul, what is the difference between controllers in the mini blade and monolithic versions? Why do both exist?

  Chris Dell:June 26th -ish for PCIe SDD on M620 and M820

  ★HansDeLeenheer★:@Daniel > yes. At least you can order them :)

  Rahul:t haven't seen one and would like to> we will have the PCIe SSD in June.

  erson:Peter, see my private chat

  Daniel_Bowers:OK, now where's the sign-up for the door prize 12G server at the end of this chat? :)

  ★HansDeLeenheer★:haha, so if I order them tomorrow my TAM will have to come back on that :-)

  Chris Dell:ha, I have a few in my trunk I could auction off = )

  JohnB-Dell:@daniel check out that link... they really don't look much different than another drive at first glance other than color coding... that way you know which drives are which in the datacenter easily

  erson:M620x lurking around the corner?

  Daniel_Bowers:@John Color-coding, I hadn't noticed that.  What color means what?

  Chris Dell:Erson - I visit its memorial regularly = (

  Peter Tsai:@Daniel - that would be the best door prize I've ever seen

  JohnB-Dell:@daniel -  one item of note ... if you want PCIeSSD on a server be sure they are ordered WITH the server at Point of Sale

  JohnB-Dell:@daniel there curently isnt an upgrade path APOS

  Daniel_Bowers:@Peter Well, we all grew up playing D&D and clearly we all have good imaginations here :)

  Peter Tsai:We have about 5 minutes left in the chat - if you have any closing questions, please ask them now.  Also please continue to give us feedback in the Polls to the right

  Daniel_Bowers:@JohnB What's needed on the server to make them work?  Is it a different backplane?

  JohnB-Dell:@daniel -  500 points for video game and diece game references...

  @wonder_nerd:Daniel... I actaully did not play D&D till college.

  erson:Chris, M1000e architecture paper says 4 lanes to Fabric A and 8 lanes to Fabric B and C

  Peter Tsai:@Daniel - haha - I played Stargate, the defender ripoff game

  Chris Dell:erson - Peter is sending you something

  JohnB-Dell:@daniel that and the PCIe card they connect to...

  erson:I was knee deep in the MERP/Rolemaster swamp myself

  Daniel_Bowers:Oh, I  played Rolemaster!

  JohnB-Dell:@daniel -  Im afraid i have you mate... my first vid game was PONG....

  Chris Dell:All FPS here! Col Fragmor is my alter Ego

  Daniel_Bowers:Uh-oh...I feel my geekhood challenged.  My first program was written on punch cards.

  JohnB-Dell:@chris oh boy here we got talking about K/D ratios... lol

  Chris Dell:= )

  JohnB-Dell:@daniel ... wow...

  JohnB-Dell:@daniel so there anything else u want/need to know about 12G wave1, wave 2 before they close this chat down in a bit?

  erson:Where can we direct questions that come up afterwards?

  Peter Tsai:Last call!

  Chris Dell:erson - to Peter

  Chris Dell:= )

  Peter Tsai:haha

  Daniel_Bowers:@John No, thanks to you (and @Chris @Peter) for the answers.  And @erson and @Hans as well.

  erson:Great job by Chris and John!

  ★HansDeLeenheer★:I'm going to leave on the same note that I came in with

  Peter Tsai:yes glad to take followup questions.  message me on Dell TechCenter "Peter Tsai" - I'm on Twitter @supertsai too :)


  Chris Dell:Our pleasure, thank you for being Dell customers = )

  Peter Tsai:haha

  Peter Tsai:what a great way to close the chat Hans

  Peter Tsai:thank you everyone for joining

  erson:that reminds me of "Da Bears!"

  @wonder_nerd:Great presentation...

  Peter Tsai:see you all in the next chat