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Dell TechCenter We'll talk about Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) Simplified
Dell TechCenter our Citrix VDI-in-a-Box based solution
Dell TechCenter @Chad: Can you give us a brief overview over Dell DVS?
Dell - Chad Roesle sure..
Dell - Chad Roesle Dell DVS = Desktop Virtualization Solutions
Dell - Chad Roesle We have two lines of solutions - Enterprise and Simplified
Dell - Chad Roesle Enterprise is based on either VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop
Dell - Chad Roesle it is intended for customers who need enterprise-class VDI deployments - e.g. very large, complex application setup, sophisticated image mgmt, etc.
Dell - Chad Roesle Simplified is all about being easy to buy, setup, and manage
Dell - Chad Roesle it is appliance based, so if you need more capacity, you simply buy another appliance and plug it in
Dell TechCenter @Chad: Which customers benifit most from Dell DVS?
Dell - Chad Roesle customers that are looking to centralize their computing into the datacenter and remove the need to manage client devices
Dell - Chad Roesle or those who want to enable a broad array of devices to access their corporate desktops
Dell - Chad Roesle security is enhanced because no data is kept on any client devices
Dell - Chad Roesle image mgmt is simplified b/c it is all handled centrally rather than individually on each client device
MichaelD On the backend, is the enterprise solution based around XenServer or ESXi?
Dell - Chad Roesle today it is based on ESX.. we will be adding other hypervisor later this year
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ Hyper-V ?
Dell - Chad Roesle simplified however is based on XenServer
Dell - Chad Roesle yes, Hyper-V is on our list as well
Dell - Chad Roesle our goal is to be hypervisor agnostic
MichaelD Based on my personal experience going with XenServer for the enterprise solution would be a huge mistake...
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ so what's the benefit of choosing DVS instead of designing a customized architecture wth same components? what's the added value?
Dell - Chad Roesle the value is largely in the immense amount of testing and optimization that we've done for our environment..
Dell - Chad Roesle we've built the stack in our labs and runs 100s of tests to determine performance capabilities while maintaining a very good end user experience
Dell - Chad Roesle small mistakes in sizing the hardware can mean big performance isssues for end users
Dell TechCenter @Chad: do we have any field studies already?
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ are there multiple architectures or is it one size fits all and just scale?
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ within same products off course
Dell - Chad Roesle @TechCenter, yes, we do have some that are in process, not sure if they are ready for distribution yet, but I can check and get them out if they are..
Dell - Chad Roesle we focused on one main architecture = PowerEdge + PowerConnect/Force10 + EQL
Dell-Flo @Chad, when they are for distribution, I would say we will link them in our wrapupblog after the chat
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ EQL PS6100XS os PS6100S ?
Dell TechCenter @Flo Good idea
Dell - Chad Roesle it would be the XS model
Dell - Chad Roesle @Flo, absolutely
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ are there also whitepapers on the designs or only appliances?
Dell - Chad Roesle yes, we have reference architectures published for both Enterprise and Simplified out on
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ how is licensing handled? with the appliance or by the channel reseller?
MichaelD In terms of sizing are the solutions sold on a per user basis based off a generic workload or is a consult done with the customer first to target their particular need?
Dell - Chad Roesle @Hans: we provide all of the licensing necessary or if the customer already has agreements with Citrix or VMware, they can opt to use that instead
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ forget the customer :-) think about your very valuable reseller :)
Dell - Chad Roesle @MichaelD: yes, we have what we call a Blueprinting process that utilizes a Liquidware tool to determine how their users utilize computing resources.. this is then used to help size what their environment will require
Dell-Flo when the solution is installed and maybe after one year it must be improved ... how will be done this?
Dell - Chad Roesle @Hans: the licenses come from us, but our resellers are enabled to provide the value add services
Dell TechCenter @all: Guys, I've sent direct messages to some of you. Please check the bottom bar of the chat app, please. THX :-)
MichaelD @Hans My Dell account rep is my reseller :-)
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ @Michael: you forget the "value added" part of resller :-)
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ nevertheless, we could use this too off course
Dell - Chad Roesle @Flo: we would need to understand whether their current environment is fully utilized and determine how to best augment what they have.. this is still being finalized
MichaelD Is the DVS solution purely desktops or is there an app virtualization component offered as well?
Dell - Chad Roesle Simplified is desktop virtualization only.  If app virt is needed, we recommend Enterprise b/c XenApp is included in the licensing already
Dell - Chad Roesle actually to clarify, app virt can be used with Simplified but that is not a configuration we support today
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ are you going to put IngramMicro and Techdata logo's on the appliances? #lol
Dell-Flo @chad ... is it planed to support in future?
Dell TechCenter Please welcome @Citrix - N.Simpson ... VDI-in-a-Box Programs Manager, EMEA
Citrix - N.Simpson Hi everyone!
Dell - Chad Roesle at this point, no plans to support b/c we feel it is preferred that customers use Enterprise if they want a more complex environment that includes app virt
Dell TechCenter @Citrix - N.Simpson: Can you provode us a bigger overview of VDI-in-a-Box?
Citrix - N.Simpson Sure, VDI-in-a-Box was designed to be an easy, affordable, all-in-one desktop virtualization solution
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ how much is preconfigured?
Citrix - N.Simpson @Hans DVS Simplified comes preconfigured with XenServer and ViaB
Citrix - N.Simpson All you need to do is import your Windows image, point it to your active directory server, give it a static IP address and apply the license
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ so basicly you buy a tested reference architecture but the designing will still be done by local team?
MichaelD How many users can ViaB support before it stops being an ideal solution?
Citrix - N.Simpson Dell labs have spent a lot of time testing as was mentioned earlier. However Dell services are able to provide you with consulting services should you need them
Dell-Flo @Chad Do you know how many users we had simulated in our testenviorments?
Dell - Chad Roesle we have not attempted to test the limits of the environment, but I know that Citrix has VIAB customers with 1000s of users deployed
Dell - Chad Roesle our recommendation is typically to consider Enterprise over Simplified if you expect to go over 1000 users
Dell - Chad Roesle but there is no hard and fast rule there
Dell-Flo Hi Todd
Dell TechCenter Hej Todd!
Dell-Flo What would you say, how many users can work with our smallest VDI solution?
Dell - Chad Roesle not sure I understand the question?  we can go as low as one user if you want
Dell-Flo ok thanks :)
Citrix - N.Simpson Its my understanding that each DVS Simplified server is designed to handle up to 40-80 users depending on what apps you're running, if you need to more, you simply snap them together to grow the solution
Dell-Flo Is the solution allways running on 12G Servers? If yes which servertyp (R620/720) will be in this solution?
Dell - Chad Roesle yes, that's correct.  a single appliance can handle 40-80 users depending on the type of user workload
Dell - Chad Roesle no, Simplified is currently 11G R710.. R720 is coming soon
Dell-Flo do you have a timeframe for the launch with R720?
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ the 40-80 rule is the limitation of the sockets?
Dell - Chad Roesle we expect to have R720 ready by Q3 - late summer
Dell - Chad Roesle the 40-80 rule is a matter of processor and memory resources
MichaelD What are the chances of a blade based solution?  We're making the transition away from rackmounts due to space.
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ so a 800 user base will have at least 10 DVS appliances
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ haha, Michael. I was going the same way
Dell - Chad Roesle no plans for blades on Simplified for the near-term
MichaelD Great minds and all that :-D
Dell - Chad Roesle blades will dramatically increase the entry price for Simplified
MichaelD It would? We've found blades to be a significant cost savings after the 4th blade was purchased
Dell-Flo @Chad but when we see the racksize and cooling whe need for normal servers ... customer maybe have a benefit because reducing the costs for this
Dell - Chad Roesle yes, for larger deployments it could save, but the starting point would be much higher
Dell - Chad Roesle that is certainly something we will consider for the future...
Dell-Flo looks like a great point for some excelguys :)
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ i think you will get soon enough on that tipping point unless you can squeeze more users out of 1 box
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ by using for example 4-socket servers or modular blades like C6220
Dell - Chad Roesle yes, we are looking at what we would do for larger deployment, and C-series is included in that
Dell - Chad Roesle but we are expecting larger deployments to be more Enterprise
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ C-series could help in that entry level!
Dell - Chad Roesle agreed!
Dell-Flo But you will not have the same monitoring level like on normale blades
Dell - Chad Roesle yes, that is correct
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ it's all about users/floortile and from what I see now this is pretty small hence not really cost effective
Dell - Chad Roesle understood.. as we move to 12G that should improve a fair amount
Dell TechCenter @all We have 2 minutes left
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ second that! 2x8 cores in 720 will do alot + new MEM configs
Dell TechCenter @Citrix - N.Simpson & @Chad Can you share with us resources with further info about Dell DVS Simplified & VDI-in-a-Box?
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ what I have found online now is pretty marketing stuff. looking forward to reference architectures
Citrix - N.Simpson I think the chat today may have been
Dell - Chad Roesle best place for info is here:
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ they will help us design as it should be according to best practises
MichaelD Thanks for answering our questions Chad & N.Simpson
Dell - Chad Roesle RA is here:
Dell - Chad Roesle thanks for the opportunity!
Citrix - N.Simpson You're welcome...
Dell TechCenter Thanks, @N.Simpson & @Chad
Dell TechCenter Thank you everybody for attending our chat
Dell-Flo Rafael and I will setup the wrapup blog next we so check out the DTC RSS Feed
Dell-Flo we=week
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ adios guys. Next tuesday I'll be on your clock!
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ Pacific Time ;)
Dell TechCenter @Hans: Adios :-)
Dell-Flo @Hans TY and read you later :)
Dell TechCenter Our next EMEA chat will be 3rd May. Same time as today. Topic: our partnership with EXASOL ... fastest analytical database worldwide
Dell TechCenter
Dell TechCenter Good bye everybody!