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hypervfan Hi Hans
Dell-LanceB Hey Hans ...
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ Hell yeah | I got my rockstars added :-)
Dell-WarrenB Nice!
Dell-LanceB Hello HyperVFan ...
hypervfan I'll have to add them next time :)
hypervfan Hi Lance
Lee4Dell Nice live feed Lance!
Dell-LanceB You need a Rock and then a Star ...
Dell-LanceB Thanks Lee
Dennis Smith Hey everyone!
DELL-Rafael K Hej Dennis!
@8bits1byte Yo yo yo... Is MMS sold out?
Dell-WarrenB Hi everyone! Lance and I are at MMS2012 and have a live video feed of the Dell booth. We'll begin in a cople minutes to let a few more folks join.
Dell-LanceB @8bits1byte - yes sold out this year
Dennis Smith that looks like a *Bright* dell sign :)
@8bits1byte @Dennis I agree
Dell-LanceB It is very bright ...
Dennis Smith it's all I can look at lol
@8bits1byte @Dennis Maybe it's the camera angle
Dell-LanceB Go to the light ...
@8bits1byte I didn't realize it was even the Dell sign. ;)
Dell-LanceB the angle might have something to do with it
@wonder_nerd I was going to say... looks like the same one they had at VMworld with more lights in it
Dennis Smith you should see how many people you can get to wave to the camera :)
Dell-LanceB Yes ... you are looking at a live view of the Dell booth at MMS-2012
CiscoServerGeek ohhh wow ! nice new chat digs
Dennis Smith Scott!!!! How have you been
KongYang Looking good LB & W!
CiscoServerGeek this blows parachat out of the water !
KongYang Hey Scott!
@8bits1byte Hey Scott!
CiscoServerGeek Hey guys !
Dell-LanceB Hey Scott ...
Lee4Dell Someone better call sek-ur-i-ty. CSG is in da house!
Lee4Dell :)
virtualTodd Scott - Fancy meeting you here!
CiscoServerGeek :-)
@8bits1byte Lol @Lee
Dell-WarrenB OK...just got dropped by the local network at the event...but all good now!
virtualTodd I guess the parachat won't be on your Credit Card anymore
CiscoServerGeek send in bubba ! lock the door ! it's a brawl :-)
@8bits1byte I wonder how many people will actuallay get that... :)
CiscoServerGeek I left it on Dave's CC :-)
Lee4Dell lol
@wonder_nerd lol
CiscoServerGeek so who's all in vegas ?
CiscoServerGeek I need a wager placed
Dell-WarrenB Let's get the chat started!
Dell-LanceB Warren and I are here from DTC
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ I have a colleague over there. trying to get him to come and wave at camera in next hour :-)
Dell-WarrenB Lance and I are here in Vegas at the Microsoft Management Summit 2012
@wonder_nerd I'm sitting in Salina Kansas... not anywhere close to Vegas
Dell-WarrenB The event just started this morning with a keynote from Microsoft CVP, Brad Anderson.
CiscoServerGeek Man it looks a lot bigger than years past ... how many attendees ?
Dell-LanceB We did meet some folks from your area last night Hans ...
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ Belgium?
Dell-WarrenB The keynote is available for replay here
Dell-LanceB I think the attendance is in the neighborhood of 5000 this year ...
Dell-WarrenB The big announcement was the release of System Center 2012
Dennis Smith anything intresting announced so far?
Dennis Smith dang, didn't type fast enough
Dennis Smith thanks W
CiscoServerGeek is it going to *try* to manage ESX again ? ...
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ that's not "big" anymore since they released RTM last week already
Dell-LanceB Lots of information on System Center 2012 and Windows Server 2012
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ @Scott > it handles ESX bbetter then VCenter handles Hyper-V :-)
Dell-WarrenB The System Center products have been around for a few years, but they have them all releasing new versions today.
@wonder_nerd lol
CiscoServerGeek zing
Daniel_Bowers "System Center"...Do I load that somewhere in CONFIG.COM?
Dell-LanceB RTM was last week but System Center 2012 is now available world wide today to everyone ...
Daniel_Bowers darn, config.sys. #geekfail
virtualTodd autoexec.bat
@8bits1byte Come on green jacket guy... Thrown them Horns! \m/
@8bits1byte Darn!
Dell-WarrenB We have a VStart setup in the booth...just left of center in the video, that people are checking out.
Dell-LanceB It is on the Microsoft Fast Track hardware list
@wonder_nerd nice.
Daniel_Bowers A vstart is on the Fast Track list?
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ do you have whitepapers withe the
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ SPEX?
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ #lol
virtualTodd win.ini -> That's where it goes, just looked it up on altavista
Dell-LanceB The vStart product we have is on Microsofts Fast Track private cloud hardware list ...
Dell-LanceB we are one of a few vendors that have hardware on this list.
@wonder_nerd can I do a hybrid cloud with it?
Dennis Smith @todd can you send me the link? Just post it on my MySpace wall :)
Dell-LanceB @wonder_nerd, do not see why not.
@wonder_nerd you still use myspace?
Dell-LanceB Who all has been to MMS in the past ...
virtualTodd Kong - We should do a retro So Say SMEs
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ @nerd > hybrid is what the integrator makes of it for you
Dennis Smith hahaha, no...i actually never used it :)
KongYang @Lance & @Warren - has there been a lot of Cloud buzz with SC 2012?
@8bits1byte <------ I need to go one day
Daniel_Bowers Oh, thought you meant the FTDW. I wanted to know the consumption rates for one :)
Dell-LanceB @Kong, yes lots of conversations about public and private clouds
Dell-WarrenB Cloud...yes! The keynote was titled "Microsoft Private Cloud: Built for the Future...Ready Now!
KongYang What's the mood like? They have a lot of catching up to do. Have they done enough based on the crowd response?
@wonder_nerd Have yet to go. And honestly not high on my list of conferances to go to.
Dell-WarrenB Demo's during the keynote were cloud centric. provisioning infra, service reliability, etc.
Dell-WarrenB MMS has morphed into Microsoft's Virt/Cloud/SysMan conference.
Dell-LanceB Yes, this is my first MMS and it is lot's more than systems management ...
Dennis Smith Do they have any of the demos posted online yet? or the keynotes?
Dell-WarrenB The mood from attendees was mixed...if they've been to MMS the past few years, they have heard the cloud pitch before.
Daniel_Bowers Any guess on mix of attendees between developers/End-users/vendors?
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ @Daniel, hoy forgot integrators :)
Dell-WarrenB It's pretty much all IT Pros.
Dell-LanceB From what I have seen there are a lot of business IT pro's here
Dell-WarrenB Most of the customers that Lance and I talked to last night were from large IT shops.
KongYang Are they talking virtualization with Hyper-V 3?
Dennis Smith hey Warren, how did your session go!
@wonder_nerd So is/has dell announced anything spiffy at MMS?
Dell-WarrenB We're demo'ing some of the System Center 2012 integration components.
Dell-WarrenB Some are available now like the Server Deployment Pack for Configuration Manager 2012.
Dell-WarrenB The client deployment pack isn't released yet, but we have a demo of it here for customers to see.
★ Hans De Leenheer ★ we'll do beta testing in that pack next week(s)
virtualTodd @Kong - I didn't realize that Hyper-V 3 was out yet.... :)
KongYang @todd - just wondering what the MMS crowd's sentiment was like around it ;)
Daniel_Bowers I saw someone mention "bare metal deployment with SC 2012". Is that new? Does that involve the Deployment Pack?
Dell-WarrenB Yes, bare metal OS deployment has been available for servers and client for awhile with the Server or Client deployment packs.
Daniel_Bowers By "server or client deployment packs" you mean packs from Dell, right?
Dell-WarrenB Yes, from Dell.
Dell-WarrenB With the Server deployment pack, you can configure RAID and any other hardware level configs prior to provisioning the OS.
Daniel_Bowers @WarrenB What about any necessary hardware drivers? Are they part of the Deployment pack, or are they on the Lifecycle doohickey?
Dell-WarrenB The client deployment pack has integration with CCTK so that BIOS configs (WOL, TPM, etc) can be configured at the same time as the OS deployment.
Dell-WarrenB initiation of the deployment is via PXE or WinPE boot from flash, USB, DVD, etc.
Daniel_Bowers So what else is being shown in that pretty booth today?
Dell-WarrenB We have 4 areas in the booth.
Dell-WarrenB Dell Services which is our consulting services for System Center products.
Dell-WarrenB Client - showing the integration with System Center and Dell Enterprise Client products
Dell-WarrenB Infrastructure - Dell OpenManage tools that integrate with System Center for Server provisioning/monitoring/lifecycle management, etc.
Dell-WarrenB and last but not least...the Vstart and cloud offerings.
@wonder_nerd wow did a session just get out... the number of foks there look like its grown
Dell-WarrenB yep, lunch break is just starting! :)
Dell-LanceB Lunch ...
Dell-LanceB I was in a good session this morning about clustering ... lots of changes coming in Windows Server 2012 around clustering ...
Dell-LanceB They have taken some of the feature set in SCVMM and incorperated that into Failover Cluster manager ...
Dell-LanceB should help out the IT admin with one less window to open to manage and configure systems
Dell-LanceB More node support in clusters ... up to 64 over the previous 16 ...
Dell-LanceB lots more VM's supported as well ...
Daniel_Bowers What's most unusual visitor question you've gotten so far in the booth?
Dell-WarrenB @workinghardinIT just stopped by to chat with Lance and I. Nice to meet folks face to face. Lance is taking Compellent with him now! :)
Dell-LanceB Create meeting customers face to face and getting to talk shop ...
Dell-WarrenB Dell had a session just before lunch on our cloud offerings and we'll have another session this week on the infrastructure solutions.
Dell-LanceB Unusual question ... hum
Dell-LanceB most of the questions have been really straight forward honest questions about best practice or tips to be honest ...
Dell-WarrenB You can't see it from the video...but we have a theater behind the blue screen for presentations/demos.
Dell-LanceB all of the conversations have been great ...
Dell-WarrenB Brad Anderson will be gining tomorrow's keynote also. It will be available live-streamed and recorded. Check it out here
KongYang Now that's MSFT's Brad Anderson and not Dell's Brad Anderson... right ;-)
Dell-WarrenB Correct. Microsoft's Brad Anderson...apparently no relation to Dell's Brad Anderson! :)
@wonder_nerd lol
@8bits1byte What a coincidence...
Dell-WarrenB OK. We've got just a few more minutes. Any other questions?
Dell-LanceB Looks like the crowd is starting to pickup
KongYang Good job fellas! Looking forward to more updates as the week continues!
Dell-LanceB Thanks Kong ...
Dell-WarrenB You bet! Thanks Kong!
CiscoServerGeek Love the new chat interface .. well new to me at least
Dell-LanceB It has been a great event I look forward to the rest of the show and everything new from Microsoft this year ...
CiscoServerGeek Have fun in Vegas fellas !! put a Benjamin on red for me !
Dell-LanceB Thanks Scott ...
Dell-WarrenB Thanks to all for joining today and helping us demo the video features of the new chat interface.
Dell-LanceB Oh one tip I can leave everyone with ... please do not try to text, tweet, email, etc right after sessions while walking down the hall ... it slows you down and makes you weave ...
virtualTodd Nice touch with the live video feed
Dennis Smith thanks guys! Have fun!
Dell-LanceB Thanks everyone ...
Dell-LanceB stay tuned to TechCenter for updates through the week ...
Dell-WarrenB ...time for booth duty!
Dell-LanceB until next time ...