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Dell-LanceB We are going to wait a few more minutes to get started ...
Dell-LanceB Welcome everyone ... today we are going to talk about Dell's vstart product ...
Dell-LanceB Welcome Michaeld
MichaelD Afternoon Lance
Dell-LanceB We have experts with us to answer all the questions you might have.
MichaelD That sounds like a challenge
Dell-KongY Hello everyone!
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Dell-KongY Hey Dan, Tom, Hans, Matt, Michael!
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Dell_DavidS Hi team - I'm one of the development managers for vstart, thank you for joining the chat today. We have several experts here to help answer questions but first I'd like to give a quick overview of vstart.
Dell_Lani Hello all
Dell-KongY historic day.. today.. the day Parachat is Eol'd from Dtc :)
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Dell-LanceB Welcome Scott ...
Dell_DavidS vstart is a pre-designed, pre-validated stack of virtual infrastructure.
mattvogt hey Gents
Dell_DavidS It is designed by solution engineers, validated in a lab environment, and the "packaged" as a pre-racked, stacked, and cabled solution
Dell_DavidS It is delivered ready-to-go complete with deployment services to help complete installation into your environment.
Dell_DavidS Current configurations range from 2 rack servers and Eql Ps4100 arrays up to 6 R720s and 3 Ps 6100 arrays.
HansDeLeenheer David to start off, could you elaborate on the specifics/differences between the 3 models of vstart (50/100/200)
Dell_DavidS with Powerconnect 1Gb switches.
Dell_DavidS Absolutely. v50 - 2 R620s, 4 Powerconnect switches, and 1 Ps4100 array
Dell_DavidS available for Hyper-v or vsphere
Dell_DavidS V100 - 3 R720s, 1 or 2 Ps6100 arrays
Dell_DavidS v200 - 6 R720s, 2 or 3 Ps6100 arrays
mattvogt Will those eventually be 'upgraded' to Force10 and/or Compellent Fc arrays?
Dell_DavidS @hansdeleenheer, does that help?
HansDeLeenheer is there a possibility to order a V100 wth 4 hypervisors?
jamesmeeker I'm James, the product manager for vstarts, we are integrating the Force 10 fabric onto the shipping vstart solutions.
jamesmeeker We are also doing a blade based vstart with Compellent storage too!
Dell_DavidS @hans, right now we have the 2, 3, or 6 host configs.
Dell_DavidS We are always working with Product Management to identify the right config but right now we aren't planning 4.
HansDeLeenheer so it really are pre-configured kitlists
Dell_DavidS Your sales team can certainly work with you on the right config
HansDeLeenheer I am the sales team :-)
Dell_-_Kevin_G. I'm Kevin, I am another one of the development managers working on these products.
HansDeLeenheer what are the Powerconnects that are shipping or are you changing them to Force10 (wich ones) beore shipping?
jamesmeeker We will integrate Force 10 across the product family during a mid-year update.
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @hans, vstart is not just the hardware in the solution, Solution Engineers design and validate the complete solution stacks, including the hypervisors and core aspects of the management stack
Dell_-_Kevin_G. including San management tools, Openmanage components, vcenter / Scvmm, etc.
HansDeLeenheer ok, elaborate on the " solution" part then
erson hi all
HansDeLeenheer is that Scvmm 2012?
Dell_DavidS @hans, it's really the design of the virtual infrastructure - how to segment your Lan/san traffic, Nics, how to configure your hypervisor
Dell_DavidS A blueprint of how to build virtual infrastructure according to best practices
Dell_DavidS And in this case, the blueprint is geared towards satisfying key management use cases as well
HansDeLeenheer blue print but not pre-installed?
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @hans -- System Center 2012 will be part of an upcoming release
Dell-LanceB for those that just joined ... click Action>recent Room History to catch-up
Dell_DavidS @hans, there are several environment-specific items - Ips, Ad, Dns, Sql - that need to be understood to complete an installation.
Dell_DavidS Hence the on-site services engagement
alexanderjn are the vstart kits valedated for specific use cases? Such as this will support X amount of Y type virtual desktops?
alexanderjn *validated
HansDeLeenheer so there is no added value for the Var? Everything has to be installed by Dell Services team?
Daniel_Bowers What is done on-site, versus what's done in the factory?
Emptyone All solutions possible with either Vmware or Hyper-v?
jamesmeeker The vstarts are designed to be deployed as virtual infrastructure. You can deploy your workloads on them.
Dell_DavidS @emptyone, yes
jamesmeeker 90% is done in the factory, 10% in the customers site - setting up the Ip addresses, management plug ins.
Emptyone Good
jamesmeeker Vars can do the install instead of Dell.
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @daniel -- A vstart rack arrives on site pre-stacked, pre-cabled. Hypervisors are pre-loaded, too: trial Esxi licenses or Windows Server Datacenter with Hyper-v role
HansDeLeenheer aha, thats what I was looking for ;-)
jamesmeeker vstart can be purchased without the deployment
Dell-KongY does Dell vstart support multiple, heterogeneous hypervisor deployments in a single (50/100/200) stack or is it still a single hypervisor on each singular (50/100/200) stack?
Dell_-_Kevin_G. On-site includes merging into the customer environment
Shelly is there an upgrade path? you buy the v100 and grow beyond the capacity - what is the solution?
Dell_DavidS @dell-kongy, it is homogeneous today.
Dell_-_Kevin_G. and preparing to host their virtual servers/services
Dell_DavidS @shelly, yes you can grow a v100
Dell_DavidS by adding more servers or storage
Dell_DavidS you can certainly connect vstarts, although we recommend you work with your Dell team to plan for your environment
erson Why not a vstart with blades?
erson Iirc there was one before.
Daniel_Bowers @kevin_g Thanks. Why "trial" Esxi licenses? So that I use my own licenses?
jamesmeeker @erson, we are working on this - stay tuned for a possbile announcement
Dell_DavidS @erson, what would you like to see in a blade config?
Dell_-_Kevin_G. Daniel -- we realized that many of you have licensing already, so yes
Daniel_Bowers @kevin_g Thanks
erson Davids: I just think blades is a much better solution for virtualization than regular rack server. The only thing lacking is storage blades from Eql or Compellent.
HansDeLeenheer wil a V100 (or one of the other) actually be cheaper than the sum of all products or will it be more expensive because of the added value?
jamesmeeker @erson, Blades are great to scale out but Racks are a starting point for many
Dell_DavidS @erson, good point - the question about storage & blades comes down to how large a San do you need for such powerful blades.
erson Virtualization is plain servers, nics and shared storage. You don't need the "flexibility" and the added management of rack servers.
Dell_DavidS 16 blades can drive a lot of storage :)
alexanderjn I know it's not aimed at virtualization but an entry level vstart with a Pe C6100 instead of multiple rackmounts would be interesting
Daniel_Bowers What's most popular -- 50, 100, or 200?
jamesmeeker @hans - It would be best to discuss pricing with you account team - but there is a great discount
erson Davids: sure, then again you don't need a serverroom in a bladechassi solution. It's fine if the storage is outside. But I bet a smaller solution pending storage blades would be very nice.
Dell_DavidS @alexanderjn, that's been mentioned a few times - what do you think about management of the server?
alexanderjn As in what you loose by not having the idrac?
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @alexanderjn - interesting idea with Cloudedge
Dell_DavidS Yes
Dell_DavidS @erson, smaller blade kits are always vibrant topics.
Dell_DavidS Agree it could be very interesting
erson I looking forward to vstart in Q3/q4 with Win8 Hyper-v 3.0 and System Center 2012
HansDeLeenheer @erson < +1
erson that should be able to be a very promising solution
alexanderjn It's a definite tradeoff. If an idrac could be shoehorned in there you could have 4 servers in 2U, which when included with stroage and networking + a Ups would fit in a small space, then if you needed more you could scale out with more 2u x 4 6100s
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @erson, hans -- we agree :)
Dell_DavidS @alexanderjn, yes it gets pretty interesting, agree. The manageability is a key tradeoff
HansDeLeenheer You should be shipping 2012 faster then Srv8!
alexanderjn I wouldn't want to Not have the M1000e capabilities when handling more than say 6 servers total. It's very handy and with the Dmpvv should get even better
alexanderjn I haven't had the chance to play with Eql storage but I gather that too may be manageable from vcenter? So one of vstarts selling points would be "do it all from one management interface"?
mattvogt Is the management thought that it's all run from either vcenter or Scvmm?
jamesmeeker @alexanderjn, yes Eql has a plug-in for vcenter called (hit) to enable single console mgmt for servers and storage inside vcenter!
Emptyone Any information about Eql and support for management from Scvmm?
Dell_DavidS @matt, that is certainly the goal
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @emptyone -- there is currently management capability for Scom, but not Scvmm directly
Dell_-_Kevin_G. for Eql
mattvogt Is vstart supported as a whole unit or as individual components? Meaning, would I get one service tag to give to support?
erson Emptyone: I'm guessing Smi-s support isn't ready for Eql then... :(
Dell_DavidS @matt, you would not get a new service tag but support would recognize it as a vstart solution and assist accordingly
Emptyone @erson, that was the word I was looking for :) But doesn't look like it no
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @erson -- Smi-s for Equallogic is not currently shipping
Dell-Peter_T @alexanderjn good things coming in the future for idrac systems in terms of managability
alexanderjn With vstart if I have a problem with the hypervisor, nics, storage, switch, drivers, (basically everything) is there Any chance I will be forwarded to say Qlogic or Vmware/microsoft on a support call?
alexanderjn A@dell-peter_t Cool! oour first M620s should be arriving tomorrow
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @alexander -- congrats!
erson Hp ilo can integrate with Scvmm 2012. Any news on wether to do the same with Drac?
mattvogt If I add additional compute/storage/networking to the stack (within the product line already installed), is it still supported in the same way?
jamesmeeker @alexanderjn, as a solution customer - you would have access to our L2 support which would pull in a Dell L3 technician if needed. The solution team has been trained on the stack and how the solution works together
Dell_DavidS @matt, yes
Dell_DavidS Question for the group - what is on your horizon for your virtual infrastructure? Self-service? Perf Monitoring?
Dell-Peter_T @alexander - awesome. idrac / Cmc teams working hard to bring more functionality. will bring the news as it develops
Dell_-_Kevin_G. Thanks, Peter_t.
Dell_DavidS workflow orchestration?
erson Thanks Peter
HansDeLeenheer @david: integration - single pane of glass - managed service - ...
HansDeLeenheer self-service
mattvogt @hans - single pane of glass doesn't exist :)
erson First on my list is self-service for developers
MichaelD @david self-service and perf mon
jamesmeeker Group Question: Who has deployed a private cloud, what did you use for a management stack?
Shelly @davids - we just want to get virtualized.
HansDeLeenheer @matt: it's called 'laptop' :)
HansDeLeenheer @james: System Center Mgmgt Stack
erson Every time I hear "single pane of glass" I start googling for "self-help anger management"
Dell_DavidS @shelly, vstart is a great way to do it, Imho
alexanderjn @jamesmeeker Ewe haven't but are looking at vcd, are getting a trial of Vis, and may look at a Cisco product
alexanderjn @erson :)
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @hans -- which products in the Sc stack are key in your mind vs. nice to have?
mattvogt haven't started evaluating private cloud deployment yet
erson If someone missed it... System Center 2012 Rtm is on Msdn/technet since yesterday
jamesmeeker @alexanderjn, you should find Vis Creator interisting!
Shelly @davids - fingers crossed this is the year... been preaching it for 2-3 years now, mgmt is a tough nut.
HansDeLeenheer @kevin: 2012 was Rtm last night, got my prices this morning, starting implementation first 2012 Privcloud tomorrow :-) we had to wait for official Rtm
HansDeLeenheer So: all the way: Scvmm, Scom, Scorch, Scsm, Scdpm
erson Hans: awesome
Dell_DavidS @shelly, what is the biggest obstacle?
Emptyone @hans: Like what I hear :)
Dell-LanceB @hans ... nice, we just got the Rc for Sc2012 in the lab last week ...
erson Hans: not Sccm?
HansDeLeenheer by the way: new licensing model is sweeeet!
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @hans, thanks. Some of our vstart configs (vstart 200 currently, others in the future) are also pre-validated with the Microsoft Fast-track for Hyper-v Private Cloud
mattvogt vstart question again: what separates it from vblock or Virtualsystem?
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @lance -- check your Msdn, Rtm dropped
mattvogt and what's the starting price point?
alexanderjn @mattvogt also Flexpod
Dell-LanceB @KG, yes saw that ... now I get to do it all over again ...
mattvogt @alexanderjn - yep, that, too
alexanderjn vblock is a set congig, as I understand you can't modify it
alexanderjn *config
Shelly @davids - they are reluctant to let go of any $ after the economy has been so bad. And they want to know technical details (they are not technical) so kind of frustrating. We got a sweet proposal about a year ago to virtualize everything (similar to your v100) and they wouldn't do it.
jamesmeeker Some drawbacks with system platform that is not open. . .
Shelly @davids - but i am wearing them down!
Dell_DavidS @shelly, your sales team should be able to provide you with vstart technical details
erson Another reason for blade based vstart - 10gbe!
Dell_DavidS And the fact it is pre-racked and cabled should be very appealing
Dell_DavidS that's time your team doesn't have to spend doing it.
Dell_DavidS And the design is taken care of too - our team sees to that part
jamesmeeker Plus quick return on investment when the solution is up and running in a day
HansDeLeenheer should put datasheets online. right now it just looks like marketing fuzz
Shelly @davids - I know I will be checking on it. I see lots of people here look like they are going to get on the hyper-v wagon, is it cheaper / better than vmware?
erson With dual 10gbe with Sna/ndc on Fabric A and a couple of M8024-k you're off to 10gbe wonderland on the cheap.
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @hans -- thanks for the input
jamesmeeker @hans, will be adding much more content
mattvogt @shelly - cheaper. ues. better? depends on needs
mattvogt *yes*
alexanderjn Is there anything in the works (understood if not or it can't be talked about) regarding unification of storage across servers in a vstart for a virtual environment similar to a Vsa?
Dell_DavidS @erson, agree
Emptyone @shelly, it's cheaper, and as matt said, better depends. But Win8 will change quite a bit of that as well
jamesmeeker @alexanderjn - can't be talked about
HansDeLeenheer @shelly: as you noticed we go primarily on Hyper-v. Not only for cheaper but mostly for intire integration throughout the stack
alexanderjn understood
HansDeLeenheer and off course A Lot cheaper
erson A couple that with Npar on those 10gbe with Broadcom/qlogic or Sr-iov with Intel (with Win8) you got a very potent solution.
Shelly oh man, and i just made up my mind on vmware! haha.
alexanderjn @shelly I don't think you'd be dissapointed with Vmware
HansDeLeenheer @shelly: if you have the moeny, you can't go wrong.
Dell_DavidS @erson, you're reading our mind. Being able to segregate via npar is great.
mattvogt @shelly - If you're not primarily a microsoft shop (like us), we're not 'already paying' for Ms licensing
Dell_DavidS are you Fc or iscsi?
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @shelly -- no remorse necessary, that's why we design, validate, and offer both of these hypervisors
alexanderjn We're an Edu so we've got a bunch of different Oss and appliances happily running on Vmware
erson Davids: iscsi
jamesmeeker Sc12 will make the Msft stack much more competitive this year!
Shelly @matt - we are pretty much a Ms shop but seems like hyper-v just doesn't quite have all the features that vmware does. plus I liked that I could get more vm's on a box
alexanderjn I also never understoon on hyperv why you had to reboot to remove a snapshot. Correct me if this has changed
Dell_-_Kevin_G. @shelly -- it really depends on what you're running
Emptyone @alexanderjn, changing in win 8
HansDeLeenheer @alexander: that's old-school :-)
alexanderjn heh I feel a tangent :)
erson shared nothing live migration, hyper-v replica to name a few outstanding features. All included of course.
HansDeLeenheer @shelly: if you are a Ms shop and think Hyper-v will not do the trick you've been talking to the wrong consultants :-)
erson Even free if you go with the Hyper-v Server. Including clustering and everything else.
Shelly @hans - well, we are budget poor so most of it is my own research!
Dell_-_Kevin_G. We are also excited by many of the capabilities that will be introduced in Windows Server 8 and Hyper-v v.3...
erson If I had to get a virtualization up and running _today_ I would go with at least two clusters and Win8 Server Beta. Then move Vms between them when upgrading the clusters to Rc/rtm.
jamesmeeker @shelly, Dell uses the Microsoft Windows 2008 Data Center Edition, which gives you licenses for unlimited Vms on each host, this will save you a ton of $$$$
Dell-LanceB Everyone we have about 10 minutes left, so get in any questions you have been waiting to ask ...
HansDeLeenheer @erson: don't do that on production please!
Emptyone @erson, sounds like my home lab :)
Shelly @james - thanks, I did read that which made me reconsider my deployment plan.
erson Will we be seeing Compellent and Force10 on a higher end vstart?
Dell_DavidS @erson, stay tuned
erson Emptyone: sounds like my work lab :)
mattvogt are there validated performance metrics (iops, etc.) for the configs?
HansDeLeenheer @matt: there is Small / Medium / Large :)
alexanderjn Backing mattvogt's question, are there docs similar to Cisco Validated Designs for vstart?
erson btw, that server room in the basement at the rockstar conference call... *glances over to the dedicated server room in the basement*
Dell_DavidS @matt, each part of the stack (storage, server, switch) is validated for performance and that is considered in the vstart design.
Dell_DavidS Iops, of course, will vary based on config
Dell_DavidS and the sales team can help you understand that for your specific environment
jamesmeeker More info on vstart can be found at
Dell-LanceB I think we are just about out of time for today ...
mattvogt @davids, yes, Iops will change with configs, just wondering if speeds/feeds per config were going to be published as a unit, not just as per individual components
Shelly thanks everyone, now i have to rethink my plan :)
mattvogt @shelly - connect with me on twitter - @mattvogt if you want to talk
Dell_DavidS @matt, today the answer is No - too many variables to provide a one-size-fits-all answer
Dell_DavidS better conversation to have 1x1 when workloads, goals, etc can be understood
Dell-LanceB Thanks everyone for joining us today to learn more about vstart ... join us next week as we chat about Custom Factory Integration services
Dell_DavidS Thanks everyone!
Dell_-_Kevin_G. Thanks!
Lee4Dell Thanks guys
mattvogt thanks, guys and gals
alexanderjn Thanks all!
HansDeLeenheer @shelly, if you need more info on the Ms part, do the same as with Matt but to me ;)
Dell_Lani And please feel free to reach out to @dell_servers
Dell_Lani We'll be posting more great vstart content this month
alexanderjn @shelly yea, if you have questions, twitter can really be your friend