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This chat taken place on Tuesday, March 6th, at 3PM CDT. The chat portal is here.

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Chat Transcript

Dell-Peter_T Hello everyone
DellOEM_Sam_N Hey there my DTC buddies! We have several Engineers from Dell Oem Solutions joining today. They are ready for questions & feeback
Dell-Peter_T Thanks for joining to talk about the 12th Generation Poweredge Server launch
Dell-Peter_T we had our announcement last week
Richard_Horton hi Jay!
Dell-Peter_T and Intel announced their Xeon E5 2600 Product Family today so we can talk about the full details
Dell-Peter_T We have esteemed guests from Dell here to talk about the launch, from rack servers to blades, Oem, idrac, and Power Center (new power management console)
Dell-Peter_T first up we're talking to John from Dell who is the subject matter expert for rack servers
steve Go Oem :)
Dell-Peter_T John, what can we expect from the 12th Generation of Poweredge?
Dell-Peter_T Fyi - For full tech specs you can check out  
Dell-Peter_T or check out all the technical information on Techcenter @  
Dell_Chris Greetings
Dell_Chris I am Chris Christian Blade Server Tech Marketing
DellOEM_Sam_N Oem info for 12th Gen:
Dell-Peter_T Actually Chris will take over from here
Dell_Chris here to talk about the exciting new Dell 12th Generation Blade Servers!
steve Go Oem :)
Dell_Chris We have some really exciting unique and differentiated features
Dell_Chris launching with the implementation of Sandy Bridge processors
Dell_Chris For starters, like with All the 12G Wave 1 Servers launchign today, the Half Height M620 Blade Server has 24 Dimms!
Dell_Chris with up to 768gb of memory!
Dell_Chris additionally, we have a 3rd Sd card slot
Dell_Chris so now you can deploy redundant imbedded hypervisors And Life Cycle Controller
Dell_Chris at the same time
Dell_Chris testing on this new M620 blade server has shown up to 365% increase in Vms/u
Daniel_Bowers Good job getting the 24 Dimms there. Is the sweet spot 16 x 8GB Dimms? Or is the "speed penalty" for adding Dimms #17 - 24 not that bad?
Dell_Chris and 4 to 1 physical consolidations vs 10th generation Blade and Rack servers
Dell_-_Doug_I idrac here -- we can talk more about the new idrac7 with Lifecycle Controller 2 in a bit
Dell_Chris The sweet spots are several
Dell_Chris and
Dell_Chris with
Daniel_Bowers ...and just to prime the question pump: Can you explain the Raid options on the M620?
Dell_Chris fresh air configs that still leave more Dimm slots than the Hp helf height G8 blade
erson Chris: no gigabit option Ndc on M620?
Dell_Chris M620 supports Npar so if you can get up to 8 ports out of a single
Dell_Chris Ndc
Dell_Chris And
Dell_Chris you have choice of vendor
Dell_Chris the M620 has a maximum of two drives
Dell_Chris so Raid options are 0 and 1
Daniel_Bowers What's the S110?
Dell_Chris however we have several different drive types
Dell_Chris including the forth coming Express Flash
Dell-John The 12th Generation of Rack servers launched today with the R620, R720, R720xd and the T620... and an early announcment on the Dell R820. The first servers all support 24 Dimms, 768gb of total memory, and a wide variety of hard drive options including Pcie Ssd flash drives, multiple chassis configurations which also incude split back plans in many instances and a focus on using as much internal storage as possible to support collaboration, database transactions, Vdi, greater virtualization and simplified systems mgmt
Dell-Peter_T Npar = Network Partitioning - the new name you might see in our literature is Sip Switch Independent Partitioning
Dell_Chris S110 is a type of controller
Dell_Chris lower end
Dell_Chris the cool tings
Daniel_Bowers @chris -- Is it Sata only software Raid? Or Sas as well?
Dell_Chris thing
erson Are you still charging a first born for 32GB Dimm? ;)
Dell-Peter_T for those just joining the chat, you can click on Action > Recent Room History to catch up
sbrown the S110 supports up to 4 Sata drives
Dell-John S110 will be seen heavily among "value server lines"
Wes well that was hellish! unsigned activex control - way to go guys :-(
Dell_Chris about drive options for the M620 is that unlike Hp you will not have to use a Mezz card to get Pcie attached Ssd drives
sbrown @daniel Software Raid is for windows
Dell_Chris they will be front accessible, hot swappable And fault tolerant with software raid!
Dell_Chris the Cost of 32GB Dimms is high
Daniel_Bowers @sbrown So is S110 windows only?
HansDeLeenheer could you stop referring to other vendors and talk about your own products? we'll do the comparisons if necessary.
Dell_Chris Hans - sorry
HansDeLeenheer for the rest: great input. trying to follow and retyping answers ;-)
Dell_Chris Hans - as am I = )
Wes Hi all, in 11G servers the Pe R210 was the only one that had Ahci enabled on the onboard Sata ports. What 12G models have Ahci enabled?
Dell-John Pcie Express Flash Drives will support 105 thousand Iops plus.... most testing reveals that you can get 500X the performance with cache cade and Pcie Ssd combined together for the most commonly read data
Daniel_Bowers @chris Are the Pcie Ssds supported on M620? Same form factor as Sas Sff drives, same backplane?
sbrown @daniel yes it is supported in Windows only
Dell-John yes they are supported on the M620 but will be a post Rts add
Daniel_Bowers @sbrown Thanks
sbrown @Wes with the S1110 you can set it to Ahci mode for 4 Sata drives
erson caveat: no 115/130w cpus and 24 dimm slots in the M620
Wes sbrown - what model servers is the s110 available in
DarkingDK The new H710/h810 controllers, do they come with cachecade 2.0?
Dell-John the higher Tdp processors drop the dimm slots to 20 from 24 due to the area the heatsink needs
Dell-John But it still provides customers more dimms than our competition
Daniel_Bowers The choose-your-own the correct term "network Daughter Card" or "select Network Adapter"?
Wes We would like to have a perc controller for teh hotplug sas drives, and still have Ahci enabled on the motherboard for a standalone Ssd, the way the R210 was
sbrown @Wes it is supported on the 3.5" R720
Dell-John they are other features like Adv Ecc, Fresh air will also have an impact but that is the trade off when having to balance performance for Ras features
Dell-Peter_T @daniel_bowers "select network adapter"
Daniel_Bowers @peter thanks
Dell-John anyone want to tralk about performance?
Daniel_Bowers Yes yes!
Wes sbrown - can the s110 handle any brand Ssd?
erson What smartphone Oss are you releasing the Qrl application for?
Dell_Chris erson - the Qrl should be accessible with Android and iphone
Dell-John 200% more Vm's on the R620 and R720 than their predessors or existing competitive G7 systems
Dell-John we saw up to 376% increase in the number of Vm's that can be supported on the M620 vs competitive 2S 2U rack products
Daniel_Bowers @john "competitive G7 systems" Is there only one competitor? ::laugh
Dell-John no
erson Chris: no go for us with Windows Phone then... :(
Dell-John it just happend to be who we chose to test against..:)
HansDeLeenheer and the competive system is G8 by the way
Daniel_Bowers @john Good answer
Dell-John the tests we run have to be vs current.... just like they have to wait until they can get their hands on our 12G
HansDeLeenheer like they do benchmarks against your current models.
erson btw, it's not G8... it's Gen8
erson gee-ate is apparently slang for *** in mandarin, true story :)
Dell_Chris erson - re:qrl I believe it should work with smart phones that have the Qr Code reader
Dell-John keep in mind the focus is on customers lookiing to change partners, have Rfp for acquisition customers, etc we have to tryi and go after...
Dell-John that is while we also concentrate on our own devoted customers
Dell-Peter_T At this point i'd like to introduce the Dell Oem team, who are here to talk about the additional features that Dell Oem solutions bring to Poweredge servers.
Wes the expansion for 12g looks fantastic cpu and ramwise. storage is our concern. dell's policies surrounding storage have only been tightening, and disabling or supplanting the onboard intel controller capabilities is frustrating for those who want to explore high performance Ssd options. I really want to stay with dell for our refresh, but I am unclear as to whether or not that will make sense storagewise. is dell-branded disks and ssds required for all 12g controllers?
Dell-Peter_T I'm going to pass it over to Dell-thierry who is going to tell you all about Oem
Dell-Thierry Good afternoon.
Dell_Chris Hans - yes but they just launched those servers today = ) will of course will test against G8 as soon as we can
erson Wes: the introduced that requirement with the last Perc high-end models but pulled it quickly after massive customer feedback
Dell-Thierry With the launch of this new generation of servers, the Dell Oem team has implemented several new features dedicated to our Oem customers.
Dell-John @wes ... there are a bunch of Dell options on Drives, Raid, including customers who want Raid cards with drives but no Raid settings...
Dell-John used to that all had to go thru Cfui
erson ok, I've never seen so many in a Dtc chat...
Dell-John err Cfi
Wes erson - so the h700 can use non-dell disks? do you knwo what firmware intro'd this change? thanks!
Dell-Thierry To name a few - we have "OEM Id Module" rebranding and customization capability, Porgrammable Lcd, Additional storage and thermal capabilities.
Dell-Peter_T @erson - we've grown since joining the new platform - also, 12th Generation Servers + Solutions are a popular topic
Dell-John Dell certifies particular vendors on our drives so we can maintain quality control...
Dell-Thierry For customers looking to build their own appliances and resell with value add, there is a slew of capabilities that are available from the Dell Oem team.
Dell-Thierry I will ask Donnie_delloem to provide more details on the Dell Oem Id module feature.
Dell-Peter_T There are a lot of questions coming up during the chat. If at the end you had one that didn't get answered during the chat, we've set up a forum where you can direct your Dell Poweredge 12th Generation questions at
Donnie_DellOEM good afternoon everyone - I'm Donnie
Donnie_DellOEM I'm a software architect for the Dell Oem team.
Wes Dell-john - I totally understand wanting to standardize drives... but we found ourselves in a situation with identical seagate drive models - down to the firmware level - and they couldn't be used because they were not dlel-branded. glad to hear that decision was reversed!
erson To the Dtc crew: awesome 12G coverage on delltechcenter. Now I know what to the upcoming week or two.
Donnie_DellOEM I'll briefly try to intro what I do then open it up for questions and/or the next in line from dell teamm to chate with you
Dell-John @wes one thing we have not discussed here is the 7000 plus custoimers Dell conducted focus grpoups with in designing the 12gen of servers, we concentrated our efforts on their needs, their workloads such as collaboration, business processing, Oltp Db, vir
Wes trust me Delljohn - I am excited about replacing our hyper-v cluster with a couple 620s =)
Donnie_DellOEM For 12G we have some great features for Oems that want to use dell Poweredge as the building block for their solutions.
Dell-John @wes if you have specific instances u want to ask about... feel free to email me for greater details
Donnie_DellOEM First perhaps I should briefly mention Dell Oem
Donnie_DellOEM While you can read more here our point of discussion today is about customers that take Poweredge and build great products from them.
Dell-John @wes... yes that has changed. we want to be as flexible as possible while driving consistency
Donnie_DellOEM and probably most interesting are some quick pictures that capture in a second what we do in hardware and software
Dell_Chris Happy Birthday Lee4dell!
Wes Dell-john - great - for me this is one thing that has always set dell apart: solid performance, aggressive price, and this type of flexibility you just don't get elsewhere
erson off topic: sql server 2012 rtm today
Wes so when the flexibility started to wane - we were concerned =)
Wes will the drac7 be discussed today?
Dell_-_Doug_I I'm ready
Dell_-_Doug_I idrac7 is top notch\
Donnie_DellOEM In 12G we've taken this branding, customization, and configuration ability to a new level.
Dell_-_Doug_I no agents required for monitoring
masterb c6220 does not have idrac7, will it be intigrated with any of your managmet tools?
Donnie_DellOEM Oems can now easily customize and configure bios, idrac, and usc subsystem through the new identity module
Dell_-_Doug_I you can monitor Nic's, Cna's, memory, storage
Dell-John @wes thank you..... the other thing is we want to be sure to support the Magnuson Act....which dictates a company has to support a warranty regardless of non-branded parts, but if those parts cause an issue, the company doesn't have to warranty any potent
Dell_-_Doug_I No, Poweredge C does not have idrac
Dell_Chris I Love Oem!!!
Donnie_DellOEM The identity module allows them to fully manipulate the Lcd and even change system behaviors such as thermal algorithm.
Dell_-_Doug_I But lets let the Oem guys finish... sorry
Donnie_DellOEM Finally in 12G, they can take full advantage of our agentless lifecycle controller tools and they can no manage upgrades with our change management infrastructure (dell Update Package).
SJM-LKingston can someone speak to the Ad schema extensions leveraged by idrac7 and Ad integration?
Dell-John We love our Oem Bezel Team room... it just looks cool with all their amazing Bezels in it
SD_OEM agree - listening to Oem is very interesting
Donnie_DellOEM with that (finally) I'll open it up for any question you may have about Oem and/or Oem identity module or pass the 'keyboard' off to the next Dell teammate
SJM-LKingston wanting to know if the schema extension allows for housing the Dell specific data (i.e. warranty expiration, asset tag number, etc) on the computer objects in Ad (for the purpose of leveraging these data attributes within Sccm)
Dell_-_Ric Oem has released Oem Ready and Xl products today with the Dell standard products.
Dell_-_Ric Oem Xl will provide extended life and locked Bios
Dell_-_Ric Extended life is 1 additional year of production after Dell product Eol.
HansDeLeenheer change upgrade management integrates wth vsphere & Hyper-v?
Dell_-_Ric Oem Ready is a debranded server. Dell has been removed from the exterior of the system
Dell_-_Doug_I @sjm -- there is a new Ad whitepaper coming out, look for it soon
Dell_-_Ric Identity module is used to remove Dell from all the software pieces.
SJM-LKingston thank you
Dell_-_Doug_I idrac7 - better than before
Dell-Peter_T We're going to cover new Systems Management features in the 12th Generation for the last 20 minutes... idrac7 , Power Center, Cmc 4
SJM-LKingston do tell
Dell_-_Doug_I no agents required
sbrown @hans what is your question about update management
Dell_-_Doug_I better monitoring all around - nic, Cna's memory, Jbods
erson Cmc 4, is that available for current M1000e owners?
Dell-Peter_T For those wondering more about Oem -
Dell_-_Doug_I @erson -- yes
stephc_msft Do any or all 12th gen models support Uefi boot ?
HansDeLeenheer i see controlled upgrade management wth idrac but what about the integration wth layer above > auto-reboots require maintenance mode
erson Doug: new hardware or just new firmware?
erson Hans: good question!
Dell_-_Doug_I @stephc -- yes
Dell-Peter_T we're coming out with more systems management whitepapers over the coming weeks. We have several in progress. keep checking back at
erson stephc_msft: most did in 11G
Dell_-_Doug_I @hans... we have some integration with the layer above.
Dell_-_Doug_I We have new Wsman scripts, here on the good ol' tech center
sbrown @sephc_msft yes you can boot to Uefi if desired for the platforms currently launching
Dell_-_Doug_I @erson - both new firware and hardware
erson is it just me or is there still an issue to copy pasting to the message box?
Dell_-_Doug_I faster proc, more memory, dedicated 1GB nic for Enterprise
HansDeLeenheer @erson: yes!
Dell-Peter_T @erson - yes there is
erson Doug: ok, just pulling out the old Cmc modules and replacing with new ones then?
Dell_-_Doug_I Cmc gets a refresh, so does idrac
sbrown @erson you can take your existing Cmc and update to the 4.0 Fw
Dell-Peter_T @erson - actively investigating an upgraded chat options
Dell-RogerF No change to the Cmc hardware. Just new firmware
Dell_-_Doug_I @erson -- to clarify -- idrac7 is Only available on the 12G servers
erson Peter_t: great
Dell_-_Doug_I you can't get idrac7 on a current server... it's integrated on the board
erson Doug: obviously, I was talking about the Cmc on the M1000e
Wes can't stick a drac7 in our t710s eh? :-)
sbrown @wes, no
Dell_-_Doug_I @wes, see above. intgetrated on the board
erson Ok, so no hw upgrade needed for the Cmc then. Just need to flash to 4.x firmware to get it to play nice with idrac 7?
Dell_-_Doug_I @ erson -- correct
erson great
Dell_-_Doug_I and idrac7 enterprise supports the new Power Center
sbrown @doug, tell us more about Powercenter...
Dell-RogerF @erson I would point out that the Bios cloning feature of Cmc 4.0 requires Sd storage to be in the Cmc
Dell_-_Doug_I great way to monitor and manage at a server, rack, row and room level
Dell-RogerF Power Center is a new console that rolls up power measurement and control to the rack, row, and room level
erson Rogerf: good to know and glad I have Sds in my Cmcs
sbrown @doug does it only work with 12G or 11G as well?
Dell_-_Doug_I one more thing about idrac7 enterprise - -you can back up and restore component settings like Nic, perc, and even entire motherboard... get you up and running faster if something goes wrong
erson is Cmc 4.0 being released asap or already rlsed?
sbrown @erson the Cmc4.0 is released and should be on the support site soon
erson great
Wes Doug - so we back up settings to drac; motherboard takes a dive, dell tech replaces mobo and all our settings come back?
erson ok, looks like Cisco Ucs still has the upper hand regarding server profiles then
Dell-RogerF Power Center can monitor i.e. read power from 11G or 12G servers as well as metered Pdu and Ups
erson or can more than the bios be cloned?
Dell_-_Doug_I @wes -- yes, this is correct... if you have the new idrac7 enterprise, and have done a back up ::blink
Dell-RogerF Capping of power via Power Center though is only supported on the idrac7 Enterprise
erson fw settings for nics and so forth?
Dell-Peter_T more info on Openmanage Power Center at
erson Are Lrdimms availble from the get-go?
Dell-RogerF Peter's link above for Power Center also points to the download for it
Wes what is an Lrdimm other than gigantic 32gb size availability?
KiwiJJ the link above does not work
Dell-John Load Reducing Dimms... we will make them available where they make sense...
Dell-Peter_T @kiwijj - it's case sensitive - if you click directly it should work
Dell-John as an example... offering expensive Lr Dimms on our future value servers will not make sense.... (such as low end racks/towers)
erson the thing with Lrdimm is being able to use three Qr modules per channel (fully populated)
erson Rdimm Qr is limited to two Dimms per channel
KiwiJJ @peter - I did click on the link, it say's bitly could not find the link
Dell-John 12G servers support 4 channels populated...
erson so Lrdimms is currently needed to reach 768gb (24x32gb)
Dell_-_Doug_I one more item on idrac7 -- if you have Express, and want to try Enterprise, there is a free 30 day trial you can use. Just install, log out , and log back in, and you are ready to try all the features of Enterprise
Dell-John there is a new Cpu and Memory selector and a Rack and blade demo that are live for customers to use to help them make informed choices about their servers
Dell_Chris check out today!
Wes so drac enterprise is no longer a separate hardware piece as it was previously?
erson express flash drives... do I loose something in the M620 if I purchase with Pcie Ssd backplane option?
Dell-Peter_T @kiwijj - sorry, works for me. it's on - search for "power Center" and it's the first link.
erson mezzanines perhaps?
Dell_-_Doug_I @wes, correct. on all 600+ series servers, all Hw is on the box
Dell_-_Doug_I @wes -- big change from 11 G servers
Dell-Thierry As we close on this chat - feel free to go to  for more details on our Dell Oem offerings.
erson hmm, looks like I'm loosing the standard drives perhaps?
Dell-Peter_T I know there were tons of questions today... if you weren't able to get your answer - remember there's a Forum set up for you at -
Dell-John @erson as customers choose Ras options the performance will change Re: memory...
Dell-Peter_T we will direct the questions to the appropriate person
KiwiJJ @peter - cheers, that worked
Dell-John always keep that in mind
Dell_Chris erson - what was your standard drive?
Dell-Peter_T Any last questions from anyone in the chat?
erson Are express flash drives on the M620 using the two regular 2.5" hotswap cages?
wantmoore When does my demo R720 arrive?
Dell_Chris erson - they will be using the same form factor as the M620s Sas and Sata carriers
Dell-Peter_T @wantmoore - you can order a R720 today :)
Wes can we assume the 12g will have new drive carriers? or are the 11g ones still good
Dell_Chris @Wes - there will be a carrier change for Blades but not for Rack/tower
Wes hallelujah! thx chris
BKD Is there a 1Gb Nic option for Mezza on the M620? Is it the same kind of socket as Mezz B and C? Do/are existing adapters work/supported?
Wes how many integrated nics are on the 620/720? are they bcom again?
erson intel is also available
erson Bkd: 1gbit option mezz. is available
Dell_Chris Bkd - You can use Npar the M620s Ndc to deploy up to 8 ports
erson I'm a bit dissapointed about no 4x10gbe mezzanines and I/o-modules supporting that being released
Dell_Chris @Wes - Select Nic allows you to choose vendor on 620/720
erson hoping for a wave 2 release
Dell_Chris erson - 4x1gbe or 4x10gbe?
BKD If I have an existing 1Gb switch (6220) in Mezzanine A, can I buy a 10GB Nic, configure it as 2 1 Gbs and use it without a fabric mismatch?
erson Peter_t, Kongy: if not available, please make a glossary for all the new 12G terms on delltechcenter
Dell-Peter_T We're pretty much out of time today.
Dell_-_Doug_I thanks all
Dell-Peter_T thanks for joining everyone
erson Chris: 4x10gbe mezz. for 12G blade servers
Dell-Peter_T and remember, if your questions weren't answered here, you can ask at
Dell-John @wes the carriers for Hdd and Pcie express Flash drives will be the same on rack servers all are hot swap But they have different colors so they are easily identified
Dell_Chris erson - the M620 (blade) will have 2x10gbe Mezz and Ndcs
erson and even 11G since the Pcie 2.0 x8 should handle 4x10gbe pretty well also
Dell-RogerF Got to go. Thanks for your time!
Dell_Chris 6x10gbe total per Hh blade
Wes thanks all
erson Chris: yeah, but then I need a buttload of 10gbe I/o-modules
erson buttload = 6
Dell_Chris erson - each of those sliceable into 4 sub ports for a total of 24 2.5gbe ports
Dell_Chris per Hh blade
erson yes
Dell_Chris Thank you all for your time today!
erson Thanks to all the Dell peeps preseting today/tonight!
HansDeLeenheer 24x2.5 = (12x1)+(12x4gb)?
Dell-Peter_T @erson, good to see you on the chats again!
Dell-John @hans .. u asking about the R720xd ?
erson 6 10gbe with Npar allows you to carve up each 10gbe as 4 nics.
Dell-John @hans... it has a full capacity of 24 drives and 2 optional in the rear
Dell-Peter_T right
HansDeLeenheer nevermind. I was referring to the discussion wth Chris about the sliceable 10gbe Cna's
Dell-Peter_T @erson Npar = Sip = Switch Independent Partitioning
Dell-Peter_T that's glossary entry #1
erson Peter_t: stop changing names for stuff... ;)
BKD @hans, I think it's 2x10gb per Mezz, or 60GB total / 4 virtual Nics per 10GB connection = 24 2.5gb connections
Dell-Peter_T @erson and yes it's still 4 ways
erson Npar => Sip
Dell-John @hand and 2 all .. please use the 12G Chassis Help Me choose link when selecting servers because there is not an upgrade path for Pcie Ssd or for changing the chassis from rack to a tower or vide versa on the T620
erson but Sip/npar is dynamic so it's not fixed 2.5gbe connections (like Hps implementation)
Dell-John @hans... ok got it
erson there is a whitepaper availble... read it, Npar/sip is great... totally switch agnostic as well
Dell-Peter_T @erson yes, you could allocate 1 gbe to 3 channels and 7 to the other one
Dell-John all for more 12G white papers please see
Dell-John they did a great deal of independent testing for us
HansDeLeenheer independent lol
erson Peter_t: yes, and you could let the load dynamically use the entire 10gbe on one nic if bandwidth is available (the other nics aren't used)
erson so Ndc has been replaced as well then?
erson I would like to see a table about support for Rdma and all the cool networking stuff that you can use with Windows Server 8
Dell-Peter_T @erson - Sr-iov
Dell-Peter_T ?
psmendoza88 Hello!
Dell-Peter_T Hello Psmendoza 88
erson Yeah, that is also one of them. Read the blog post about that already.
Dell-Peter_T unfortuantely the chat just ended
Dell-Peter_T the transcript will go live tomorrow
psmendoza88 yes I know. I am so sorry
psmendoza88 ok, perfect!
Dell-Peter_T you can ask questions for our experts on click on the forum link
psmendoza88 ok, thanks
Dell-Peter_T @erson. I'll let you know if anything new comes out
psmendoza88 so
psmendoza88 I will conect tomorrow.
Dell-Peter_T to everyone else, thanks for joining, I'm going to finish up my work for the day.
Dell-Peter_T @psmendoza99 - sounds good. you'll also be able to find the transcript at
erson bye, Peter_t, great chat today
Dell-Peter_T @erson bye!
Wes the two rear drives in the new servers - are they hot swap?
Wes do they plug into a backplane or into the mobo?
sbrown @Wes yes
sbrown @Wes it's a backplane
erson Wes: check the technical guidebook on about R720xd