Please join the Dell TechCenter and our featured guests as we discuss OpenManage Essenitals.

This chat taken place on Tuesday, February 28th, at 3PM CDT. The chat portal is here.

Chat Transcript

Dell-KongY Hi everyone!
Dell-Peter_T Thanks for joining everyone
Dell-Peter_T today we are going to talk about both Openmanage Essentials, which launched it's 1.0.1 version today
Dell-LanceB @nathaniel ... it just worked out this time that we had both servers and storage, might not always be the case
Dell-Peter_T and the Equalogic release that occurred today - the Ps6110 launch
Dell-KongY Blog Post by Rob Cox - Dell Ome team manager -
Dell-Peter_T first we're going to chat about Openmanage Essentials, (abbreviated Ome) which is our free Systems Management Console that helps you manage, monitor, and deploy to your Poweredge Servers
Dell-Peter_T We have Dell-abhijit-p here to lead us through the Ome launch today and to answer your questions
Dell-Abhijit_P Hi Everyone
Dell-Abhijit_P you might have read the post mentioned by Peter earlier
Dell-Abhijit_P here are some of the new features in Ome 1.0.1
Dell-Abhijit_P Agent free monitoring support for 12G servers
Dell-Abhijit_P you can find more details in the new tutorial
Dell-Abhijit_P in the Tutorials menu in Ome "discover and Monitor 12 server without Omsa"
Dell-Abhijit_P There are sample tasks added in 1.0.1
Dell-Peter_T you can find information about Openmanage Essentials on Dell Techcenter at
Dell-Abhijit_P These are pre-defined tasks
Dell-Abhijit_P you can clone the sample tasks, add schedules and targets to run the task.
Dell-Abhijit_P There are additional reports
Dell-Abhijit_P Modular Enclosure: Provides empty/occupied slot information for multiple chassis
Dell-Abhijit_P Server Overview: Provides server hardware information for multiple servers
Dell-Abhijit_P New Tutorials
Dell-Abhijit_P Discover and Monitor 12 server without Omsa Linux configuration for Snmp and Omsa Snmp configuration using Group Policies
Dell-Peter_T Do any of the customers on the chat currently use Openmanage Essentials? How about the previous systems management console, It Assistant?
DarkingDK I use it
Dell-Abhijit_P Ome 1.0.1 has enhanced inventory to display battery information for storage controllers
DarkingDK Its alot better than It Assistant which frankly is a horrible piece of software
Dell-Abhijit_P thanks for the complement
DarkingDK Hdhdh
DarkingDK heh
Dell-JeffS Hey Folks! What a turnout! :)
Durkinr Yes we used It Assistant and now Ome, starting with the eval version, just installed 1.01 and the latest repo man.
Dell-Abhijit_P Ome allows you to launch Warranty renewal web site from Warranty report
gnelson-UTexas We are testing Ome
Dell-Abhijit_P that is fast
Dell-Abhijit_P we just released it few hours ago
Durkinr I'm not screwein g around over here :|
Dell-Peter_T @durkinr - good job, an early adopter!
DarkingDK Im having some trouble with Ome and older blade chassis for the 1800/1900 blade series, but im not sure if they are even supported for Ome
Dell-Peter_T and how does everyone like Ome so far... any favorite features?
gnelson-UTexas Is there a place where we can submit feedback/comments for things we have found that seem to not work so well?
Dell-Abhijit_P Ome also adds support for Silverlight 5 and Firefox browsers
Dell_-_Rob_C @utexas, yeah, click on forum link on
Dell-Peter_T @darkingdk you might want to check out the support matrix in the documentation section
Dell-Abhijit_P forums is the best place
Dell-Peter_T and yes definitely please leave feedback in the Forum
Dell-Abhijit_P We also have refreshed user interface and performance and scalability improvements in 1.0.1
Dell-Peter_T Rob_c has been doing an excellent job of gathering feedback from customers there
Durkinr the updated Gui is a huge plus, not too excited about Activex. will have to try it in firefox.
Dell_-_Rob_C yeah we tried to limit Activex
dell_gumanow if you've got any questions about the new Ps6110 and Ps4110 let me know.
Dell_-_Rob_C just a few link and launch features. Ms makes launching 'exe' tough :)
Durkinr it has discovered our Esx 4.1u2 servers just fine but not the Esxi servers. Maybe 1.01 fixed that.
Dell-Abhijit_P We also added configuration options for email setup
Dell-Abhijit_P You need to enable Ws-man for discovering Esxi servers
Dell_-_Rob_C has a few threads on Esxi. Setup is tricky. Have a look. Folks have been getting it to work after setup checks out.
DarkingDK Am i mistaken, or is there an Altiris based management console for Dell servers too? and how does Ome position itself compared to that
RajShresta @durkinr..have you enabled Ws-man protocol to discover Esxi servers ?
Dell-Abhijit_P there are tutorials in Ome to guide you through Esxi discovery
Durkinr Ok, I'll read it later.
Dell_-_Rob_C Travis can address Dmc/altiris
Dell-Abhijit_P Activex controls in Ome are optional
Durkinr I have not enabled ws-man, going to have to read the instructions :(
Dell-Abhijit_P We use Ws-man to gather Esxi information
Dell_-_Travis_Zhao Ome is optimized on Hw management. The the dell management console is to extend altiris server management suite to manage Dell Hw. if you do no want to get into the altiris stack then Ome is your best tool to manage dell physical hw.
mduregon has the User's Guide link been updated to 1.0.1 ? (joined late, sorry if it is a repeat question)
Dell-Abhijit_P you can check the documentation link below which has all the latest documentation
Dell_-_Rob_C @mduregon. Yeah, version still says 1.0 as it is only a point release update. But Ug is updated.
DarkingDK Ok, Thank you Travis, that explains it :)
mduregon Rob_c: thanks
Dell_-_Rob_C Any folks tried running command line tasks yet? We support Racadm tasks now in Ome which is pretty nifty.
mduregon I am new to Dell's Om family of products. I am wondering if Dell plans to leverage and/or integrate Powershell in their portfolio
Dell-Peter_T for those just joining the chat, click on action > recent room history
Dell_-_Rob_C Yes!
Dell-Abhijit_P Is there any feedback on existing Ome features?
Dell_-_Rob_C We have a Whitepaper on Dtc/ome today :)
Dell-Peter_T we're talking about Openmanage Essentials, which just launched it's 1.0.1 release today
Dell-Peter_T anyone else using Ome or have feedback about the product?
Dell_-_Rob_C @mdurgeon...yeah, the wp talks about Powershell and Ome
Dell_-_Travis_Zhao Are there anyone here still using Ita?
thedude the racadm task was a bit confusing to set up, but once I got the right answer in the forums, it works nicely
thedude we were just waiting for Rtm release so we could really start using it
michaeld Are there any plans to integrate network management into Ome since Omnm doesn't seem to be staying updated?
Dell_-_Rob_C @thedude, that is great. If you guys find cool Racadm tasks, put them on the forum and I will add to the Tips and Tricks section
thedude and yes, as much powershell as you can get into Ome, please do
mpuchalski We still use Ita. Just started testing Ome. Interface is much nicer. Tested system updates with one server, and it didn't work 100%
Dell-Abhijit_P There are new white papers coming by tomorrow to
Dell_-_Rob_C @mpuchalski. thx. be sure to catch me on the forum for the sys update trouble...
Dell_-_Travis_Zhao Let us know if you have any barrier moving to Ome.
Dell_-_Rob_C @michaeld. Yes, we support Powerconnect today. We are looking to add Force10 in an upcoming release.
mpuchalski Would be great to be able to generate an alert if a system drops out of Ome. Happens from time-to-time w/ita and it's not always noticed quickly
Dell-Abhijit_P mpuchalski: what was the error for updates?
RajShresta @mpuchalski....we are looking at generating internal alerts when a device state changes...coming soon in 1.1 release
thedude also would be nice to have Ome environment variables, like say I wanted to run a racadm command against 20 Dracs and wanted to reference the hostname of the server each Drac is on, i'm not sure how to do that
JasonPowell I'm curious about Ps4110e ... what's the target role? Is the 10gbe just for ease of connecting to existing switch infrastucture? Is the 10gbe nic limited in any way?
gnelson-UTexas Ive also been testing system updates with Ome. One particular Intel Nic driver was installed successfully, but Ome didn't detect it as installed (even after re-running inventory), so it shows as uncompliant
Dell_-_Travis_Zhao We do have plan to generate alerts when the system status get degraded. This will include any systems that went down.
RajShresta can substitution parameters in racadm command line tasks such as $ip...
mpuchalski Ome generally reported that update was successful, but nothing updates on server. Event logs on target generally show applicatoin error 1000 on the package.
DarkingDK hmmm so Poweredge 1800 and 1900 are supported, i wonder.. the 1855 and 1955 are not, is it just that the drac component is so different in the old chassis? I know they should be replaced by new stuff, but i still have some production stuff on them and would like to have all my monitoring in one place
Dell-Abhijit_P it takes time for the new versions to be refreshed after updates
Dell-Abhijit_P if the update is successful Ome runs inventory automatically after 5 min
OME_Gabe Would love to hear any feedback on any particular likes/dislikes about the Ui, any feedback good or bad vs other systems management products you have used, and what features will you use the most?
Dell-LanceB Alright we are going to take the second half of the hour to talk about the new Equallogic 10G arrays that were announced yesterday, the Ps4110 and Ps6110
thedude @rajshresta... Is there a master list of vars in the Ug somewhere?
mduregon ty guys
RajShresta @thedude...catch us on the Ome forum for more info...
Dell-Peter_T hi all, if you joined late and want to catch up on the conversation, click on the Action menu > recent room history
Dell-LanceB We have Gary Gumanow from the Equallogic team online to take all of your questions.
Dave_Callahan There may be some issues with specific update packages that lead to install failures/misreporting of status. I'd recommend posting the specifics to the Ome forum so that the issues can be passed on to the Dell system update team.
Dell_-_Rob_C sure, great feedback. Be sure to keep up theh feedback on the Ome forum
thedude will do, thx
Dell-Peter_T just as a reminder, the link to the Ome page where you can read whitepapers, see videos, and ask questions in the forum is
DarkingDK I have an equallogic question: how many interfaces on the 6110 models, and do they support vertical failover like my 6100xs ?
JasonPowell Opps ... guess I asked my question too soon: I'm curious about Ps4110e ... what's the target role? Is the 10gbe just for ease of connecting to existing switch infrastucture? Is the 10gbe nic limited in any way?
dell_gumanow @darlingdk: There are two 10gbe ports per controller, and two controllers per array. Each controller has a 10gbase-t and an Sfp+ port. One port is active at a time and delivers full bandwidth from the array at wire speed 10gbe. Vertical Port Sharing works
dell_gumanow @jasonpowell: I assume you're talking about the 10gbase-t? The new arrays are introduced just as 10gbase-t should be taking off. So you can connect these arrays to existing fiber optic cabling infrastruture or Cat6a/7.
Durkinr is the 6110vx available with any other disk sizes besides 146gb?
Dell-Peter_T thanks for all the Ome questions guys, we'll be online for a while if you want to ask questions at the end.
Cameron What are the drives in the Ps6110s - Slc, Mlc or emlc?
dell_gumanow The Ps6110xv right now support 146gb because that is all that is available in the market for 2.5" drives. We have a 600gb 15K but that is a larger array, 4u. As soon as 300gb 15K 2.5" are available we'll be supporting that.
DarkingDK cameron: i know so much that the drives in the 6100xs hybrid is Pliant emlc
dell_gumanow The Ps6110s is an e-mlc
dell_gumanow Pliant was acquired by Sandisk recently.
Nathaniel_Avery So if we pair the equallogic, with a powerconnect, we're good to go?
DarkingDK cameron: they have a 7.2pb write "limit"
DarkingDK which is alot
dell_gumanow We have a list of switches that we've validated with and several of the Pc switches are on that list. Rec'd you check that list.
dell_gumanow @darling: The Pliant Mlc drives that we ship with Eq are warranteed for 5 years.
dell_gumanow The e-mlc capabilities have smarts in them that writes to different sectors on the drive so as to not write over and over to the same spot.
Cameron Darkingdk - Thx! What about performance - any benchmarks for performance of Ssd?
Dell-LanceB Here is a list of validated componencts for Equallogic that includes switches -
dell_gumanow Thanks Lance.
Nathaniel_Avery thanks!
dell_gumanow We haven't published performance numbers with the Ssd, but it is the only drive that can push to wire speed on 10gbe, if that helps?
DarkingDK Cant really say, since my array runs as a hybrid in raid6, its not really compareable with raid50 or 10 either :)
DarkingDK And it depends on how you test..
Cameron Agree it depends on the test - what are folks using?
dell_gumanow We'd have to test 50/50, 30/70, 70/30 Read/write.
dell_gumanow Theoretical throughput on 10gbe is about 1200mb/s
dell_gumanow We get about 92% utilization with Ifg and protocol overhead.
dell_gumanow Megabytes
DarkingDK thats pretty impressive
dell_gumanow Keep in mind that to push this amount of data you've got to be testing either 100% sequential read or write. Random performance is lower. Most Eq traffic is random, and Eq has great performance in that area.
dell_gumanow But you guys know that.
dell_gumanow we also launced two new Hit kits.
dell_gumanow Linux 1.1 and Microsoft 4.0
Cameron sorry - what is a hit kit?
dell_gumanow What are you guys running in your Eq San?
dell_gumanow Hit is Host Integration Toolkit which integrates apps with storage. Snapshot managers that are aware of apps.
dell_gumanow Snapshot for Exchange or Sql.
DarkingDK im looking to upgrade to 4.0 in the next service window
DarkingDK i had some odd errors after upgrading to 3.5.1, where it could not see that the volumes where attached through the mpio in Asm/me
Nathaniel_Avery Is there any dedupe available?
dell_gumanow No dedupe yet. Keep in mind for block it is almost impossible to do dedupe. Dedupe is mostly a "file" technology. We are looking for "compression" of data more than dedupe.
dell_gumanow compression for block.
JasonPowell any ability to purchase a 4100 today and swap controllers and make it a 4110 down the road?
dell_gumanow We are making plans to do this right now. Should be out later this year.
JasonPowell When's the next gen sumo coming? :-)
dell_gumanow Would probably make sense to convert from a 4100 to a 6110.
dell_gumanow What's a Sumo? :-) Just kidding...
dell_gumanow Sumo is coming later on.
JasonPowell I'm an Eql user by day ... and work for a Dell Var on side. So I know what customers are going to ask me :)
dell_gumanow The Ps6100 gets close to Sumo in capacity with 72tb.
dell_gumanow @jason: great to know.
dell_gumanow Get two Ps6100 and you have twice the bandwidth and the same capacity.
DarkingDK Rebuild times starts to get scary if you have a 144tb array ;)
JasonPowell still limiting 4100 to only 2 per group correct (unless another 6xxx in themix) ?
dell_gumanow @darling: So true. In fact, any Raid is getting scary.
dell_gumanow Raid was invented well before 1TB drives.
dell_gumanow Might be past it's useful life? What do you think?
JasonPowell I have a couple customers with multiple Sumos each. They were asking about next gen sumos
DarkingDK I dunno, i would be scared of Jbod too so
dell_gumanow Wished I had the answer. ::cool We are looking at several different dense options
JasonPowell zfs? ;-)
DarkingDK hehe i was about to ask ;)
dell_gumanow @darling: Think about alternatives to Raid.
dell_gumanow @jason: thinking erasure coding?
dell_gumanow build times are just getting out of control. we realize this.
dell_gumanow rebuild that is
DarkingDK Without being an expert or anything i do think microsoft have some of the ideas correct with the way they will do storage spaces, allthough i can see why its going to to be a bit problematic for dell
DarkingDK slicing of disks, 3-way mirroring etc.
JasonPowell we just need cheap enterprise Ssd's :)
Dell-LanceB We have about 5 minutes left, so let's open the floor for any quetion either on Ome or Equallogic.
JasonPowell 3TB Ssd for $300 mmmmmmmmmmm tasty
Nathaniel_Avery how soon can we purchase the new eql arrays?
dell_gumanow @jason: Wished that were our cost.
dell_gumanow that would make it tasty
JasonPowell seems like Ssd's should make traditional Raid go away
Dell-LanceB @nathaniel - you should be able to order them today
dell_gumanow yeah, if we could get the density up.
dell_gumanow @nathaniel: The new arrays should be available worldwide. If you are having any issues let me know.
DarkingDK Oh.. Is there an Eta on Firmware V6?
dell_gumanow The Ps6110s and Ps6100s have raw capacity of 13tb, which is about 9.5tb Raid-5
dell_gumanow @darling: Stay tuned to Equallogic Support Site for an Epa.
dell_gumanow Are you interested in Beta?
JasonPowell you can signup to be part of beta
dell_gumanow Early Public Access.
JasonPowell including Sanhq betas too
JasonPowell and Hit kits
Dell-LanceB info and link for the beta program -
Dell-LanceB I think we are just about done for today ...
dell_gumanow I love these chats
DarkingDK I do alot of Sanhq testing :)
Dell-LanceB Thanks everyone for joining
DarkingDK But unfortuately i do not have any test arrays
dell_gumanow Love to get your feedback
Dell-Peter_T who doesn't love Dell Techcenter Chats? :)
Dell-Peter_T thanks again everyone for your great questions
dell_gumanow Thanks all!
JasonPowell Dell Tech Center + Eql = awesomesauce
Dell-Peter_T @jasonpowell - that's Kong's line
Dell-LanceB Thanks Jason
JasonPowell if you're ever in Austin go visit the Dell Tech Center ... great dudes
JasonPowell I wore my Dtc t-shirt yesterday ;-)
DarkingDK Thanks for the great answers
JasonPowell And don't forget the upcomign Dell Storage Forum
DarkingDK Oh.. and shop at! ;)
Dell-JeffS thanks for everyone!