Please join the Dell TechCenter and our featured guests as we discuss Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS) Creator.

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Dell-KongY Hello Everyone!
Dell-KongY Today's chat topic is Dell Vis Creator!
Bill Hello
Randy_VIS_SE Hello all
Dell-KongY We have Kailas, Tom B. and Tom H. from Dell as our featured guests.
Dell-KailasJ Hello everyone, my name is Kailas Jawadekar, Technical marketing Mgr for Dell Vis.
Dell-KongY Hi Lee and Michelle.
Tom_Baumgartner Hi all. Tom Baumgartner here, Outbound Marketing manager for Dell Vis Creator.
Dell-KailasJ I am focussed on Vis Creator, also working on spectre, and vstart as well.
Dell-KongY Hi mylvisaker, Daniel_bowers, isibulkin
mylvisaker Hi Kong
Dell-KongY So what is Vis Creator? :)
JasonPowell Diggin' the updated chat module! No problems connecting via Osx unlike before
Tom_Baumgartner Vis Creator, which is part of the Virtual Integrated System (vis) portfolio, provides
secure deployment and management of physical, virtual and cloud workloads - be they
private, public or hybrid cloud - removing bottlenecks to help speed It service delivery,
and improve business operations.
Dell-KongY Hi Don!
Dell-KongY Link to Vis Creator -
Dell-KongY What are potential use cases for Vis Creator?
Dell-KongY And folks - this is an open forum so feel free to ask any and all questions around Dell
Vis Creator :)
Tom_Baumgartner Self-service It service delivery (aka Private Cloud delivery) is probably the top use case
we talk about
Don_Adams Afternoon folks, sorry I jumped in a little late.
Tom_Baumgartner others are workload lifecycle management (aka Vm Sprawl control), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (vdi) management and delivery
Tom_Baumgartner and lab management (for test, dev and quality assurance)
Dell-KongY Welcome Todd, Robert and Shawn
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Dell-KongY Hi troyk
Tom_Baumgartner Vis Creator gives end users a single interface with a multi-vendor, self-service catalog of physical, virtual, private cloud and hybrid cloud resources to choose from for workload
delivery in minutes. Security policies help It ensure that users in a shared, multi-tenant infrastructure can choose only from resources authorized to them.
Tom_Baumgartner and this applies to Vdi as well
Dell-KongY Dell Vis Creator Self-service Use Case -
Dell-KongY Welcome cloudguru
Daniel_Bowers Can a blueprint be deployed to a physical (bare metal) server? Or it is strictly deployed
to hypervisor-holding hosts?
Dell-TomH Yes, deployment to physical hardware is supported. To the end user, all blueprints look similar, regardless of physical or virtual backing.
troyK does creator allow for a multiple machine blueprint. ie.. I want to spin up 25 vm's all at
Dell-KailasJ Please refer to the Powersolutions article "four Key use cases for automated It service
delivery and management":
cloudguru The same "blueprint"? Or one each for virtual and phyiscal machine
Dell-KailasJ for additional information on use cases as well.
Daniel_Bowers How does Vis Ssc build its list of available hosts that can be put into a provisioning group? Can it discover them, or are they taken from Ad, or manually entered by the admin...?
troyK same blueprint. think hpc lite.
cloudguru thank you, troyk
Dell-KailasJ Daniel: You can enter a vsphere server into Creator. Creator can discover the cluster, and for provisioning groups you can carve out space from the cluster
Daniel_Bowers @kailasj ty
cloudguru is it agent based then, kailasj?
cloudguru ...and is it just vmware and hyper-v? what other hypervisors are supported?
Dell-TomH @troyk - If you are looking to deploy the same blueprint multiple times, Creator supports that today. During the request process, there is the option to select a quantity. Administrators may configure a max, or a limit where additional approvals are neces
Dell-KailasJ Provisioning groups ensure that, while you are using a shared infrastructure across multiple tenants, you still have dedicated compute/storage/memory for each provisioning group that can be assigned to a tenant
Don_Adams I had the impression that actions done in Vis (or was it Aim) weren't always recognized by the Vmware tools and the other way around... is this the case, am I mistaken, or is there tighter integration now?
cloudguru Tomh: Can those machines be tiered?
Dell-KailasJ @cloudguru: vmware, hyperv and Citrix Xenserver are supported
Dell-KailasJ @cloudguru: no agents need to be installed on hosts. Creator will talk directly to vcenter server etc.
Mike_Snider Is Xenserver 6 supported with Vis?
cloudguru Thank you, Kailasj.
Daniel_Bowers @tomh If my application required 2 servers (e.g. one java app server and one 11g database server), could both be put into a single blueprint shown to a Vis Scc user? Or would that take 2 blueprints, one for each server?
cloudguru Is Rhev on the roadmap?
Dell-TomH @cloudguru - If you need a tiered deployment, today you would need to request an individual blueprint for each tier.
cloudguru Thank you, Tom.
Dell-KailasJ @cloudguru: Rhel is not on the roadmap at the moment. We haven't seen the demand from customers, but we are considering it.
Daniel_Bowers Is Ad used for user identity? *must* it be used?
Dell-KailasJ @cloudguru: the tiered deployment or multi-vm blueprint can currently be delivered using a svcs engagement. However its on the roadmap for one of our upcoming releases
cloudguru Have you actually delivered said service to a customer before?
Dell-TomH @mike_snider - Currently support is through Xenserver 5.6 Sp2
Dell-KailasJ @cloudguru: I am not sure if we have delivered this to a customer, but is certainly doable.
Mike_Snider Will Vis work with the free version of Esxi 4?
Dell-TomH @daniel - Use of Ad is advised, however intergration with Ldap is available.
Dell-TomH @mike - Creator speaks to vcenter directly. I don't believe the free version of Esxi has the necessary componants to speak to vcenter.
cloudguru Ldap; As another services engagement? How much do I get Ootb?
Dell-KongY What's the prerequisite for Dell Vis Creator?
cloudguru ..or can I just take the Ad-like components of Ldap and get Vis up and running?
Dell-TomH @kong_y - Creator runs on a Windows 2008 R2 Server. On that server, we need Iis, .Net Framework and Powershell. Creator also requires a Sql database, Ad and an Smtp server.
HyperVKing Is Scvmm required to run Vis with Hyper-v environments?
Dell-KailasJ @hypervking No its not required with current versions
cloudguru @tom, physical or virtual machine?
Daniel_Bowers How are "costs" defined? Is is just a single number per blueprint, set by the administrator? Or is associated with hosts? Does it vary based on actual utilization?
Dell-TomH @cloudguru -- Ad intergration is supported out of the box. Ldap may require some services involvement.
HyperVKing Is there an advantage to using it with Scvmm
Dell-TomH @cloudguru - Physical or Virtual? Do you mean the Creator Server itself? If so, it is supported on either physical or virtual machines.
Dell-TomH @daniel - Costs are configured at a multitude of levels. There is a fixed costs that can be set on the blueprint, however additional variable costs can be configured per Cpu, per Gb Ram and per Gb of storage.
Dell-TomH @daniel - Cost is allocation based, not usage based.
Daniel_Bowers @tomh Ok, thanks
Daniel_Bowers What happens when a lease is "up"? Does the server actually get shut down?
Dell-KailasJ @daniel_bowers: You can set the policies appropriately. You can automatically extend the lease by few days, destroy the Vm or archive it.
Daniel_Bowers @kailasj Ty
Daniel_Bowers To what extent can Creator provision storage as part of a template?
Dell-KailasJ @daniel_bowers: the Vm blueprint will have a provisioning group associated with it. The Vm clone e.g. we will clone the Vm out of this provisioning group.
Dell-KailasJ @daniel_bowers: For the most part we talk to vcenter or hyperv to do the provisioning of the storage. Creator wont necessarily to storage provisioning directly
Daniel_Bowers Licensing is by physical host, right? That is, any device that appears in a provisioning group must have a Vis Creator license..?
Mike_Snider are there many/any people using vis with Xenserver?
Dell-KailasJ @daniel_bowers: the licensing is per socket for server and per desktop for virtual desktops
Dell-KailasJ @mike_snider: There are some people using Xenserver, but vcenter is most common.
Daniel_Bowers Hmm, "desktop"...i've heard such things exist, but never actually seen one.
Daniel_Bowers The end-user interface looks to me a bit like the Aws dashboard. Is that the right comparison?
Dell-KailasJ @daniel_bowers: Creator is unique in the sense it will provide self-service Itaas for servers as well as virtual desktops. It will integrate into Xendesktop Ddc, Provisioning Services, hypervisor, etc.
Dell-KailasJ @daniel_bowers: To orchestrate creation and lifecycle management of virtual Desktops
Daniel_Bowers Are there seperate (individual) plug-ins to interface Vis Ssc with Wim, Kickstart, Bladelogic, etc.? Or is that functionality all "built in"?
Daniel_Bowers @kailasj Thanks. I didn't mean to imply Aws Dashboard had the same functionality, just that the idea looked the same (end user portal, launch images from it, see your consumption).
Dell-KailasJ @daniel_bowers: It is kind of similar to Aws. Once use logs in, based on who he is, he gets presented with a catalog of services that only he should have access to.
Don_Adams Do we have the ability to get a copy to play with this on our own? Do we have some type of study guides or tutorials to help learn the product?
Daniel_Bowers ^^^ What @Don said
Dell-KailasJ @daniel_bowers: Then user can go ahead and provision what he needs. Appropriate governance, chargeback/showback are built in
Dell-TomH @daniel_bowers - No individual plug-ins needed. Wim, Kickstart and Bladelogic intergrations are all built-in.
Dell-KongY My how time flies when the topic is Awesomesauce :-)
Dell-KongY We have a few minutes left and I want to thank our featured guests - Kailas, Tom B and Tom H :)
Daniel_Bowers @kailasj, @tomh thanks for the answers. I'd give you a beer if I could figure out the keystroke sequence.
Tom_Baumgartner Don and Daniel - You'll have to work directly with your Dell field rep to get a copy to "play with" on your own. Also, our Roi Calculator could be a helpful tool. go to
Dell-JeffS Thanks everyone! :)
Dell-KailasJ @Don and @daniel:
mylvisaker Thanks for the info!
Dell-TomH Thanks for joining us!
Dell-KongY Thank you everyone for joining our chat today :)
virtualTodd Thanks for the info!
Dell-KailasJ Tom already responded. Thanks all for your questions!
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Dell-KailasJ please visit for more info as well.
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