Dell TechCenter is proud to announce that our TechTuesday chat will cover Dell UPS. We will have featured SMEs from Dell PG and Eaton join us to discuss what's new & cool with Dell UPS.

Chat Transcript

Dell-DennisS Hey Everyone!
Dell_KongY hello folks... just a minute until all of our featured guests join on
Daniel_Bowers I'm amusing myself by importing Essa files into the Ups selector tool. Nifty feature.
Dell_KongY Thank you everyone for joining us today. Today's chat is on Dell Ups.
Dell_KongY Our featured guests are Lynn Simmons - Dell Principal Engineer over Dell Ups and Jim Hutten - Dell Sr. Marketing Consultant over Dell Ups
Dell_KongY Today's chat covers the Dell Ups launch
Dell_KongY What's new with the Dell Ups launch today?
Dell_KongY Welcome isibulkin & tester!
Dell_KongY For your background info - Delltechcenter links to Dell Ups | Power Management in the Virtualized World :
Dell_KongY Also, Dell Ups | Power Management Software Network Design Examples:
Dell_KongY the two major updates are the software management stack for the Dell Ups and the services options
HansDeLeenheer download of the 2 slideshares disabled. could you share them on techcenter?
Lynn_Simmons The Dell Ups includes the addition of power cable kits for the hard wired Ups. The cable kits can be purchased at point of sale or post sales. The Ups now includes the service tag information for contacting Dell support services. Dell is now offers the environmental probes. We kept the same Network management Card for customers with installed base.
newsan Hi room. Where do i go to find out the basics about implementing sans
Dell_KongY Tawfiq is our other featured guest from Eaton
Dell_KongY newsan - our chat today is covering Dell Ups
Dell_-_Jim_H Dell recently released a new Ups Software package for Remote Management and Virtualization Interface with Plug-in for Vmware and Msft.
Dell_KongY newsan - but that link is where you can find info on Sans on Techcenter
newsan Thank you... bye
Dell_-_Jim_H A key difference in the Ups Sw virtualization capabilities is to manage at the
Dell_-_Jim_H server or Server management console.
Dell_KongY <- Dell Ups software spec sheet
Dell_-_Jim_H The management allows for the Ups to communicate a power condition for example to Vmware, then Vmware controls the Vm migration. Previously an agent was installed in each Vm. The agent in the Vm requires each Vm to be managed.
Dell_KongY <- Dell Ups - Network Design
HansDeLeenheer I see no supp for vsphere5 in specsheet. is the sheet old or the Sw behind on schedule?
Dell_-_Jim_H Previous versions required scripting. New software has plug-ins with options to choose for notification.
HansDeLeenheer wow, am I reading this right that on a power failure you could let the vcenter migrate (vmotion) to another server/cluster?
Dell_KongY <- Dell Ups in Virtualized World
Dell_-_Jim_H Yes, we support version 5.
Dell_-_Jim_H Yes, vcenter controls the migration.
HansDeLeenheer and this is the same for Hyper-v Scvmm?
Lynn_Simmons I have the latest guide. I will send to Kongy and then he can post
Dell_-_Jim_H the Hyper-v is supported.
HansDeLeenheer that is not an answer to the question :-)

Hans same is true for Hyper V

UPDATED 02/10/2012: For SCVMM, the ability to only move VM’s and not shutdown is a MSFT limitation at this time.

HansDeLeenheer is the software Dell Ip or Eaton Oem?
Dell_KongY Is there any tie in between Dell Ups to the Dell Essa tool?
Daniel_Bowers For a single-host configuration, does the Esx agent communicate with the Ups over the network, or it a direct connection (like serial) from the physical host to the Ups?
Lynn_Simmons here is the English language link for Ulnm User's Guide
Lynn_Simmons the guide shows the Os supported
Tawfiq_Samo @hong we have configurator that imports Essa to under configure Ups
Dell_-_Jim_H The software is Oem from Eaton.
Daniel_Bowers The Ups selector must be Oem'd too...i notice I can go to the Eaton web site and plug in a "solution number" for one I created on the Dell web site, and it will appear. :)
HansDeLeenheer nevertheless I didnt knew about the and the tools behind it. Thx for that
Tawfiq_Samo your are welcome Hasd
Daniel_Bowers I have a couple of Ups questions, while the experts are on the chat...maybe simple one to start: What is "cold start capable"?
Lynn_Simmons cold start capable menas you can start the Ups without any utility connected
Dell_-_Jim_H Ups Agent integrated with hypervisor (single host) or central management server (multi-host)
Lynn_Simmons The Ups starts the load off its battery
Daniel_Bowers You mean a Ups with batteries charged could turn on, even though the input circuit is off?
Daniel_Bowers Ah Ok
Lynn_Simmons Yes, the Ups can turn on and power the load even with no utility
Daniel_Bowers Looks like Dell spec'd watts on the Ups models, rather than Va's and watt's. Any particular reason for that?
Tawfiq_Samo @daniels The Dell Ups Sw incorporates two applications for managing the Ups 1. Mumc designed for multi host server environments
Lynn_Simmons Yes, today's It equipment uses power factor corrected power supplies so for sake of argument the power factor is "1". If you look at configuration totals, such as Essa, the output of those tools is watts.
Tawfiq_Samo the other apps is Ulnm created for single host. you can download the sw for free go to
Daniel_Bowers @lynn Makes sense. Are there any servers in Dell's current lineup that do Not have Pfc-correcting power supplies?
Daniel_Bowers (I guess "pfc-correcting" is redundant, sorry)
Lynn_Simmons Are Ups are full rated at their wattage. Thus if your solution is 999w, you can use a 1000w Ups.
Dell_KongY <- Dell Essa tool (energy Smart Solution Advisor)
Daniel_Bowers What's the significance of "true sine wave output"? Presumably that means there are less-than-ideal stair-step output sort of Upses -- does that jack with server power supply inputs?
Daniel_Bowers ...and I don't want run out of time, so more questions. Multithreaded Q&a :) Do batteries carry the warranty of the Ups, or do they have seperate (presumably lower) standard warranty terms?
Tawfiq_Samo @ Daniels starndard warranty is 3 yrs including batteries
Lynn_Simmons Yes, the sine wave Ups, which all of Dell's are, provide an output very similar to what the utilty provides. Square wave, or psuedo sine-wave, outputs can interact with the system power supply and "fool" the system power supply into thinking there is an out of range input voltage & the power supply turns off
Daniel_Bowers @tawfiq thanks
Tawfiq_Samo Dell also offers advance exchange program
Daniel_Bowers Are the batteries in Ups still lead-acid chunks (like car batteries)?
Daniel_Bowers @tawfiq "advance exchange program"?
Daniel_Bowers Oh, and typically how long would a battery last? Not for warranty purposes, but if a Ups sits on a reseller shelf for a year before it gets installed, is that bad?
Lynn_Simmons yes, they are lead-acid. One advantage of lead-acid is they are 98% recyclable. What surprises people is they are enviromentaly better than some other solutions because they can be recycled
Daniel_Bowers @lynn Cool, did not know that about recyclable.
Tawfiq_Samo Refer to link for exchange program
Lynn_Simmons so "lasts" is a subjective word. If you leave a battery on the shelf for a year and not recharge it until a year it may charge again but at a significantly reduced storage capacity
Tawfiq_Samo sorry cant copy and paste
Lynn_Simmons so the battery "lasts" just it is significantly reduced capacity (run time)
Tawfiq_Samo but basically Dell will ship you a unit incase something goes wrong with your Ups.
Tawfiq_Samo that is if the units is defective
Daniel_Bowers @lynn Interesting, so kind of like cell phones...over time, the battery naturally holds less.
Dell_KongY We have just a few more minutes left
Daniel_Bowers I feel like Kong is always telling me "last call"
Dell_KongY I want to thank Jim, Lynn & Tawfiq for their time & expertise :)
Daniel_Bowers I want to thank the Community for joining us today
Lynn_Simmons just as a reference for those that didn't know, all of our documentation is online in multiple languages
HansDeLeenheer Omg, Kong what did you just do? You made me find something I dindt knew was out here :-)
Dell_KongY Daniel and Hans - it's always a pleasure to have you join us :)
HansDeLeenheer now I can add somethin to the Belgian ::beer (s)
Dell_KongY @daniel... no sir... no last call for you ... you know how to contact me :)
Tawfiq_Samo @ daniel more info on the advance exchange program
Dell_KongY Again, thank you everyone for joining us for today's Dell Ups chat!
Dell_KongY Next week - we'll cover Suse and Dell.
Dell_KongY So until next... take care and be safe! Cya next week!
Tawfiq_Samo Thank You Kong.