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Chat Transcript

Dell-LanceB Hello everyone ...
victor_williams hello
Chandan Hi all..
Dell-KongY Hi Courtney, D3ll_usr & Jeff!
HansDeLeenheer as usual some Belgian ::beer (s) from me to you guys!
jeff_hutcherson hello and thank you!
Dell-KongY Welcome to today's chat on the Dell DR4000 :)
Dell-KongY Thanks Hans!
Dell-LanceB Thanks Hans ... Cheers!
Dell-KongY Cheers to you as well :)
Lee4Dell I see some of the G500 Tsr crew in the house! Welcome guys
victor_williams We knew you would be here.
Lee4Dell With there being a few of you plus Hutch, I'm sensing some sort of directive came down:)
jeff_hutcherson nope...just trying to learn more about the DR4000
Lee4Dell Nice!
Dell-DennisS Hey guys! Finally made it in :)
Dell-KongY Welcome D :)
Lee4Dell Like we always say Hutch...that's leadership right there!
Lee4Dell lol
Ray_at_Dell It is actually the Dr4000.
Dell-GeneC Data Reduction 4000
Dell-DennisS We'll give everyone a few minutes..then we'll start this exciting chat on the Dr4000 woohoo ::punk
Dell-DennisS Ok guys today we are going to be talking about the Dr4000
Dell-DennisS On the chat today we have some of our Storage Specialists
Dell-DennisS Ray, Gene, Chandan, Sitha...
Dell-DennisS Ray, can you give us an intro to the Dr4000
Ray_at_Dell The Dr4000 is a disk based backup and disaster recovery solution designed to solve customer pain points including backup window constraints, slow restores, and unreliable and slow disaster recovery. It has a highly efficient inline deduplication and compression engine that enables not only faster backups and restores, but also longer retention periods and more recovery points. The built in Wan optimized replication enables the replication of backup data as efficiently as possible and makes disaster recovery implementation much more affordable and reliable. The Dr4000 is certified with leading backup software applications such as Symantec Backup Exec, Symantec Netbackup, and Commvault Simpana.
Dell-DennisS lol, quick typer :)
Dell-DennisS Ok, so after everyone reads that intro...let's play "stump the storage team" whos got questions
Dell-KongY This Dell Pg Storage team is loaded for Dr know-how :)
Dell-GeneC Want to know how dedupe works?
Dell-DennisS Remember, this is an open chat so just jump in. The chat will be recoreded and posted to the site in the next couple of days
Dell-GeneC maybe how does compression work?
Dell-DennisS Hey Tony! Thanks for joining. We were just opening it up for questions
bruce_wylie Finally on!
wonder_nerd lol
gminks hieveryone
HansDeLeenheer Q1) hwat's inside?
Dell-DennisS That's a great questions Gene...want to give us an explanation :)
HansDeLeenheer ocarina & ...
bruce_wylie Dr4000 questions, issues ??
Dell-GeneC R510 - 14 Drives
Dell-DennisS Welcome mark, click action -> room history to catch up
Dell-GeneC Secret sauce
Dell-GeneC Ocaring secret sauce
Dell-DennisS That's secret "awesome sauce" :)
HansDeLeenheer you might want to answer that question if it is not Nda. could lead to other questions ...
bruce_wylie Hi, this is Parthi, Murali, Vinod, Lew, and Bruce in Svdc
gminks oh Hans is here. asking the tough questions i see
Dell-GeneC Do you want to know how the dedupe engine works?
Dell-GeneC The Ocarina team is online
Dell-GeneC They have a cool video on the O3e engine
Ray_at_Dell It is a 2U aplliance available in three different configurations.
Dell-GeneC It Chunks, looks for duplicates and either throws away duplicates or compresses unique chunks to the disks.
Dell-DennisS Hans, anything specific you're looking for as far as what's inside?
gminks Hey Gene is the link to the video available?
Dell-GeneC all can be forun from the Dr dashboard
Dell-GeneC on Salesedge
HansDeLeenheer how do you access the appliance (protocol) ?
Dell-DennisS <here is the Dr4000 intro video on Delltechcenter Youtube channel
Dell-GeneC Cifs/nfs
Dell-DennisS make sure you right click on links :)
HansDeLeenheer so is it build on exanet nas ?
Dell-GeneC No
Dell-GeneC not Exanet
gminks Gene is there one **everyone** can see :)
Dell-GeneC Ocaring code on linux platform
Dell-GeneC Ocarina...;-)
MichaelD There's a working link to the video
Sitha_Bhagvat the file system is Vxfs
HansDeLeenheer if it is addressable as Cifs/nfs can it be used as Nas for non-certified software products?
Dell-GeneC Certified as backup appliance
Dell-GeneC not really Nas
Dell-DennisS <here's another video on adding a Dr4000 Dedup appliance to a Dell Powervault Dl appliance
Dell-GeneC You can mount shares but typically only for administrative purposes
HansDeLeenheer let me refrase that ... for non-certified backup software
Dell-GeneC Enterprise Nas should have snap-shots and other featues
Dell-GeneC Yes it is an acceptable target for non certified apps.
Dell-GeneC Of course you mileage may vary
Dell-GeneC e are adding more certified Isv vendors
HansDeLeenheer Vxfs goes way beyond the max 9TB we have on current products
HansDeLeenheer is there scale out/up?
Dell-GeneC Second release
Dell-GeneC Underlying file syste4m is Vxfs
HansDeLeenheer second release = new products or upgrades?
Dell-GeneC Upgrades
HansDeLeenheer i mean can we add storage to existing solution?
Dell-GeneC There will be a new product later that sc ales out
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy Hans: You cannot expand storage at this release
Dell-GeneC You can add a second drive shelf in second release - upgrade
HansDeLeenheer will they be "clustered" on network level or physical extension (DAS via Sas)
Dell-GeneC Clustering is second product - nor an update
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy There is no Cluster
Dell-GeneC nto an update to Dr4000
Dell-GeneC No Cluster today or planned for Dr4000
Dell-DennisS welcome A has and Rafael. Click action - room history to catch up
Dell-GeneC Follow on produc t will cluster and scale up and out
HansDeLeenheer so it will be drive enclosure expansion such as Md1200 cabinets?
Dell-GeneC check...
Dell-GeneC but I didn't tell you that...
Ray_at_Dell Btw, The Dr4000 comes with replication, It is an all inclusive licensing model.
HansDeLeenheer great, no problem. we are all under Nda (on public chat) #LOL
HansDeLeenheer ok let's ge tinto replication
Dell-GeneC dudaduda
Dell-GeneC linense is inclded
Dell-GeneC everything for 1 price
Dell-GeneC no extras later
HansDeLeenheer there is a many to one, is there also some possibility to mutli-tenancy?
Dell-GeneC many to 1 is considered next upgrade. Just a testing issue
HansDeLeenheer lets say I have multiple branches/companys replicating to one main site but with different It teams
shane Hey guys long time no chat. I'm late so I'll try and catch up.
HansDeLeenheer ok, I'm to far ahead :)
Dell-GeneC Probably no multi-tenancy other than Cifs/nfs
Dell-GeneC Idea is you should have a backup app in front of this
HansDeLeenheer check
Dell-GeneC that should provide the security layer
HansDeLeenheer will software upgrades come in the same flavor as Eql / Cml across generations?
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy Multi-tenancy is not supported in Dr4000
Dell-GeneC Probably just downloads from
Dell-GeneC The Dr4000 has a firmware upgrade tab on the main menu
HansDeLeenheer I meant the 1 firnware/software for all models
Dell-GeneC There is actually a pop up that asks yo to check for new firmware
Dell-GeneC all you do is point to a file and upgrade
Dell-GeneC Hujmmm.. We only have 1 model so I guess yes..;-0
HansDeLeenheer (gene avoinding the question)
HansDeLeenheer :)
Dell-GeneC just don't know.
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy Upgrade is a ~512mb Payload, all Drivers & Fw for Hw and the Software modules all in same bundle
Dell-GeneC We upgraded several times a week during development;-)
kr Thank you.
Dell-GeneC there ya go.. Thanks Parthi
HansDeLeenheer how about availability during upgrade?
Dell-DennisS Welcome Reed, click action-room history to catch up
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy We take downtime
bruce_wylie No availability during upgrade.
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy meaning all i/o will be stopped including replications
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy usually this is a 15 -20 min time frame including reboots
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy if required
HansDeLeenheer ok, so maintenance window is required. thx
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy yes for now
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy do you see this as a must have or nice to have
HansDeLeenheer lets talk dedupe/compression ratio. I know you cannot tell this upfront because it relies on the data but how can we sell it to the customer?
HansDeLeenheer whats the Tco win according to Powervault storage?
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy Dedupe Ratio is based on the customer workflow. If customer does full back-up for e.g. every day, the ratio will be 15x
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy based on the change rate
Dell-DennisS welcome Mike, click action ->room history to catch up
HansDeLeenheer do we have use cases on that? say from min to max reduction?
HansDeLeenheer (and not marketing talk)
Chandan Hans, that depends on data, backup schedule, change rate, and retention period
Chandan it can vary from 4x - 15x
Chandan generally speaking, the more full backups and the longer you retain backups, the more the dedupe ratio.
gminks hey Dennis is Hans always like this?
HansDeLeenheer Gina, you of all folks should know I'm a pain in the ###
Dell-DennisS @gminks, yep he's always prepared with great questions :)
gminks hey I didn't say that *you* did.
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy Hans What is the workflow you envision this box for, including Dma's & Replication
gminks see - Dennis knows what I meant!!
dell_miked Does the Dr4000 come with token ring support?
gminks Hans did you put dell_miked up to that question!!!!
HansDeLeenheer @parthi: full backup of Virtualised Environments (private cloud) and then multiple of them repolicated to one main site
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy dell_miked: No token Ring
gminks haha
HansDeLeenheer prefarably with Symbe or Veeam
Dell-GeneC You have to dual hone the backup server with Token Ring and Ethernet...
Chandan The Dr4000 is certified with Be at launch
HansDeLeenheer how about block based storage?
gminks Lol @ Gene!
Chandan Veeam support in the works.
HansDeLeenheer and other protocols like Fcoe and Fcotr?
dell_miked @hans, Yes, we sell block based storage as well
Chandan We do not have fiber channel support on the Dr4000
Dell-GeneC Put anything in the backup server you want. Just save us a Ethernet Nic for real communiation.
Chandan Only Ip based connectivity - 1gb/10gb
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy @hans so what is the retention period for the Branch office & Main Site for the backup data
HansDeLeenheer branch would be longer retention for long time backup, main site would be small retention for Dr
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy So Main site will move to tape quickly or to a different replicaition
Dell-GeneC 1 2 3 4 ...
HansDeLeenheer yes
dell_miked @hans so you want branch-to-central replication, with asymmetric retention policies. I would have assumed smaller branch boxes with less retention, and larger central box with longer retention.
HansDeLeenheer Mike, you said something interessting: you sell block based storage too. Are you referring to the default Dell products (PV / Eql / Cml) or are you referring to the ability of Dr4000 to support iscsi ?
dell_miked @hans, yes, I was joking...i know you are familiar with our block offerings...
dell_miked Dr4000 does not support an iscsi interface
HansDeLeenheer %%%% ... just when I thought I had something interesting coming up :)
Dell-GeneC From Gina...
gminks Hans you are just trying to start trouble!
HansDeLeenheer to come back on the replication: I look at this on a bigger scale and providing different customers with a Draas
HansDeLeenheer so they do not have to buy Dr sites themselves
Dell-GeneC The model is to use a Enterprise class media server that can put agents everywhere and pull data from any transport.
HansDeLeenheer therfore I only need the last replication in the main site
Dell-GeneC Just send it to us over the 2 - 10 Gb Nics
dell_miked What is the connectivity from branch-to-central...vpn(internet) or dedicated network?
Dell-DennisS just a few more minutes on the chat...any more questions?
HansDeLeenheer lets say Wan
dell_miked If branch-central connectivity is Wan, what is your outlook on Wan optimization as a complement to replication (whether or not in association with backup)
Chandan You can throttle the replication based on your Wan bandwidth.
HansDeLeenheer last try: is there any wat that this would go to block storage? Some solutions still need physical disk to backup
HansDeLeenheer (I wont mention it because you'll laugh)
Chandan Dpm ? :)
Dell-GeneC Since we dedupe in line we need the local connedted disk to be fast
HansDeLeenheer ::blush
DELL_Parthi_Munusamy @hans: Are you looking a deduped Vtl
HansDeLeenheer nope, no Vtl. I need raw physical disk for Ms Dpm
dell_miked @hans, not sure I understand the Q. Block storage is backup up through the backup host to the Dr4000. There is not a direct block connection. That becomes more of a requirement for large enterprise where 8G Fcp speeds are important.
Ray_at_Dell Hi All - wanted to include the Url for the product page itself.
HansDeLeenheer and for now I can only do that with block or Das
Chandan Hans, right now no immediate plans to offer front end iscsi connectivity unfortunately
Dell-DennisS Ok guys looks like we are running out of time. I wanted to thank everyone for joining us today! Next weeks chat will be on Storage Integration with Compellent and Equallogic:
HansDeLeenheer who were the other guys? #LOL
Dell-DennisS As always this transcript will be post on the site in the next few days
Dell-GeneC tks