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ShankyAtDell Test
Michael_Pacheco Hello, Sarah and Shanky.
michiel hi, I'm having problem with my internet explorer. I get the mesaage cannot show webpage. At the time my network centre shows a strong signal from my home wifi. I'm now working on my business laptop via my home wifi and this works fine. can you help
Lee4Dell Michiel are you referring to problems with this chat or a Dell support issue?
Dell-LanceB Afternoon everyone, we are just about ready to get started today ...
rafael_knuth Hej guys
Dell-Michael_Pacheco Hello, Rafael.
Lee4Dell hey rafael!
rafael_knuth Hej Michael - just read your articles on Power Solutions :-)
rafael_knuth Hej, Lee
Dell-Michael_Pacheco Excellent...thanks for reading, Rafael... and thank you for your e-mail yesterday.
rafael_knuth sure, Michael. Always happy to read, watch & share cool stuff :-)
Dell-Michael_Pacheco I appreciate you uploading those videos to Dtc Germany.
Dell-LanceB We are going to be talking about ... We have a room full of experts ready to take your questions ...
rafael_knuth We got pretty much hits today
ShankyAtDell Welcome to today's Techchat. In the past few months, we have launched many new updates to the Equallogic Host Software portfolio - San Headquarters 2.2, Hit/vmware 3.1 and Hit/microsoft 4.0 (epa). We hope you have been using these products and are finding them beneficial. Please ask any questions that you have around these new products.
Dell-David How many folks are using any of the Host Integration Tookits (ME, Ve or Linux)?
cooksarah9 Can you tell us what is new in the Hit/me4.0 kit?
ShankyAtDell Hi Sarah, Hit/microsoft 4.0 Epa is out there in the Equallogic Support Site. We have introduced Hit groups with Hit/microsoft 4.0. Hit groups enables centralized data protection capabilities to backup and protect multiple Microsoft hosts from a single central host.
ShankyAtDell We also have introduced Enhanced Clustered Shared Volume (csv) support
ShankyAtDell Users can now protect all Vms on a Csv with a single snapshot saving time and snapshot reserve space
ShankyAtDell And then we have a completely new framework for Asm/me
cooksarah9 Asm=auto snapshot manager?
Dell-LanceB Hey Bruno ...
Dell-David Hello Bruno!
ShankyAtDell The new framework offers better user experience with a new dashboard view of storage, applications etc
Dell-d_glynn bruno! how goes the Bph?
bsousapt hi everyone !
ShankyAtDell Hit/me 4.0 has some nice new features
Dell-Michael_Pacheco Asm/me = Auto-snapshot Manager Microsoft Edition
ShankyAtDell Has anyone here installed the Hit/microsoft Epa?
bsousapt hi Lance, David, d_glynn, rafael !
bsousapt i still use the pre 4.0 version...
bsousapt it works quite fine :)
ShankyAtDell Can you share your experience on the new Remote Install and Upgrade feature of Hit/microsoft 4.0?
ShankyAtDell Thanks Bruno
Dell-LanceB Is that helping you with Bph?
bsousapt sorry...still pre 4.0 user here.:)
Dell-Michael_Pacheco I'd like to add (regarding Hit/me 4.0) that there is also now remote installation capabilities. So, you no longer have to manually copy the setup packages to multiple hosts, run the installer on each host and follow the install wizards. From one host, you can perform remote installations to multiple hosts in parallel. This is a huge time-savings benefit.
bsousapt Dell-lanceb: It does, in the way that the business can do what they know to do best, without worrying about indeed it helps the Bph :)
Dell-LanceB Good to hear Bruno ... because as we know it is all about Bph
bsousapt Michael_pacheco : looks interesting for instance for a hyper-v cluster with some hosts to protect
bsousapt Dell-lanceb : I taught you well...thank you my friend :)
Dell-LanceB Anytime
ShankyAtDell Hit/microsoft 4.0 is in Epa (early Production Access) now and the Ga (general Availability) is going to be released shortly.
Dell-Michael_Pacheco Bsouapt: In fact, for a Hyper-v cluster - the Hit/me installation is 'cluster-aware'. So, if you install Hit/me on a cluster node, it will detect the cluster and enable you to push to the remaining cluster nodes - ensuring that all Hit settings are identical across your cluster.
Mark very nice feature
bsousapt question: its not directly related to Dell there any way to do disk reclaim space from iscsi Luns assigned to windows hosts, or this is a question outside this chat?
bsousapt Dell-michael_pacheco : glad to hear it...:)
Dell-David Bruno, this is a feature that will be coming in the next release of the firmware and the next release of the Hit/me
Dell-David It also relies on Windows 8
bsousapt so...not related with eql but more with the Os
bsousapt hi Kongy
Dell-David So, without Windows 8 you can't reclaim space.
Mark Hi, will we see synchronous replication in further Eql firmware releases ?
Dell-David Mark - Yes
Mark excellent
ShankyAtDell Everyone you dont need to restrict your questions only to Hit/microsoft. Please ask any question that you have on Equallogic Host Software - Host Integration Tools for Vmware, Microsoft, Linux as well as San Hq.
Dell-David Is anyone using Hit for Linux yet?
bsousapt one word for my sudden leave : Java
cooksarah9 lol
cooksarah9 yes...caffeine is critical!
bsousapt also :)
Dell-d_glynn :D
cooksarah9 ok...i feel like an idiot now
ShankyAtDell Good one Sarah
Dell-Michael_Pacheco ::coffee
cooksarah9 ::blush
cooksarah9 Michael, can you tell us more about your article?
Dell-Michael_Pacheco Sure, Sarah.
Dell-Michael_Pacheco The 2001 Q4 article of Dell Powersolutions is about using Hit/me to automate storage management with Powershell scripting.
bsousapt San Hq : would the limitation of having only 10 minutes as the timeframe within a live view session, be lifted up on a next version ?
ShankyAtDell Do you have a link Michael?
Dell-Michael_Pacheco The Dell Equallogic Host Integration Tools for Microsoft comes bundled with a library of Powershell cmdlets that you can use to manage your Dell Equallogic storage from a Microsoft Powershell interface.
ShankyAtDell There is no plan for it yet. Is there any reason you want it increased?
bsousapt i see a Hit for Ms, Vmware..any roadmap to support Citrix Xenserver, making it a real cross-platform/hypervisor tool (and unique as far as i know)
Dell-Michael_Pacheco So, from a common Powershell interface, you can manage multiple arrays, multiple groups...and incorporate repetitive Equallogic storage management tasks, for example - into your existing Business processes.
Dell-Michael_Pacheco I will provide a link.
Dell-David The powershell cmdlets are great for automating repetitive tasks in your Eql environment.
bsousapt Shanky: during some Erp jobs the Dba team would like to have a longer time within the live view session
bsousapt specially to debug possible botlenecks on the reports that are ran
bsousapt it's always the discussion : the storage is fast , your application is not and vice-versa
ShankyAtDell Thanks Bruno. I will take this input to the planning team.
D_Miller the live-view session comes at the expense of the storage system polling for the data. we could add additional time with the caveat the storage system will work harder for that timeframe
bsousapt i'm fully aware of it
Dell-Michael_Pacheco Here is a link to the Q4 2011 Dell Powersolutions article. Enjoy! (By the way, the Powersolutions article is titled, "driving effiicient It through a simplified Windows storage environment"
bsousapt however i do have a suggestion :
bsousapt Start live view
bsousapt ask timeframe to the user
bsousapt monitor San usage
bsousapt if usage > threshold , live view would be limited to 10 minutes
bsousapt iterate a new live session again
bsousapt something like this...
D_Miller sounds like shanky has you covered then - add it to the planning team meetings as an enhancement request
Dell-d_glynn Welcome Tony
ShankyAtDell But the good thing about San Hq polling is that San Hq uses Snmp polling. Data collection is done in the background and storage performance is not impacted. Having a customizable timeframe for liveview seems a good suggestion to me. Thanks for your use case around live monitoring Erp jobs
bsousapt thanks Shanky
Dell-Michael_Pacheco Welcome Weargle and tonnyholland to the chat.
bsousapt if there's some extra input needed from my part, please let me know..same alias used within twitter
Weargle Specific topics or open forum?
ShankyAtDell Bruno, you had asked a question on Hit for Citrix Xenserver earlier. We have had internal discussions on this; but there is no plan yet.
Dell-Michael_Pacheco Open Forum, Weargle.
bsousapt ok, great
Weargle Thanks. Anyone familiar with the Dell Client Configuration Utility?
bsousapt anyone can disclouse any extra info regarding the syncronous equallogic feature to come up?
Dell-Warren_B @weargle Dccu is Eol. Cctk is the replacement.
Dell-David Sorry, Bruno, but that is all the detail we can release in an open forum. ::sleep
Weargle Ah. That might b why it is failing on my newer Pcs
bsousapt Another one for San Hq: I have my manager asking this over and over again
bsousapt within the interface i see the temperature of the array
cooksarah9 Lance, have you recovered from Dsf London? Any good stories to tell us?
bsousapt however when we asks me
bsousapt so...50 this good or bad ? I never know the answer
Dell-Warren_B @weargle Yes, Cctk is required on newer platforms.
Dell-KongY Hello folks... I am going to channel my best Lance Boley :)
Dell-KongY nvm
bsousapt would be great if within the Sanhq Ui next to the current temperature we could be able to see the threshold for such values
Dell-KongY Lb didn't want to type on my keyboard :)
Weargle Can I get a link to the latest version of the Cctk
ShankyAtDell Bruno, you can refer to array specs to see the optimal temperature range. Additionally if there is any temperature concern, San Hq will report hardware alarms
bsousapt i know..
bsousapt but we have an yearly audit, where we are asked for thersholds of equipments
bsousapt if such values could be seen easly within the management interface , rather than search for the proper documentation it would be great
Dell-Warren_B @weargle Cctk info on
Dell-David Bruno, the temp thresholds can vary based on the array. Which is why Shanky suggested you look at the specs for your particular array.
Dell-LanceB Sorry everyone ... technical difficulties ...
bsousapt indeed..and i do read such manuals
bsousapt it was just a suggestion
bsousapt Lanceb : Java ? :)
Dell-LanceB Yes, something like that ...
Dell-David Suggestion noted. We will take it back to the Sanhq team.
bsousapt thanks :)..but put this as priority - 1000000000 :)
Dell-David ::laugh
bsousapt vmware hit :
ShankyAtDell Bruno. thanks for two great suggestions today - the first one on customizable live view timeframe and now on temp thresholds
bsousapt i see that pretty much any San vendor advises to align the Vmdk block size, based on the guest Os within the Vm
bsousapt is this also the case with equallogic ?
Dell-d_glynn those recommendation are not longer necessary with recent Oses like 2008
Dell-d_glynn and I think Rh 5
bsousapt true..
bsousapt however still quite some win2004 and suse 9.0 are in here..
bsousapt Shanky:if you give me time, i will came up with carefull :)
Dell-d_glynn correct
bsousapt win2003 i meant :)
Dell-d_glynn for 2k3 etc, there are benifits to aligning the partitions correctly
Dell-Michael_Pacheco For pre-microsoft Windows Server 2008 - it is still recommended to align disk sectors from Windows.
bsousapt thanks for confirm it
Dell-d_glynn it does help to maximise the prefromance
Dell-Michael_Pacheco The default Windows Server 2008 alignment of 1 Mb works for pretty much every alignment scenario out there today... so that's why you don't have to necessarily do it in Win2008 any longer.
bsousapt good
bsousapt as a side note..
Dell-David Bruno, look for Tech Report 1012 for help on how to align disk sectors for Windows Server 2003.
ShankyAtDell 8 more minutes to go. Everyone in the room, here is your chance to ask some tricky questions to Equallogic experts like David and Michael :-)
Dell-David You can find that tech report on the Equallogic Support site
bsousapt the scsi unmap within Rhel 6.1 and thin volumes with Equallogic is great :)
D_Miller thanks for pointing out another topic of our Nda session Bruno!
bsousapt Equallogic replication : what's the size of the frames sent, and does it support Tcp window auto-scale ?
Dell-d_glynn @david: didn't you get the memo, all the Trs are available in theresource Center
bsousapt d_miller : hold on..the unmap is available within the latest Fw related by Equallogic
D_Miller Actually the unmap in rhel 6.1 works with the current shipping firmware 5.1..
bsousapt that's why i can also do with esxi 5.1
Dell-David Bruno, refer to the following Best Practices document on replication:
D_Miller my apologies ):
bsousapt thanks David
bsousapt D_miller : No problem..
Dell-Michael_Pacheco Reminder: The Dell Equallogic Host Integration Tools for Microsoft Version 4.0 General Availability release will be avaialable very soon! Be sure to take advantage of the new Asm/me Gui as well as the remote installation capabilities! ...and if you're running Hyper-v - Asm/me manages Csv backups like nobody else. Feedback is welcome.
Dell-LanceB Thanks everyone for joining today, but we are out of time.
rafael_knuth thanks