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Chat Transcript

r710 hello
r710 whats today topic?
Dell-KongY Hi r710
Dell-KongY Today's topic is Dell Storage
Dell-Warren_B Hi Kong, R710!
Dell-KongY It will be a live chat from Dell Storage Forum 2012 in London
Dell-KongY btw- Happy New to you
Dell-KongY Hi Warren :)
Dell-KongY We'll get started in a few minutes
r710 Happy New year to all
r710 and i hope it will be a good year for Dell
Dell-KongY likewise :)
Dell-KongY Hi Lavonte.
Dell-KongY Welcome to the Dell Techcenter Techtuesday chat
Dell-KongY Hi Michaeld.
LaVonte a user forgot there password and I am unable to reset it on a Dell N5030. How can I restore the laptop to factory defaults without a cd
MichaelD Afternoon Kong
LaVonte even in safe mode it requires a password
LaVonte hi kong
Dell-KongY Hi isibulkin
MichaelD So do you have Peter strapped down watching the Underworld series yet?
Dell-DennisS Lavonte try posting your question in the support forums -
LaVonte Kong should i retype the question?
Dell-KongY Lavonte - unfortunately, our Techtuesday chats focus on solution stacks and not necessarily support. For support, please post to as Dennis mentioned.
Dell-KongY Welcome Daniel, Tom, It_guru, justme, mylvisaker and Rafael.
emptyone Thanks
LaVonte thanks
Dell-JeffS Hey Folks, welcome to the Dell Techcenter Techtuesday chat!
Dell-KongY Happy New Year to everyone! And thank you kindly for joining us today!
Dell-JeffS (that was a mouthful)
Dell-KongY Hi Alison :)
alisonkrause hey there, guys!
Dell-JeffS I imagine Lance is going to join us in a few minutes. He's there in London Representing Dell Techcenter at the Dell Storage Forum.
alisonkrause so jealous!
Dell-JeffS Likewise. Hearing rumors of a few prod announcements
Daniel_Bowers If he doesn't, then we get to talk about servers instead, right? :)
Dell-JeffS sure why not? :) You can ask anytime
Dell-JeffS That and bacon
Dell-JeffS those are our specialities
Lee4Dell Did someone say bacon?? :)
Daniel_Bowers You had me at "rumors". And/or "bacon".
Dell-KongY Daniel - of course :)
Dell-JeffS Delltechcenter the Storage, Servers and Bacon community
MichaelD Is it true the 12G servers come with bacon? :)
Dell-JeffS I like the ring of that
Dell-KongY Rumors as a service is the latest cloud technology ;)
Dell-JeffS Bacon rumors are even better
Dell-KongY Michaeld - I can neither confirm or deny that Bacon as a Service accompanies 12G servers :)
Dell-KongY Welcome rick.
Lee4Dell 12G servers run on bacon.
Dell-Peter_T I like bacon And I like 12G servers
Dell-JeffS wouldn't that be an awesome smell to get as you walk into the datacenter
Dell-JeffS should be an option at the very least
Lee4Dell If Lance joins and checks this chat log we might be in trouble:)
Dell-Warren_B Next Dtc video "don't retire that server - cook bacon with it" Set it and forget it....or something"
Dell-JeffS lol
Lee4Dell ha!
Dell-Peter_T did an R710 join the chat?
emptyone You might get some questions from customers if you show them the datacenter :)
Dell-JeffS Hey Jeff! Long time no talk
Lee4Dell It's virtualization at its best Peter
Dell-KongY Welcome Jeff.
JeffHengesbach Hey All. Tough time getting in today!
r710 hello
Dell-JeffS How so?
Dell-JeffS hey r710. I feel like we've met before....
Dell-JeffS :)
r710 met where?
JeffHengesbach Entered Username - wait 2-3 minutes for actual sign into chat
Dell-JeffS in a datacenter. techcenter lab...
Dell-KongY I hope that everyone has been able to follow Dell Storage Forum London live on twitter using the hashtag #dellsf12
Dell-JeffS in a rack. loaded Os... added memory. :)
Lee4Dell Hey r710, I'd like to get to know you a little better. What's your service tag?
Dell-JeffS lol
alisonkrause yeah, while we are all working away, everyone in london is off having beers!
Dell-KongY I've seen blog posts in French, Spanish, German, English & Dutch
alisonkrause something isnt right about that
r710 sorry for choosing a bad name
Dell-KongY talking about Fluid Data architecture
IT_guru we like it
Dell-JeffS not at all!
Dell-JeffS good name
Dell-JeffS :)
Lee4Dell great name!
Dell-JeffS just spoke with lance
Dell-JeffS sorry for the delay folks
Dell-JeffS he's trying to get in
Dell-KongY there was an a Tweet stream around a Gui demo that is more than a demo
Dell-JeffS Jeff H -- what challenge did you ahve getting in?
IT_guru hey dell peeps, was the last chat about the equallogic deduplication or is there one coming up?
JeffHengesbach Jeff S: Just 2-3 minute delay to get signed in from when I entered a Username. Tried on a few different Pc's
Dell-KongY Dell Storage with Compellent, Equallogic & Powervault form the basis of our Fluid Architecture and the foundation for our Idm solution stack.
Daniel_Bowers "fluid Architecture"?
JeffHengesbach Figured the chat was overloaded with #dellsf12 folks
Dell-DennisS It_guru that was the last chat, but there should be another coming up soon
IT_guru ok cool, i'll grab transcripts. Thanks.
Dell-JeffS and we can always schedule something... or tlak with us directly
Daniel_Bowers @kong The terms "fluid Data" & "fluid Data Architecture" are common, I just hadn't heard "fluid Architecture" before
Dell-KongY @daniel - true. In our case, Fluid data architecture refers to realizing the full potental of an automated tiered storage
Dell-JeffS Love the tweet Michael D. :)
Daniel_Bowers I haven't followed news from #dellsf12. So, at the risk of being a shill...what's new / cool there this week?
Dell-KongY For example, our storage virtualization strives to provide a single pool of storage resources that spans all disks and Raid levels
Dell-JeffS Hey David! How's the Uk?
Dell-KongY Hi D_glynn... did you bring the unicorn ;)
Dell-KongY Hi Matt.
Dell-d_glynn @jeff, no idea, in Ndc
mattvogt peeps
MichaelD @jeff Gotta generate customer demand to make it a reality!
Dell-JeffS Thought you were there
Dell-JeffS Hey Matt!
mattvogt Howdy, Jeff!
Dell-d_glynn Other David is
Dell-KongY @daniel - no worries... more cool stuff to be announced soon :)
Dell-d_glynn @kong #putcatbackinbag
mattvogt what's this I hear about Baas?
MichaelD hush, hush new feature with the 12G servers to make working in datacenters more pleasant
JeffHengesbach I'd like in on the Baas Beta
Daniel_Bowers Sorry, @matt. Baas requires an enterprise license.
mattvogt As long as it's not Enterprise Plus, I'm good! :)
Dell-d_glynn too funny
Daniel_Bowers Ok, real question. Will new Compellent controllers come out based on 12G Poweredge hardware?
MichaelD Are the 12G servers still on track for a January/february announcement?
JeffHengesbach Saw mention of 2 day "shipsfast" on 5 most poplular Eql arrays - very cool. So much for hard drive shortages?? Anyone know what models?
mattvogt Yeah, I saw that tweet from Dylan
mattvogt re: ship fast
Dell-KongY @daniel - that I'll check with Lb and Compellent on your question
Dell-KongY @michaeld - have not heard of any product slips in terms of our server lines
Daniel_Bowers @kong Thanks
JeffHengesbach Matt: Pick out your new glasses? (love the poll idea)
Dell-KongY Speaking of which - Here's Lb :)
MichaelD Time to start behaving!
Dell-KongY How goes it Mr. Boley ;)
Dell-KongY many storage questions for you sir :)
Daniel_Bowers ...and that's why we can all agree iscsi will be replaced by Fcotr.
mattvogt Thanks, Jeff :) They're ordered, just waiting now. Had fun
Dell-KongY @daniel - I think you just made Stephen Foskett cry a bit ;-) Fcotr.. lol
Dell-Peter_T i have the button !
Dell-d_glynn @daniel - I'm holding out for Fc over Avian
r710 how bad is the hard drive shortage?
steve-o So will we be seeing something like the Fs7500 released for the Compellent this year?
Dell-KongY @r710 - i have not seen any numbers that have quantified the magnitude of shortage from Idc or Gartner or other industry watchers
Dell-KongY Welcome steve-o!
Dell-LanceB Hellow
Dell-LanceB I finally made it
Dell-LanceB thanks to Jeff
Dell-d_glynn @lance shouldn't you be in some pub?
Dell-KongY @steve-o: we'll check on a Compellent equivalent to the Fs7500 for you.
alisonkrause woo! lance made it! how is #storagebeers??
Dell-JeffS Ok, so that isn't working too well with Lance
Dell-JeffS Site is being blocked by his service provider, so we tried to get around it by sharing my desktop, but bandwidth is worse than a 14.4 modem
MichaelD tor?
Dell-JeffS techincal difficulties with Uk Mobile broadband he says
Dell-JeffS restrictions on java applets
Dell-KongY Dell Storage Forum - London Pix and Videos:
Dell-JeffS he can Im with me just fine. Just can't get into the chcat.
Dell-JeffS Really sorry about that folks
steve-o Kongy: Thanks. I'm not sold on the robustness of the Z-nas product. The Fs7500 looks much nicer and would seem like a better fit for the compellent.
Dell-JeffS However, we do have a number of folks here in the chat that can answer your questions... and I can ask lance anything
steve-o Is Storage Centre 6.0 Ga or is it just "announced" for now?
Dell-JeffS He says he has Phil Soran and Darren Thomas next to him doing a podcast... talking about what's new in storage.
mattvogt @jeffh - from the horse's mouth about ship fast models: Ps4100e 1/2tb drives Sata, Ps6100e 1&2tb and Ps6100xv 600gb 15K Sas
Dell-KongY <- Dell Storage Forum London 2012
JeffHengesbach @matt - Thx for askin :)
Dell-JeffS Hey Steve-o, lance said some key announcements around Storage Center this week. stay tuned
Dell-d_glynn @matt - call dylan a horse is a bit rich....
Dell-JeffS coming this week rather
mattvogt @david, he can take it :)
steve-o I -just- placed an order for another compellent system a couple of weeks ago. Sure hope that system isn't already outdated by what's going to be announced this week...
Daniel_Bowers @steve-o what did you order?
Dell-JeffS Lance is saying the big stuff happens tomorrow: "The customer tracks start tomorrow with the keynote at 8:00 Am"
steve-o a pair of Sc40 controllers and a bunch 'o disk
JeffHengesbach @steve-o - alway the case with anything tech.....
Daniel_Bowers @steve-o what kind of disks do you currently have?
steve-o the new system was purchased with 600gb and 2TB 3.5" Sas
Daniel_Bowers Any Ssd?
steve-o not yet
Daniel_Bowers b/c of cost?
steve-o mainly, yes
Dell-KongY steve-o: the system you ordered should not be outdated that fast. with Dell storage, we strive to have continuity in place so your past & current technologies will interact efficiently & seemlessly with upcoming technologies
Daniel_Bowers Any feel for how much storage you have (or will have) on each Sc40?
Dell-JeffS Again, sorry for the technical difficulties. We were hoping to share more on this chat. lance will have blogs, etc. in the next few days covering the technical aspects of everything happening at Dsf in the next few days.
Daniel_Bowers (or in total if it's clustered)
steve-o its clustered. current system has around 40TB on it, new system will have around 60TB
Daniel_Bowers @steve-o Cool.
Dell-KongY steve-o thanks for sharing & Daniel great questions as always
steve-o might look into doing replication between them, but that'sf or later
steve-o overall we've been pleased with the compellent gear, though we've had a couple of hickups, nothing major
steve-o would really love to see the system scale out beyond a single pair of active controllers
Dell-KongY good feedback steve-o.. will pass it on
Dell-KongY Thank you folks for joining us today.
Dell-KongY Apologies for the cross-atlantic difficulties :(
Daniel_Bowers Thanks @kong, @jeffs, and thanks for sharing @steve-o
Dell-KongY I know that Lb will make it up with his posts tomorrow that should provide better insights into what we are doing storage-wise
Dell-KongY Thank you Daniel... are you going 2 the Atx Vmug on the 20th or Ctsmug on the 18,19 or 20th
MichaelD Thanks for the baas discussion :)
Dell-KongY if you do, please stop by & say hi to the Dtc Crew
Dell-JeffS at least there was bacon
Dell-KongY That's my favorite service... too bad i cant partake for awhile
Dell-JeffS thanks everyone. We'll get back on track with next week's chat
Dell-KongY Please join us next week for a chat on Eql Host Software & the week after that will be a chat on Storage as well
mattvogt thanks, gang
Dell-KongY Again, thank you every1 for taking your time to join us today.
Dell-KongY Cheers!
Dell-d_glynn @kong whcih eql host software ?