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Chat Transcript

Dell-KongY Hello Emptyone and Hans :)
Emptyone Hi Kong
hansdeleenheer Hye Kong
R710 whats todays topic?
Dell-KongY Hi R710. Today's topic is virtualization and the new series 'So Say Smes'
R710 sorry I keep on getting disconencted
Dell-KongY @r710 - no apologies needed :)
Dell-KongY just glad that you all joined us today
Dell-KongY well kick it off a little after 3 (so in about 10 minutes)
Dell-KongY Hi there Lb :)
Dell-KongY Hi Daniel.
Dell-LanceB Hey everyone ...
Daniel_Bowers Hi, Kong. Good topic today.
Dell-KongY thank you. i hope so.
Daniel_Bowers It must be good, if an R710 has joined the chat.
Dell-KongY well R710 is awesome :)
Dell-KongY Welcome everyone! We'll kick things off in 2-3 minutes.
hansdeleenheer I'd better change my name to M1000 then :)
Dell-KongY Hans - you're awesome as well. Likewise, Tom too :)
Dell-KongY we are thankful for you taking time to join us for our chats
Dell-KongY Welcome j105mainguy!
Daniel_Bowers Kong, while the clock ticks toward start time...what's the *oldest* piece of gear in your tech center lab?
hansdeleenheer Kong himself?
Emptyone Set up my first Hyper-v R2 cluster on R710's with Equallogic storage :)
Dell-KongY Hans :)
Daniel_Bowers @hans haha
Dell-KongY Daniel - probably our Kvms
Dell-KongY Welcome Jay :)
R710 sorry guys
R710 i know bad choice in nickname
Dell-KongY @emptyone - awesome
R710 but I do enjoy my R710 Servers
Dell-KongY R710 - no worries & we're glad that you enjoy your R710s
Emptyone Fun to call Dell support about it. :) R2 was not supported yet, so had to figure out stuff myself :)
Dell-KongY Let's get started.
Dell-KongY @emptyone - you should reach out to Lance (@iscsiking)
R710 Emptyone,do you mind if I ask, are you using Dell switches for your setup?
Dell-KongY he wrote the 1st Dell Reference Architecture for Hyper-v :)
R710 I'd also like to be able to get intouch with iscsiking
hansdeleenheer we do Hyper-v R2 on R710 & Eql on daily base
Dell-KongY @daniel - oldest Dell servers are 9G servers... we're going to be replacing quite a bit with the impending 12G launch
Emptyone Used 6224 for three setups like that
Dell-KongY Today's topic is virtualization and it's pretty much open for any discussion
R710 do you have your iscsi traffic on its on switch?
Dell-LanceB I wrote a couple Ra's around the R710 and Hyperv
Daniel_Bowers @kong Cool. I'm sure you'll shed a tear of nostalgia unracking the 9th G's :)
hansdeleenheer @emptyone: 6224 is good choice. 5424 is also good because you actually don't need L3 for iscsi
Dell-KongY It's already hot & heavy around Hyper-v... glad that Hypervking is also on today's chat ;)
Emptyone @r710 yes, 2x 6224 with trunk
Dell-KongY @daniel - yes... i spent many weekends doing performance analysis of 9gs... many "triathlons" so to speak :)
Emptyone Must be fun for Kong with all this Hyper-v talking :)
Dell-KongY Tom - it's perfect
hansdeleenheer btw Emptyone: did you use the built-in iscsi enable script? its awesomme!
Dell-LanceB Kong and I talk about Hyper-v all the time ...
Dell-KongY because virtualization covers many hypervisors and schemas
Dell-LanceB We use it for part of our infrastructure in our lab
Emptyone @hans, was not there when we first set it up :)
hansdeleenheer Ok, lets hit you guys wth some questions :)
Dell-KongY it's always great to continue to learn about the features of all available hypervisors :)
hansdeleenheer as we are talking Hyper-v, what storage products will be ready for Smi-s ?
aus_effendi so any idea when Oraclevm will support infiniband? :P
hansdeleenheer Same question for new Smb
Dell-KongY I'm know @aus_effendi can give us the 411 on not only Vmware but around Ovm as well :)
Emptyone @hans, good questions :)
Dell-KongY Welcome Warren
hansdeleenheer Emptyone: you shoukld come more to these sessions, you'd ge tused to it. hahaha
Emptyone I have been to quite a few :)
Dell-KongY @hans - let me check. i recall seeing Smi-s associated with the Ml6000
hansdeleenheer did you just invent a product that is not in portfolio?
mohan hi
Dell-KongY i believe its a backup device
mohan i need a Url for donwloading Dell E6420 laptop drivers for Win7
Dell-KongY hi mohan and p2vme. Please click action -> Recent room history to catch up on the conversations
Dell-KongY mohan - this is actually a live chat covering virtualization at the moment.
mohan just recived a repalcement laptop
Haroon Hello
mohan did reimage with Win7
Dell-KongY the drivers can be located on the site
mohan 32 bit
R710 what the best way to teas iscsi perfromance
R710 on windows 2008 r2 dell md3000i
Dell-LanceB @r710 are you trying to simulate any type or workload
Dell-KongY @hans - Smb aka Cifs, I need to check what products will be certified with Hyper-v R2. I will post an update
hansdeleenheer Kong: the question goes for R3 that will support Smb/cifs for shared storage
Dell-KongY Hi Michaeld and Jeffh! Please click action -> Recent room history to catch up on the conversations.
Dell-Warren_B @mohan - you can get them all in one download via the driver cab here
rafael_knuth Hej everybody!
Emptyone How is Dell seeing the competetion between vsphere and Hyper-v?
R710 any workload would be fine
Dell-KongY @hans - got it. i'll one off a note to you & emptyone when i find out
Daniel_Bowers @hans Are you doing any Smb today on your Hyper-v gear?
hansdeleenheer nope, is not supported
Dell-KongY @emptyone - it's really up to our customers on vsphere & Hyper-v
Haroon Smb/cifs not certified for hyper-v
Dell-KongY Hi Haroon
Haroon Hi Kong
hansdeleenheer the Smi-s will be the integration Api for System Center 2012 (as Vaai is for vsphere)
Dell-KongY For Dell, it's about giving our customers options that make the most sense for your needs
hansdeleenheer so if we want to be fully supported on System Center 2012 and Hyper-v R3, we'll need those two things. Henve the questions
Dell-KongY @hans - great points :)
R710 any idea/
Dell-KongY @r710 - have you decided on a stress tool/benchmarking tool since you're trying to test iscsi perf? Or are you looking for suggestions?
hansdeleenheer the new Smb/cifs should be integraded in Eql Fs7500!
hansdeleenheer and the Smi-s in Eql & Cml
Haroon R710, tried Crystaldiskmark?
Dell-KongY for quick Io testing, Iometer works but it does have limitations that need to be understood
Haroon not sure if you are referring to disk or network perf
Dell-KongY if you are looking for an application stack benchmark - you could leverage Dvdstore, Jetstress (exchange disk stress tool) or Vmmark
Dell-KongY @emptyone - back to your question on Hyper-v & vsphere. vsphere is the market leader. It has a more mature feature set.
Daniel_Bowers You can use Exchange directly for benchmarking. Put all network traffic on a single 1Gb port. When the Exchange server crashes (due to users sending complaint emails), add more ports.
Dell-KongY Hyper-v has the inherent Vms with Standard, Enterprise & Datacenter licenses. Microsoft has also promised a lot of features in the next release
Dell-KongY the big question is whether they'll be able to deliver a seemless user experience for the It admins
Emptyone @kong, yes already running 2 Windows 8 servers with Hyper-v at home, some great new features there :)
Haroon Kong, for that I would look back into the history. :D
Dell-KongY if they do, they can certainly gain market share because they have such a large market share in enterprise Os
hansdeleenheer Kongy: the difference is that you sell vsphere as a hypervisor but you sell Hyper-v as part of the System Center solution
Haroon emptyone, you can't go wrong with vsphere, solid product, solid support and community (not just vmware, other experts).
Daniel_Bowers I don't think the competition is Hyper-v vs. vsphere, it's really System Center vs. vcenter.
Dell-KongY @hans - true. The System Center piece is a major part of the Hyper-v draw as well.
Dell-KongY great point Daniel. It has indeed evolved into manageability becoming a major differentiator.
Dell-KongY Anyone considering Kvm or Ovm in addition to Hyper-v and vsphere?
hansdeleenheer nope
hansdeleenheer if you have Hyper-v and vsphere in your portfolio you can address 99% of all customers
hansdeleenheer why bother having yet another hypervisor
aus_effendi I do know of a few places using Ovm due to the favorable licensing Oracle gives for using it
aus_effendi i know of no one using Ovm for any other reason
Daniel_Bowers Main interest I've heard about Ovm is Oracle license advantages
Dell-KongY Thanks hans and aus_effendi
Daniel_Bowers @aus :)
aus_effendi and I'm using Kvm in a test environment, but that's mainly to learn it for Redhat certification stuff, but otherwise...
hansdeleenheer favorable licensing & "oracle" are just two thing that don't go very well in one sentence
Dell-KongY @hans lol
aus_effendi :)
Daniel_Bowers @hans do you run both (hyper-v + esx)?
Emptyone @hans very good point :)
hansdeleenheer yes, and sometimes in the same environment
hansdeleenheer the only thing the customer needs is apps. the rest is my concern
hansdeleenheer vsphere is just an "uplift" option on the offer
Daniel_Bowers @hans "sometimes in the same enviornment"? Do you ever have both (hyper-v + esx servers) managed from the same console?
Dell-KongY As It admins & directors, do you care which hypervisor you use? b/c Hans brings up a great point, the end user only cares about their apps & the Qos and not necessarily the underlying technology?
hansdeleenheer not yet but planning to with System Center 2012
Daniel_Bowers @hans Cool
Haroon hypervisor interoperability is going to be big in 2012
Dell-KongY @hans interesting
Emptyone We are testing out Scvmm 2012 in lab at the moment, looking good so far
Daniel_Bowers @haroon Interoperability like managing different hypervisors from same console (like Sc2012)? Or having both use compatible Vm format (like Ovf)?
Dell-KongY @haroon i completely agree. many customers are consolidating depts and finding out that one It admin implemented Hyper-v while others went with vsphere and some others chose Xenserver or Kvm
hansdeleenheer a tthe end of the day it's not the hypervisor, hell even not the vendor of the iron underneath but the engineers handling the stuff for you
Haroon @kong, i can tell you from personal experience that i had to battle my way for vsphere as my colleagues wanted xense, sadly.
Daniel_Bowers @hans So...does it matter if the underlying gear is Dell? Or could it be whitebox? @kong: no giving hints :)
Haroon only reason they couldcome up with was its free or cheaper
Haroon haha
Dell-KongY @hans - that's always the case; but management tends to only see the Exes - Capex and Opex :(
hansdeleenheer Woow ... daniel, thats way to far. What i meant is that you cant buy "bad" gear from Dell, nor Hp or Emc. don't talk about whiteboxes
hansdeleenheer there is still such a thing a support !
Haroon its cheaper to ride motorbike but it also gets you wet when it rains ;)
Dell-KongY @haroon lol
Dell-KongY @hans - so we're only good for support ;) hehe
hansdeleenheer nana, R&d, late night chats, twitter laughter, ...
hansdeleenheer I dont get that from the whitebox
Daniel_Bowers ...and I suppose whitebox servers rarely show up in the Hcl or Server Catalog.
hansdeleenheer ok, now serious for a minute. what I was trying to tell is that there is no bad hardware out there (with the vendors) but yiou ca get lesser good engineers
Daniel_Bowers lesser good engineers?
hansdeleenheer so the reseller/integrator is the first thing you look for.
hansdeleenheer and then you choose their solution
Dell-KongY so true. it's about the people who stand behind their solution stack.
Haroon A good engineer is someone who can smell a server or its components failing. Like an It hound.
Emptyone :)
Dell-KongY all the solution stacks out their are backed by very smart folks, the competition is supposed to make the quality of the deliverables better. And as that happens, all customers win :)
Haroon its matter of time before we see impeccable sense of smell requirements in job descriptions :D
Dell-KongY @haroon - i can see it now - 'must be able to detect Bs' ;)
Daniel_Bowers we all get more Mcguyver-like around virtualization, and the competition gets more about the management stack...does Dell (with Aim/vis) become a 'competitor' to System Center management stacks?
hansdeleenheer ooow, Daniel hit the cloud question :-)
Dell-KongY @haroon - there are many patents that have been issued around predicting failures but if you can get the smell component/algorithm/process, you might have a novel patent pending application
Haroon haha i think i ll stick with blinking lights telling me something has failed
Haroon and hope to god i have a backup
hansdeleenheer He wont be there to help you. I know from experience
Dell-KongY @dan- great question. Dell Vis is not a competitor of System Center. I would say that the two technologies are complementary since Vis inclusive of Aim and Creator are focused around self-service & quick persona changes
Dell-KongY There are certainly areas of overlap but the core strengths of the products do differ.
Daniel_Bowers @hans Yeah...that's why the one file you always want to have a hard-copy backup is your resume. The ultimate disaster-recovery plan.
Dell-KongY @daniel - nice. note to self- backup my Cv :)
Daniel_Bowers @kong That makes sense. I wonder what @hans would do, though, if the smart guys at Dell said "Do X", but the smart guys at Microsoft said "Do Y".
Emptyone @daniel Just don't have it updated with the latest failure :)
hansdeleenheer all management products should integrate well so we can chose the platform on top of the solution but that choice should be interchangeable. (does this makes sense to you guys?)
Dell-KongY @Dan - it's always great to have choices as a customer. If that is the case, we'd have to make X better & Microsoft would have to make Y better as well. A win for our customers :)
hansdeleenheer for example: does Vis support Hp servers?
hansdeleenheer How about Openstack?
Emptyone @hans Much easier with a platform that can support several solutions
Dell-KongY Dell Aim does support other vendor servers, storage & networking. There are limitations of course
Dell-KongY Thank you everyone for joining today!
Dell-KongY Great discussions around virtualization.
Dell-KongY @emptyone & @hans - I will ask Pg Storage + Ose teams about your Hyper-v R3 question
Daniel_Bowers Thanks @kong @hans @haroon @emptyone for discussion!
Dell-KongY Next week's topic is Dell Vis with virtualization integration.
Emptyone Thanks guys, this was a good discussion
Haroon Thanks guys, i better go. stop by to reach me. Good bye
hansdeleenheer Little Belgian gift before leaving you guys : ::beer
Dell-KongY Thank you everyone and the chat transcript will be up tomorrow afternoon
rafael_knuth Thank you all
Dell-KongY Thank you!
Dell-KongY Cheers Hans!
Dell-KongY Take care Tom!
Emptyone You too Kong
Dell-KongY See you Haroon
rafael_knuth @hans here's an other one from Germany ;-) ::beer
Emptyone Many from Europe here today :)