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Chat Transcript

Niklas_Tele2 Hi
Dell_-_Gumanow We'll be starting in just a few minutes... thanks for joining us today.
rafael_knuth Hej everybody!
Dell-LanceB Hello everyone ... just a couple more seconds and we will get started ...
Dell-LanceB We are going to be chatting about iscsi over Dcb with special guests from Emulex today ...
Dell-LanceB Alright lets get started ...
Dell-LanceB Welcome our experts today from Equallogic and Emulex to the chat ...
Dell_-_Gumanow Dcb is the set of Ethernet standards that enable a lossless fabric for Ethernet.
Dell_-_Gumanow Delll is supporting iscsi over Dcb with all of their 10G Equallogic arrays... even all of the 10G arrays we've shipped to date
Dell_-_Gumanow Happy to be here with Emulex for an end to end solution for Dcb.
Dell-LanceB Do we have anyone with us today using Dcb?
Dell_-_Gumanow Here for the knowledge?
Dell_-_Gumanow It can't be my good looks. :-)
Dell-LanceB Does everyone know about Dcb?
MichaelD I know a bit, most attractive thing is the lack of packet loss.
hansdeleenheer as Dcb is a indusctry standard for transporting multiple protocols, why would i want to use iscsi istead of Fcoe?
EmulexGlen iscsi over Dcb brings deterministic performance to iscsi
Dell_-_Gumanow Good question Hans...
hansdeleenheer thx :)
MichaelD Not particularly interested in converging storage and data networks.
Dell_-_Gumanow If you are already using Ethernet as your networking technology, and you are using iscsi, then Dcb can give you an added level of quality of service. It will virtually eliminate dropped packets, thus making Tcp more efficient. Fcoe can make sense if moving from a traditional Fc environment.
Dell_-_Gumanow Dcb can give you the benefits of Fc on Ethernet for iscsi... and you already love Equallogic. :-)
tshiah So to elaborate a little, Data Center Bridging (dcb) is comprised of a set of standards that includes Pfc (priority Flow Control), Ets (enhanced Transmission Selection), and Dcbx (DCB capability Exchange).
hansdeleenheer what if i chose Cml? :)
hansdeleenheer would you prefer Fcoe or iscsi over Dcb?
Dell_-_Gumanow Cml supports Fcoe... so we've got you covered.
Dell_-_Gumanow Plus iscsi over Dcb is routable.
hansdeleenheer who routes data packets? :)
Dell_-_Gumanow well... it's all Tcp, it won't route Dcb, but you don't need special forwarders.
hansdeleenheer nevermind the protocols. other question: will we still use seprate switches for data traffic in converged infrastructure?
hansdeleenheer with that last question i refer to specific settings that we put in now across a switch for iscsi traffic (and on Hbas)
Dell_-_Gumanow In the beginning, we see people still using separate switches, but we think once Dcb becomes a mainstream switch feature, It folks will begin to consolidating infrastructure.
Dell_-_Gumanow The really interesting thing about the Emulex Cna is it's ability to offload Vm's with iscsi over Dcb.
Dell_-_Gumanow Dcbx will help out with that.
Dell_-_Gumanow switch settings propogate the Dcb settings
Dell_-_Gumanow Emulex has found that they can get about 50% more Vms by using their offload technologies.
EmulexGlen Emulex's implementation of Hw iscsi offload enables you to deploy up to 53% more Vms...
ELX_Tien Dcbx allows the switch settings to automatically configure the iscsi Hba.
Dell_-_Gumanow Hi Emptyone!
Emptyone Hi
Dell-LanceB @emptyone click Action > Recent History to catch up ...
hansdeleenheer ok, easy one: will Dcb be a "feature" on standard switches? Will it follow the same speeds (10 > 40 > 100 ...) ?
Dell_-_Gumanow That is the plan... 10/40/100g. We see this first becoming mainstream with 10G switches, especially as we get faster uplinks.
Dell_-_Gumanow Shameless promo: Join Dell Equallogic and Emulex for an Encore Performance: Dell Equallogic & Emulex 10Gb iscsi over Dcb Webcast December 13, 7 a.m. Pdt and enter for a chance to win a Dell Xps laptop. Register at
ELX_Tien The iscsi over Dcb feature offered via Dell/emulex is compatible with Vmware environments. It's been endorsed by Vmware Pvsp (partner Verified and Supported Products) program.
Dell_-_Gumanow You can deploy Dcb is stages with iscsi.
Dell-LanceB Remember to right click on links ...
Dell_-_Gumanow Fcoe needs to be end-to-end.
cooksarah9 What are the components I need for an end-to-end iscsi over Dcb solution?
Dell_-_Gumanow Well... start with a Dell server... (you can use any server, really)
ELX_Tien Then plug in an iscsi over Dcb Hba from Emulex
Dell_-_Gumanow Add a Dcb enabled switch... the Brocade 8000e is a Dcb-enabled switch.
Dell_-_Gumanow and connect up an Equallogic Ps6x10 array.
cooksarah9 and of course...10gbe Equallogic storage arrays, right?
Dell_-_Gumanow you can do it in stages too. If you want lossless and bandwidth shaping from the server to switch, you can start there.
Dell_-_Gumanow or, do it from the storage to the switch.
hansdeleenheer whats the point in going lossless if you dont go all the way?
Dell_-_Gumanow lossless might be the goal, but you might not be able to do it all in one weekend.
EmulexGlen Did we happen to mention....join Dell Equallogic and Emulex for an Encore Performance: Dell Equallogic & Emulex 10Gb iscsi over Dcb Webcast December 13, 7 a.m. Pdt and enter for a chance to win a Dell Xps laptop. Register at  
Dell_-_Gumanow In a lot of organizations, the storage planners are not the infrastructure planners... and never the twain shall meet.
Dell_-_Gumanow it's not going to break if you do it in stages
hansdeleenheer ok. point taken.
Dell_-_Gumanow you won't need a forklift
Dell_-_Gumanow np
hansdeleenheer can you split the Cna in different ports? ex: 4 x 1gbe, 2 x 3gbe.
hansdeleenheer this gives me de opprotunity to do ^gbE iscsi and still have enough mezzanines for Fusionio
hansdeleenheer for example
hansdeleenheer ^ = 6
ELX_Tien The iscsi Hba is a dual port 10Gb card physically, but each port is be divided into four Pci functions for 4 independent channels. Each channel can be allocated a portion of the 10Gb bandwidth.
hansdeleenheer so ( 3 x 2 Gbe + 1 x 4GbE ) x 2 :)
ELX_Tien If you are asking for three channels of 2Gbe and one channel of 4Gb per port, that is a configurable option
hansdeleenheer yep, great! gives me 8GbE iscsi and 12gbe in 3 "physical" duo's for Lan traffic
Dell_-_Gumanow Hey cook... did we answer your question?
cooksarah9 yes
ELX_Tien Yes. And because the Elx solution has iscsi offloaded in hardware, there is no buffer contention between Lan and iscsi traffic. Buffer contention may be an issue with software iscsi Hba solutions.
Dell-LanceB We have about 10 more minutes for some final questions ...
hansdeleenheer is there a decent pitch to ask install base to upgrade their current R710 with Dcb cna's ?
ELX_Tien True convergence because you no longer have the concern of Lan traffic affecting your iscsi storage traffic. They have been separate networks because of the concern.
ELX_Tien So you would save in terms of cabling, switching, management, etc.
hansdeleenheer the uplift for iscsi switches is many times less then the uplift to converged switches
Dell_-_Gumanow Good point. For right now that might be the case. Next generation of servers will move to 10gbe and that will spur an uptick in 10gbe switches...will probably see prices fall for 10gbe switches in the not too distant future.
hansdeleenheer thats up to you guys :P
Dell_-_Gumanow For customers with the need for Qos, Dcb is a solution available now.
Dell_-_Gumanow :-)
Dell_-_Gumanow And that is why we are out now with Emulex leading this tech transition.
Dell_-_Gumanow You can get the same Qos as Fc on Ethernet... that's cheaper than Fc end to end.
hansdeleenheer nice wrap up! I'll leave you with that and pass a round of Belgian Duvel ::beer (11pm ove rhere)
Dell_-_Gumanow Great chatting with you hans. Hope to have a pint with you?
Dell_-_Gumanow you going to Dsf Europe?
hansdeleenheer Dellsf London baby!
Dell_-_Gumanow Oh yeah... hope they let me go.
cooksarah9 I'm jealous!
hansdeleenheer I have this great girlfriend in Texas called Gina ;-)
cooksarah9 lol
cooksarah9 We all know Gina
Dell_-_Gumanow Lol
Dell-LanceB Thanks everyone for joining today ...
Dell_-_Gumanow Thanks everyone.
Dell-LanceB Thanks to Emulex and the Dell team
EmulexGlen And one last thing...don't forget to join Dell Equallogic and Emulex for an Encore Performance: Dell Equallogic & Emulex 10Gb iscsi over Dcb Webcast December 13, 7 a.m. Pdt and enter for a chance to win a Dell Xps laptop. Register at   
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