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Chat Transcript

Dell-LanceB Welcome everyone ...
Dell-LanceB Today we are going to talk about the new Dell Equallogic Ps4100 and Ps6100 Series Arrays
Dell-LanceB We have product specialists joining us today to answer any questions you may have about this new series or arrays from Equallogic.
Dell-LanceB Does anyone have any questions they would like to start us off with today?
sarahlcook What new features are on these series that differentiate them from prior Equallogic arrays?
Dell_-_gumanow We've added greater density with 2.5" drives, vertical port failover/sharing for greater network resiliency, dedicated management ports.
sarahlcook Is vertical port failover new to the family?
Dell_-_gumanow We've also improved the density of Ssd based arrays with 200 and 400gb Ssd drives
Dell-JeffS Hey folks!
Dell-KongY Hello everyone :)
Dell-LanceB Hey Jeff ...
Dell_-_gumanow Vps was a feature that was on the older Ps100 arrays at the beginning of Eq's history. We've added it back into the product with the Ps6100 and Ps4100
Dell-LanceB Hey Kong
sarahlcook I thought it sounded familiar...glad to see this feature back.
Dell_-_gumanow It keeps the arrays at full bandwidth if a network port loses connectivity.
Dell-JeffS All kinds of usual suspects in here today -- Jeff, Adam, Hoosier, Virtual & wonder_nerd!
sarahlcook Do these arrays have battery-backed cacke?
Dell-JeffS I'm sneaking in while in a meeting. Wouldn't want to miss a chance to see what Gumanow has to say... :) Ask him about his "thunder" picture from Vegas a few years ago at some point.
sarahlcook oops....cache
Dell_-_gumanow Thunder? Hmmm... ::sleep
hansdeleenheer ok, let me start by passing around some Belgian ::beer Q's are coming next
Dell-LanceB @hansdeleenheer is waiting with questions ... oh there he is ...
HoosierCAB I hear there's an eql option under $10k now, hopefully it will still exist in 3-4 years when the side gig's md3220i is up for replacement.
sarahlcook man...all I have is diet soda
Dell-John The controller uses a bank of capacitors (called supercaps) instead of a true battery. This supercap allows saving of cache data to non-volatile storage if there is an unexpected power outage.
abartlett i'm drinking old burnt coffee. may have to go borrow a cold one from the development team office.
abartlett i concur with Hoosier - a cheaper Eql (even with 500g or 1tb Sata drives) would be great.
Dell_-_gumanow Under $10K is the entry point with a single controller, half-a-shelf 500gb (6) Hdd's, and 1 year of warranty service. Not optimal, but it gets attention... gets you on the "lot" so to speak.
Dell_-_gumanow Ps4100e
khsieh Have the useable capacities been published for the vairous Raid types? They weren't available when I placed my order for a Ps4100x with 900 Gb drives... ::biggrin
Dell_-_gumanow @abartlett: cold one sounds like a great idea.
hansdeleenheer how about availability? when will wich types of disks be available?
Dell_-_gumanow The capacities are available... you'll have to ask your salesperson.
hansdeleenheer ok, then you might want to get in touch with Emea çause i only have prices right now for the 6100 24 x 146
hansdeleenheer (i do presales for Dell premium partner)
Dell_-_gumanow We've got 500g, 1TB, 2TB for the "E" class array, 300g, 600g, 900G for "X" class arrays, and 146G for 15K 2.5" and 600G for 3.5" arrays.
Dell_-_gumanow Ps4100 and Ps6100 should get 3TB shortly. The 300gb 15K 2.5" is further out at this point.
AlainRussell Are there performance differences between the 4100 and 6100 chassis aside from throughput from more nics? future expansion
Dell_-_gumanow Differences... 4100 dual core, 6100 quad core.
Dell_-_gumanow and yes, more throughput
hansdeleenheer so the only disks not available at this point are E3tb and Xv 300, 2.5" ?
Dell_-_gumanow 2 x 1000base-t vs. 4 x 1000base-t
Dell_-_gumanow Both have dedicated management ports now.... Yipppeee
Dell_-_gumanow @hans: that is correct.
hansdeleenheer ooow, about that management port on the 6100: Thank You !!!!
Dell_-_gumanow I showed that at Vmworld and people went made over it.
Dell_-_gumanow mad
Dell_-_gumanow opps
hansdeleenheer no ore troubleshooting with the laptop plugged into the iscsi switches
Dell_-_gumanow exactly
khsieh Is the management port required, or can I just use the standard Eth0, Eth1... ports for management like on older models?
hansdeleenheer euh, why would you?
Dell_-_gumanow you can use eth0-3 if you want to.
Dell_-_gumanow thanks hans!
JeffHengesbach 6gb Sas + 2.5" drives = huge deal Imo. I also think the $10K model is a better long term solution than something like Vsa from vsphere. Vsa 1.0 = very limited, fixed configuration.
hansdeleenheer you should be %%%% fool to give up a 1GbE iscsi port for Out of Band management if you get a dedicated 100mb prot for free> But hey, who am i?
Dell_-_gumanow @jeff: I'd agree with that.
khsieh I do all my managment in band on my Ps400e, and I don't see why I would want to burn two of my limited switch ports for management if I don't have to.
hansdeleenheer you could still amange your array through the group ip address
Dell_-_gumanow What do you guys think about the Vsp?
Dell_-_gumanow Vps?
Dell_-_gumanow and I haven't had anything to drink
Dell_-_gumanow ::biglips
Dell-JeffS naturally goofy
hansdeleenheer ok, heres another one ::beer ove rhere we have plenty of those ;)
Dell_-_gumanow where is over here?
Dell_-_gumanow Germany I'm guessing?
Dell_-_gumanow Belgium
Dell_-_gumanow opps
abartlett Jeff - I've stopped thinking about what kind of stunts Emc err I mean vmware pull out of their hat.
abartlett Vsa would be good if they were giving it away. You can buy a cheap dedicated iscsi box for the money they want.
abartlett /rant
JeffHengesbach abartlett: I'm with you
sarahlcook So what are the benefits of the new drive sizes?
wonder_nerd lol... yeah vsp is an interesting duck... knowing the tech it appears to be built on... :D
Dell-LanceB What does everyone thing about the 2.5 drive options?
Dell-JeffS welcome audiomatron, Ryan -- you can click 'action/recent room history' to catch up on the conversation
hansdeleenheer i think it is very good Lance
Dell-JeffS guess Ryan was leaving...
hansdeleenheer I will use 24 x 300 solutions instead of 16 x 600
Dell_-_gumanow 24x300 = more spindles = more Iops
JeffHengesbach 2.5 = A+ Density, power, spindles, spindles spindles
hansdeleenheer it's all about the spindles right?
abartlett concur hans
Dell_-_gumanow we've got a 600gb x 24, but it is 4U, not 2U like the 300gb x 24.
kculw sorry i'm late
hansdeleenheer only issue for me now will be ethe transition period. I really want to get them in the field but the prices of the current models are soooo low :) that i cant sell them right now
AlainRussell We ordered a 24x900gb 4100x yesterday to replace our aging Md3000i so quite looking forward to seeing what it can do (first Eq unit)
abartlett i know it's Eql day but we just ordered a 3620i - like the 2.5" form factor, able to deliver lots of storage. only problem is the 10gbase-t ports (we'll live with it on 1 and see if I can get a 10gbt switch in a few years if the prices ever come down to earth)
AlainRussell Can you explain a bit more about vertical port failover - not sure I 100% understand this
Dell_-_gumanow welcome Alain!
Dell-JeffS Hey kculw! Hit action/recent room history to catch up
Dell_-_gumanow @barlett: prices should come down in the future of 10gbase-t. We are at the start of it right now.
hansdeleenheer anybody know how long 4000 and 6000 will still ship?
hansdeleenheer and how about the big boy 6500?
abartlett gumanow - concur, which is why we are future proofing a bit.
Dell-LanceB @alainrussell - look for a more in depth article on the verticle port failover, but maybe @gumanow can tell us a little more about it.
Dell_-_gumanow sure... Wire up all of your ports on both controllers. the network ports are connected across the backplane inside the array, and if port Eth0 were to fail on the active controller, Only the network port would failover, Not the entire controller.
kculw hmm, fault domains =)
Dell_-_gumanow Eth0/active would failover to Eth0/passive controller... remains at full bandwidth
Dell_-_gumanow you could also wire up only half your ports and be at full Bw.
ryansteed will there be any changes to rails? i've always prefered the server and Md rails
JeffHengesbach Have to run folks. Later.
hansdeleenheer wooow, could you repeat that? we are using ports from both controllers at that point or what?
Dell_-_gumanow If you have a controller failure, you'd be at half Bw until the controller comes back.
Dell_-_gumanow Two ports from Active, Two ports from Passive... 4 ports.
hansdeleenheer ok
hansdeleenheer in pairs
Dell_-_gumanow However... if you have a controller failure, you'd be at half-bandwidth.
Dell_-_gumanow not ideal, but if you are limited on switch ports, might be an option.
Dell-John We offer two rail types. They are called Versarail, the other is Rapidrails. Versarail fits round hole racks, Rapid is for square hole racks
Dell_-_gumanow Love them rails, uh-huh.
ryansteed ok great. thanks!
Dell_-_gumanow We even have Rapidrails for Ps6500 now!!!
Dell-John Rapidrails make it a lot easier and faster to rack 'em up (toolless).
hansdeleenheer anyone got the answer on my Q about availability of current ;odels lease?
AlainRussell great, thanks gumanow
Dell_-_gumanow No more ball-bearings on the floor, or 6 hours to install it.
AlainRussell will dig out the more in depth document today
Dell_-_gumanow @hans: having trouble with getting models?
Dell_-_gumanow E, X, Xv, S?
abartlett raipd rails are the best
hansdeleenheer no, want to know how i d still be able to sell current models
wonder_nerd word
Dell-JeffS Thanks for the Rt's Kong/tony
hansdeleenheer 4000/6000/6500
AlainRussell Thanks for the quick info - I've got to shoot (8.30am here in Nz so work time)
Dell_-_gumanow Oooooo
Dell_-_gumanow 6500, 6510, and 6010 will all live on for some time.
Dell-LanceB Thanks Alain for joining us today ... check back in a couple days for a full transcript
AlainRussell great, will do :)
Dell_-_gumanow The 4000 and 6000 will Eol in about 60 days, really depends upon your region and supply.
hansdeleenheer wooow, that really is soon
Dell_-_gumanow suggest checking with your region.
Dell-LanceB @hans ... you need to stock up on them now
hansdeleenheer yes, i will but had no idea it would have been so soon
hansdeleenheer haha Lance, you don't want to know how many offers go out wth Eql weekly!
kculw 4100/6100 will still integrate seamlessly with older models so it shouldn't be an issue
Dell_-_gumanow that's correct
Dell-LanceB sure I do ... how many ...
hansdeleenheer I agree but the prices now are for so;e ;odels double if you look at $/TB
Dell_-_gumanow whoa... these should be same $/TB as current models.
hansdeleenheer nope, current models have droped so much in price
Dell_-_gumanow maybe you need a new salesperson? :-)
Dell_-_gumanow we planned to match pricing
hansdeleenheer give me a second, got a example ready
hansdeleenheer i don't have just one salesperson boys, the whole department at Dell Belgium wporks for me, hahaha
hansdeleenheer ok, I'll shut up now for a few minutes :)
sarahlcook Will the new arrays work with my older arrays?
hansdeleenheer what a question sarah. off course they will ! :-)
Dell-LanceB That is the Equallogic way ...
Dell-John Yes, yes, yes! Old and new arrays will work together...
hansdeleenheer is the 4100 still capped at 2 per group of 16?
Dell-LanceB @hans yes the 4100 still plays by the same rules and the Ps4000
Dell-LanceB opps as the 4000 - 2 per group
sarahlcook Will there be an Xvs array in these series?
Dell-JeffS Hey Virtualhints -- hit action/recent room history to see what we've been talking about
Dell_-_gumanow we've replaced the Xvs with a more balanced Xs arrays.
hansdeleenheer can i ask something about San Hq?
Dell-LanceB so we got just about 15 minutes left ...
khsieh You should have a picture of a Ps6100xs in the same group as a Ps100e!
Dell_-_gumanow Xvs was 8 Ssd 100G + 8 15K Hdd.
Dell-JeffS Hey Andreas!
Dell-LanceB @khsieh, that would be great, we should do that ...
kculw i've got a Ps100e with a Ps5000 in my lab
erson hi all
Dell_-_gumanow Xs is 17 Hdd 600 10K + 7 Ssd 400gb.
Dell-JeffS You are in for it now Gary. :)
Dell-LanceB do you have a Ps100?
Dell_-_gumanow More spindles with more Iops
Dell_-_gumanow More Ssd capacity too.
Dell_-_gumanow what am i in for now?
Dell-LanceB @hans, what is your questions about San-hq, might have to get some other on the line for it, or you can ask me offline
Dell-JeffS @erson joined. No more softballs from hans anymore
hansdeleenheer just a tip for future use: would love to add groups in sites
Dell-JeffS ;0
Dell_-_gumanow @hans: tell me more about that.
khsieh I don't see anything about a 6110 lineup. Are those coming later?
Dell_-_gumanow yes.
hansdeleenheer well, we designed a managed private cloud for all future projects on dell materials (clapclap please) and off course based on Eql
hansdeleenheer we'd love to manage all those groups in one Hq
Dell_-_gumanow ::biggrin
Dell_-_gumanow @hans... got it.
erson We're going 10gbe, so eagerly awaiting Ps4110 and Ps6110.
Dell-LanceB @hans we annouce the new version of San-hq, should see more on that from us very soon. Articles, demos and even a chat ... stay tuned ...
Dell_-_gumanow ubber group maanger
Dell_-_gumanow @erson: We'll be talking about the 10G plans soon. Haven't announced those yet.
hansdeleenheer yes, the uber group manager
Dell_-_gumanow @hans: Have you seen Microsoft Active Directory admin authentication?
hansdeleenheer yep, love the idea but i'll still use my own user :P
erson Dell_-_gumanow: Yes, I'm aware of that.
hansdeleenheer but it is a very good idea for the monitoring guys etc
erson We're definately going to use the new Ad authentication.
Dell_-_gumanow Dell has over 100 Groups and Msft Ad is something they are looking at to ease admin authentication.
erson have you gone into depth about Aplb?
Dell_-_gumanow What would you like the uber Gm to perform?
khsieh It would be great if there was finally some policy based management for volumes and volume collections. It has been a major defficiency for many years now Imho.
hansdeleenheer everything the current Hq does but group several groups under a "site" that i can name to a customer
hansdeleenheer maybe add firmware updates to it ...but that would be a harder change then first idea
Dell_-_gumanow now you're talking
erson Have anything been said about upcoming Ht for Windows? Still slated for release during Q4?
hansdeleenheer i'd like to update a group and not a member
erson Any news regarding Smi-s support for Ms Scvmm 2012?
hansdeleenheer @erson > 2nd that last question have have asked allready tons of times :)
erson 3TB support is how many weeks away?
erson hansdeleenheer: great
Dell_-_gumanow checking on the Smi-s addition.
Dell-LanceB @erson which arrays for 3TB are you looking at
hansdeleenheer all of them Lance :)
erson there are just two so
Dell_-_gumanow Ps6010, Ps6500, Ps6510 3TB support is mid-october
hansdeleenheer so why ask?
Dell_-_gumanow Ps6100 and Ps4100 is beginning October
wonder_nerd I guess if people are putting in their would like to see's I'll add mine. in the Vmware Hit kit i'd like to be able to control who can even add the plugin. I've had scenarios where some users don't need it and others do.
Dell_-_gumanow we should post a response on the smi-s request.
Dell_-_gumanow i don't have the answer yet
Dell_-_gumanow @wonder: I like it.
Dell-LanceB Wow ... we are running up on the end of the hour, great questions but we need to wrap it up.
erson I'm a bit suprised that the Eql Architecture white paper about load balancers didn't mention the data chunk size of 15MB and the 2 hour time between tiering "decisions".
Dell_-_gumanow it's 10 minutes, not 2 hours
hansdeleenheer @erson: thet is not thet big and not that great period you know
Dell_-_gumanow double checked the developer yesterday.
hansdeleenheer woow, that tops the idea
Dell-LanceB So who wants to get the last question
hansdeleenheer who's coming to Dell Sf Uk ???
Dell_-_gumanow hope to get there myself.
erson Dell_gumanow: Odd, then the people at Dell Nordic region was totally wrong.
Dell-LanceB @hans I would like to be there, put in a good word for me ...
Dell-LanceB Thanks everyone for joining today !
hansdeleenheer C ya all next time! (whats next by the way?)
Dell-JeffS Thanks everyone
Dell-JeffS Tuesday at 3:00 Us Central is all about Dellworld
Dell-LanceB Next week we will be back on our regular schedule on Tue talking about Dell World
Dell-KongY Thanks Lb and Gary!
Dell-LanceB If you do not know about Dell Work check out the link from Kong and join us next week for the chat ... until then thanks and good night
erson Dell_gumanow: what is the internal time between tiering decisions on the Xs model?
Dell-LanceB @erson, drop me a note and can see if I can get you that info
erson Just baffled that the guys who got me all the information about the new models and fw 5.1 in advance was correct about everything except the time between tiering decisions.
erson Not that it matters though since it's not something that you can configure.
Dell-LanceB understood ...
erson 10min sounds like a possibility for a lot of data shuffeling around.