Please join the Dell TechCenter today as we chat about Dell's upcoming activities at VMware Partner Exchange 2011.

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Dell TechCenter at VMware Partner Exchange 2011

Dell Partner Boot Camp Agenda

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Dell-KongY Thank you for joining the Dell TechCenter Chat today.
Dell-KongY Today's topic is Dell at VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) 2011.
Dell-KongY The guest speakers for the Layered Security Solutions could not make it today, but we will make up that chat for the community at a later date.
Dell-KongY Also, if you have any questions today on any topic, please do not hesitate to ask them.
Dell-KongY So, Dell will be at Partner Exchange 2011 next week:
dstevens Since my company is not a partner, I'm going to drop. I also need to be on a call right now.
Dell-KongY VMware Partner Exchange gives an opportunity for channel partners to engage with Dell and help our partners do more.
Dell-KongY @dstevens: Understood. Thanks for coming by.
Dell-KongY Dell will be hosting an all-day boot camp on February 8th, a day before the conference starts.
Dell-KongY It's free for attendees to sign up and spend the day with Dell.
Dell-KongY and will be presenters.
Dell-KongY Hi wonder_nerd! Thanks for joining today's chat.
Dell-KongY I know Emptyone is a Hyper-V fan J. Are there any questions so far around Dell and VMware?
wonder_nerd No problem, sitting at a client’s site doing a VMware upgrade and at a point where we are watching paint dry and the snow blow, so I thought I would come see what’s up.
Dell-KongY @wonder_nerd: Thanks. Glad to know that the Dell TechCenter Chat is a notch better than watching paint dry J.
Dell-KongY You can follow the PEX interactions via Twitter using the hashtag #pex2011.
wonder_nerd And snow blow J.
Dell-KongY @wonder_nerd: That too J.
Dell-KongY There are many sessions around VCD and View 4.5 Architecture.
Dell-KongY Dell's #pex2011 boot camp agenda:
dbroome Listening to PowerScripting podcast and the topic is Dell EqualLogic PowerShell tools.
dbroome I need it.
Dell-KongY Unlike VMworld, PEX is a much smaller venue and should allow for more personal interactions.
Dell-DennisS @Dell-Kong: Which sessions are you most interested in?
Dell-KongY @dbroome: EQL and PowerShell is very cool indeed.
dbroome Can you get me in the beta? J
Dell-KongY @denniss: I'm interested in the DR, HA and SRM sessions.
Dell-KongY @dbroome: Lance is the EQL man on our team J.
Dell-Lance Dbroome: Send me a message offline and I can get you the info on getting into the beta program.
Dell-KongY I don't quite know what to expect since this will be my first PEX.
wonder_nerd I wish I could make it to PEX. Got scheduled for an install instead. Oh well, I will be at VMworld 2011.
Dell-KongY @wonder_nerd: We should definitely sync up at VMworld 2011.
Dell-DennisS @kongy @wonder_nerd: Sounds like a good start to a #geekup at VMworld 2011.
wonder_nerd I'm thinking so. I have a lot of Dell folks who are supposed to be there that I want to sync with.
Dell-KongY @denniss @wonder_nerd: We need to do that.
wonder_nerd I agree.
wonder_nerd So a Dell #geekupVMworld 2011.
Dell-KongY At PEX, Dell will have booth #200.
Dell-KongY @wonder_nerd: Yes, and a Dell #TechCenterGeekup J.
wonder_nerd That would be cool.
Dell-KongY There will also be a petting zoo for newly released server and storage systems.
adamb I can go for a petting zoo at VMworld or some other upcoming conference (if I can get the budget to go).
Dell-KongY @adamb: There should be a petting zoo at VMworld 2011 in the Dell booth.
adamb I’m sure there will. Put some tame goats around a few Dell EqualLogic arrays, a pony by some servers J.
Dell-KongY Absolutely J.
Dell-KongY Just don't feed the engineers J.
wonder_nerd But I enjoy feeding the engineers L.
wonder_nerd I guess it is part of the VAR in me J.
Dell-KongY A question for the community: How many of you have Oracle in your environment?
Emptyone Trying to get rid of it J.
adamb Don't have it, sure don't want it.
Dell-KongY Just wondering because I've been working with @virtualtodd (Todd Muirhead) on Oracle RAC on vSphere 4.1 baseline architecture and load testing.
Dell-KongY @emptyone and @adamb: HeHe.
wonder_nerd I don't, and about 85 to 90 percent of our clients don’t either.
Dell-KongY @emptyone @adamb @wonder_nerd: Thank you for your feedback.
Emptyone Hehe, not much help in it J.
adamb Eh, it happens. We can't all enjoy overpaying for software J.
wonder_nerd LOL.
DELL-Warren_B Too funny!
Emptyone Same reason why I'm a Hyper-V fan J.
Dell-Lance Volume too high on the speakers, getting down from the ceiling—thanks Kong.
Dell-KongY Well, that's about it for PEX on my end. Now I'm going to open it to the community for an open mic chat.
Dell-KongY Ask anything and everything that you would like to discuss.
Lee4Dell Yeah, that scared the crap out of me too!
Dell-KongY We have some really cool stuff that the entire DTC team has been working on.
DELL-Warren_B What did you learn on today's chat? How to use the volume button.
wonder_nerd Will you all be podcasting your presentations from PEX?
Dell-Lance Next week we are going to talk about the new HIT/VE and the plug-in to vCenter, so mark it down on your calendar.
Dell-KongY @wonder_nerd: If you're interested in the Dell PEX presentations, I'll inquire into their availability outside of conference.
Dell-KongY Yes, Lance has very compelling content in the pipeline J.
wonder_nerd That would be awesome.
Dell-KongY Warren just published his Gold Standard white paper on deployment.
wonder_nerd Then I can catch up while I drive down the road.
flyingcjj Is there any way I can get the info on the VDI solutions, that’s part of the boot camp?
Dell-KongY Peter is working on KACE, the one-too-many CMC demos.
Dell-KongY Dennis is working on a killer Dell AIM architecture and setup.
Dell-KongY Lee is going to rock and shock the world with his original joint featuring the DTC crew.
Dell-KongY And he's also working client virtualization demos.
Dell-KongY Also, @Emptyone: We didn't forget about your Hyper-V DPM with Dell EqualLogic inquiry.
Dell-KongY It's being worked J.
Emptyone Great J.
Dell-Lance @Emptyone: Yes, we are working on putting something together around Hyper-V, DPM and Dell EqualLogic.
Lee4Dell Get ready! Some good content and funny promos coming soon!
Dell-KongY We might have a little surprise for y'all before this chat ends.
Emptyone @kong @lance: Looking forward to it.
Dell-KongY Before I forget, next week's chat will be led by Lance and will cover Dell EqualLogicHIT Kit new features for VMware:
Dell-KongY Thank you for joining us today J.
wonder_nerd Thanks for the info. I guess it’s back to watching the snow blow around Kansas City.
Dell-KongY Just got word that the surprise is going to have to wait L.
adamb So no free storage arrays for us all this week? Darn.
virtualTodd Sorry I'm so late—I almost missed it.
Dell-KongY @virtualtodd: No worries. I just disclosed all of our Oracle RAC on VMware vSphere test results J.
Dell-KongY @adamb: Sorry, no free storage this week.
adamb It's all good.
Dell-KongY Maybe Lance can do something about that next week J.
adamb Had to at least ask. One more thing: Is there a page/old chat about Dell's Enterprise network capacities?
adamb We’re working through a probable move and the company starting with a C is being its usual self.
Dell-KongY @adamb: Capacities in terms of bandwidth, number of ports, etc?
adamb Just offerings/etc. Our rep does a good job, but it's nice to see a "this is what we have" page when I need, for example, an outward facing router.
Dell-KongY OK, gotcha.
Dell-KongY Have you seen Dennis' Networking Page?
adamb No, but I'll dig into it.
adamb Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Dell-KongY Also, feel free to ask Dennis—he’s our Networking evangelist.
Dell-KongY He's powerfully connected J.
Dell-DennisS @adamb: Let me know if there is anything you would like added or need help in finding something. The page is pretty basic now, but I'm working on it J.
adamb Thanks, Dennis/Kong. I'll let you know if I have questions.
Dell-KongY @adamb: Are you on Twitter?
adamb Yeah, I follow you all, I believe.
Dell-KongY Cool, just send a tweet to @dennismsmith or @kongyang,
Dell-DennisS Sweet, thanks for the follow (if I haven't said it before). HaHa.
Dell-KongY What’s your handle?
Dell-KongY @adamb?
adamb @abartlett.
adamb Thanks for the info guys, and try to stay warm on this cold day (if you're in Round Rock).
Dell-Lance Thanks everyone, talk with you next week.
Dell-DennisS Thanks for the chat today, Kong. Have a great time at PEX.
Dell-KongY Thanks, Adam! J
Emptyone Bye.
Dell-KongY See you next week, folks!