The Dell Business Client Update Catalog automates the patch process for updating Dell Precision workstation, Dell OptiPlex desktop, and Dell Latitude laptop systems in a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or System Center Essentials environment. The catalog file contains detailed information to determine which updates are required for the Dell business client systems and how to apply them. It can be used in conjunction with the software update management functionality of System Center Configuration Manager or System Center Essentials to provide automated updates for BIOS, firmware, drivers, and Dell applications.

The Dell Server Updates Catalog automates the patch process of system updates for Dell server platforms in a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or System Center Essentials environment. The catalog file contains detailed information to determine which updates are required for Dell servers and how to apply them.This can be used in conjunction with the software update management functionality of System Center Configuration Manager or System Center Essentials to provide automated BIOS, firmware, driver, and Dell application updates.

Review the transcript from Part 1 of this chat series.

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Chat Transcript

DELL-ScottH Hello Daniel!
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danielversola Hey Scott, how’s it going? I just saw your tweet; thought i would drop by
DELL-ScottH Hey Stuart!
Stuart Hi There :)
DELL-ScottH Things are good; the last chat had about 30 people—not sure if this one will be as full with the holidays approaching quickly
Stuart Sorry, I haven't been around for a while...just been working away and on leave too :)
DELL-ScottH Vacation is good. I'd like to break away myself for a while; can't wait for the holidays
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DELL-ScottH Hello Trace!
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DELL-ScottH Hello Reed!
Reed_Porter Hiya Scott!
DELL-ScottH I'm in an exclamation point mood today!!
Reed_Porter He he he!!
Reed_Porter If lastchar <> ! append !!
Stuart Hey Scott, do you happen to know if in the future, server management and client management will be bundled into the same product?
DELL-ScottH Chat will officially start in about 20 minutes; any topics we need to bring up?
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DELL-ScottH Yes and goto 10 :-) !!!!!!!!
DELL-ScottH Hey Greg
DELL-ScottH !!
ramseyg_Dell Hi all!
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DELL-ScottH @stuart, are you on the DMC beta site?
Stuart Yes, you are right...I will go have a look after this.. : )
DELL-ScottH Well, no promises, but a little after DMC timeframe look for client management in the same product
Reed_Porter Hiya Greg!! It's double exclamation point day!!
ramseyg_Dell Sounds good to me!
DELL-ScottH No Reed you can't beat me!!!
ramseyg_Dell !!
Reed_Porter Lesson: How to yell without caps!!
Reed_Porter It's going to be a novel!
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Reed_Porter l
DELL-ScottH Todd!!
DELL-ScottH Caps and !!
virtualTodd Hello All!
Stuart Hmmm...what does that say about our Organization...a Broadcast e-mail just went out regarding "group fitness".. just in time for Christmas too!
DELL-ScottH How's life at VMware? You have all your blood transfused yet?
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DELL-ScottH Hello Kevin
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kevin Hi =)
DELL-ScottH Hello Mclanem
mclanem Hello
virtualTodd Things are good; I'm still trying to get my laptop setup the way that I want it
DELL-ScottH What laptop?
virtualTodd I keep having to install Windows updates and reboot
virtualTodd It is a D630 with 2 GB RAM
DELL-ScottH Yuck
DELL-ScottH Vista or XP?
virtualTodd I got dual 20 in flat panel monitors!
virtualTodd The OS is the best part: XP!
DELL-ScottH Nice; your dual 24" you left me here is rocking
Reed_Porter I got one of those—oh wait, mine's 830!!
DELL-ScottH People are very jealous when they walk by
kevin Yeah, I'm rolling w/ one 20" + laptop screen...kinda regretting not getting discrete GPU
virtualTodd After using Vista the last year or so on my D820, the D630 now seems to scream with XP
mclanem Just think of how fast Win98 would run...
DELL-ScottH Hey did you see my tweet about your binary clock? You left it in a drawer; I'm liking it and you can't have it back
DELL-ScottH Would need a rewrite for the cores, but that would be a fun project
kevin Lol
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DELL-ScottH Hello Jeffrey
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kevin Google tells me that dos4gw is you could play Warcraft 2 on dual core
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ramseyg_Dell Welcome back Reed!
DELL-ScottH Hey Todd, on the phone with Andrew—did we ever pay for the VMworld site?
Reed_Porter Thanks! And, yes I washed my hands
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DELL-ScottH Hello sherry
ramseyg_Dell Hi Sherry!
Reed_Porter Hey Sherry!!
Sherry_Kissinger Hi!
virtualTodd I don't think that we did. Andrew who?
DELL-ScottH Gilman (EqualLogic)
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DELL-ScottH Hello Angie
angie_DELL Hello Scott
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DELL-ScottH Hello Donnie!
Reed_Porter Hiya Donnie and Angie!!!
Donnie-Dell Heya!
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DELL-ScottH Hello Brian
DELL-ScottH Donnie, Angie, you need to get on twitter :-)
Donnie-Dell There went the neighborhood
BrianMason Gads man
BrianMason Twitter!
Donnie-Dell Yeah, I do.
ramseyg_Dell Tweet tweet…
BrianMason All I do already is reply to e-mails!
Sherry_Kissinger Twits
Donnie-Dell Hah
BrianMason I need a matrix jack in my head
ramseyg_Dell @ Brianmason, no kidding…full of e-mails…and tweets…and a couple blogs
kevin Lol
ramseyg_Dell Hey Scott, are we ready to get started?
DELL-ScottH Just about
Donnie-Dell And yet Greg still finds time to complain
DELL-ScottH Sorry was OTP. Let’s give it two more minutes; let me tweet one more time. Snt tweet with many!!! :-)
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DELL-ScottH Alright, let’s get this party started
ramseyg_Dell (Angie, sometimes has a short attention span) :)
Donnie-Dell He he
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DELL-ScottH Welcome everyone to the second installment of this chat series on SCCM and Dell Updates
ramseyg_Dell Welcome back, Angie!!
angie_DELL Sorry :(
DELL-ScottH We have Greg, Donnie, and Angie from Dell IT joining us to lead the discussion—say hello, take a bow
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ramseyg_Dell Howdy ya'll . . .
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angie_DELL Howdy everybody
ramseyg_Dell Hey Rod!
Donnie-Dell Heya everyone
DELL-ScottH Last week’s session introduced us to the topic, and Greg will dive in some more. I'll let Greg take it from here, but please jump in with questions anytime
ramseyg_Dell Thanks Scott. Thanks everyone for taking the time to participate.
rodtrent Hey, Greg!
ramseyg_Dell First, a few links to recap from last week. FYI, the transcript from last week’s chat is here:
DELL-ScottH FYI, right-click on links or get kicked out :-)
ramseyg_Dell The Dell Updates Catalog home page:
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Donnie-Dell Unless you are Reed, in which case just don't even look at the links
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ramseyg_Dell Dell Custom Updates FAQ:
DELL-ScottH Welcome vt100. Use Action, Recent Room History to catch up
DELL-ScottH Hello Rod, I applied for many credit cards in your name :-)
vt100 Scotth, yeah, I might...came over from Twitter ;-)
ramseyg_Dell A little bit of a visual, seeing Dell Updates in the configmgradmin console:
DELL-ScottH Yah Twitter!
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ramseyg_Dell And some new developments since last week!!
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mdzikowski Hello
ramseyg_Dell MS SCUP 4.5 released yesterday:
DELL-ScottH HYello mdzikowski! We are just getting started. Use Action, Recent Room History to catch up
DELL-ScottH SCUP? For us noobs
vt100 left.
ramseyg_Dell Last week I mentioned that you have to go back into SCUP to re-sync custom updates with the Updates Catalog
Donnie-Dell System Center Updates Publisher
ramseyg_Dell No longer an issue with 4.5
angie_DELL System Center Updates Publisher
ramseyg_Dell You can use System Center Updates Publisher to create custom updates, and to import "catalogs" from vendors, such as Dell, Adobe, etc.
mclanem Sweet
DELL-ScottH Cool
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ramseyg_Dell Once the catalogs are imported, you can publish the content to your WSUS server (the one used by your ConfigMgr central site
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ramseyg_Dell Then run your normal software updates synchronization, and Poof! The updates appear in ConfigMr
DELL-ScottH Hllo Brad, just getting started. Use Action, Recent Room History to catch up
ramseyg_Dell Just like what you see here:
ramseyg_Dell Once you have them in ConfigMgr, you can then Detect and Deploy Dell Updates just like Microsoft Security Updates.
ramseyg_Dell In fact, you can deploy both in the same update deployment.
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DELL-ScottH Hello Kevin
KevinMurray Hey Scott
ramseyg_Dell FYI, this works with both ConfigMgr 2007, and System Center Essentials
DELL-ScottH Just getting started. Use Action, Recent Room History to catch up
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DELL-ScottH Hello Dave and Bjm
Donnie-Dell Pssst...and they're free
Dave_Crown Hello scott
bjm Hi
ramseyg_Dell Ah, and the second development from last week, we put together an eight-minute video to show you a little more about Dell Updates in ConfigMgr:
DELL-ScottH Use Action, Recent Room History to catch up—just getting started
DELL-ScottH Yes, but view from this link:, so we get the hits :-)
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Donnie-Dell I dare you to listen to the video and not think Greg sounds like Barry White
ramseyg_Dell Good point, Scott. Thanks
DELL-ScottH Hello dnemec, use Action, Recent Room History to catch up
danielversola Does anyone know if Dell has an ISO that will update all drivers and firmware like HP's PSP updates?
ramseyg_Dell That's right, Barry White...a younger, living Barry White though
DELL-ScottH End-of-year performance planning; need all the help we can get ;-P
ramseyg_Dell Dell does have an ISO for servers, called SUU (Server Update Utility), I think
DELL-ScottH Yes, SUU
Donnie-Dell (Trying to find the link now)
DELL-ScottH Just like the HP tool you reference
danielversola Thanks :) I want to add that to our proactive maintenance schedule
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ramseyg_Dell BTW, you can run SUU unattended through ConfigMgr software distribution if you desire
DELL-ScottH SBUU: with a demo
danielversola Right now we are doing them all one by one from, but if we had the SUU that would make life a lot easier :)
DELL-ScottH Yuck, stop that now; view that link—so download SBUU. Go
ramseyg_Dell Nice thing about the Dell Updates catalogs is that you can detect updates and use standard ConfigMgr Web reporting to view compliance with the latest Dell updates
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Donnie-Dell Ideally, though, you would use the updates through ConfigMgr that Greg is talking about.
ramseyg_Dell And then if you'd like, you can approve, download, and deploy just like you do with Microsoft Updates in ConfigMgr
Reed_Porter I've been told I sound like Dude Lebowski and the dead TV paint teacher. The carpet did tie the room together
DELL-ScottH Yes, if you have SCCM, you should be doing this process that Greg is ‘splaining
mclanem How would I go about getting the DCAI and all of the updates installed during the OSD task sequence?
ramseyg_Dell One other new feature in SCUP 4.5 is that if you'd like, you can publish meta data only, so you can detect updates, but not deploy, if you desire
danielversola Now the ConfigMgr, is that software we load on a server?
dnemec Is SUU only for servers? Or can it be used for Dell workstations and laptops too?
danielversola I am a Dell partner, so we have a huge client base with multi servers with different configurations, etc.
angie_DELL SUU is server only
Donnie-Dell @mclanem, there are a couple of ways I can think of. Multiple nstall Software Updates Tasks, manually running the IA ahead of time in the task sequence, etc.
ramseyg_Dell Supported hardware with the Dell Updates catalog. For servers, pretty much everything that's currently supported by Dell
danielversola I gotta run to a sales meeting…thanks for the tips. I’ll check out ConfigMgr and SUU
mclanem Manually running the what?
ramseyg_Dell For workstations, primarily the Latitude E series, and newer OptiPlex and Precision models
DELL-ScottH Glad to help
ramseyg_Dell More information here:
rodtrent Wish all solutions were that quick
dnemec Is there going to be an SUU for workstations and/or laptops? I thought I heard something about that back at MMS 2008.
Donnie-Dell @mclanem, the Inventory agent—the first update that is applicable. Check out the video for more information on it
ramseyg_Dell We're working to "simplify IT" :)
mclanem K
bjm Any plans to go back and add D-series to the Dell catalog?
Dave_Crown The Inventory agent, is there a way to get that thing to upgrade cleanly?
ramseyg_Dell There have been discussions about that, and I encourage you to contact your account exec/Dell Support teams to help us encourage that too :)
Donnie-Dell @dave_crown, send your upgrade scenario, and I will talk with PG to get it recognized
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bjm Will do. We are phasing out D500 and 505, but still have several thousand 520s and 530s.
Dave_Crown joined.
Donnie-Dell Yeah, we have been discussing with them a lot about that...the D series. Greg and I have talked about creating some BIOS updates manually to release, but they wouldn't be PG supported...just Greg supported :)
ramseyg_Dell Umm, Greg and Donnie and community supported
Donnie-Dell But mostly Greg
rodtrent Greg is gettin' upset
Sherry_Kissinger Greg supported is fine
rodtrent Errr Greg
ramseyg_Dell That is another nice thing about SCUP. With all catalogs you import, you are able to edit the rule, which can help you write your own detection rule for custom updates
ramseyg_Dell :)
DELL-ScottH Maybe that will keep him busy enough to leave my laptop alone!
bjm I'll take Greg supported too...just shot an e-mail to my account rep though
ramseyg_Dell As this is Part 2, we left out some of the details of the process. I'm more than happy to go into those if you would like
DELL-ScottH ::surprise
ramseyg_Dell And also any other questions you have
Donnie-Dell We don't recommend editing the Dell Catalogs rules, but feel free to check out the rules to see how they were built
rodtrent Oops...wrong button
Donnie-Dell Rod...angry
Brad left.
ramseyg_Dell (Um, didn't mean “left out details,” meant, “didn't want to do an exact repeat of last week”)
Dave_Crown Ill get back on topic, Rod...promise
ramseyg_Dell But we can go into those details if you'd like...depends on the audience’s desires :)
BrianMason The more the detail, the better!
ramseyg_Dell :)
Donnie-Dell Yeah, ask those questions if you have them. If not, download and install the catalogs, and then ask the questions :)
ramseyg_Dell We haven't talked about certificates today
rodtrent Certificates, always a good topic
ramseyg_Dell You'll need to import a certificate so that you can sign these updates
Sherry_Kissinger Just repeat to yourself. I couldn't make it last week. If it gets too repetitive for others, they can shout “boring!”
angie_DELL Does everyone know the links for SCUP and the vendor catalogs?
ramseyg_Dell Quick-draw Donnie just posted the link for certificates I mentioned some stuff on the myitforum lists yesterday (maybe Rod will post a link :) )
rodtrent Yep, will do
ramseyg_Dell We'll get a little more detail out there on that, but follow the directions in the integrated help for SCUP, and you'll be okay
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Donnie-Dell Certificate in three locations on the WSUS server, two locations on the clients, and a quick local GPO (or domain level), and you are good to go
ramseyg_Dell Yep, and since you have ConfigMgr, you can use standard softrware distribution to make these configuration changes
ramseyg_Dell As you see in the GUI on this link:
Donnie-Dell Or, if you choose to buy a certificate from a Go-Daddy or a Verisign, then all you need to do is the local policy
ramseyg_Dell After running the sync in ConfigMgr, systems will begin scanning for these updates
Donnie-Dell But a self-signed certificate will work just as well without the cost :)
ramseyg_Dell You'll see that only two updates will appear applicable
ramseyg_Dell “Dell OpenManage Inventory Agent" and "Dell OpenManage Inventory Agent (for Dell Business)
ramseyg_Dell The first one is for servers, the second one is for workstations
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Donnie-Dell @mclanem, this is the Inventory Agent we were talking about earlier.
ramseyg_Dell This agent runs to query Dell hardware, and populate WMI so that the next time the Windows Update scan runs, it will collect the Dell update information also (applicable, installed, etc.)
DELL-ScottH Hello Duncan, use Action, Recent Room History to catch up
ramseyg_Dell And then you will begin to see required and installed status in the ConfigMgr Admin console for specific updates
DuncanMc Action, Recent Room History
mclanem Right. What I am wondering is if there is a way that I can get that installed outside of the update process, so that the rest of the updates can get installed during the task sequence. Is there a stand alone installer that I can turn into a package?
ramseyg_Dell And you'll be able to use the standard ConfigMgr Web reports to see that information
Donnie-Dell You can definitely install the IA outside of the process; it just runs as a service. I will talk to the product group to see about its location and availability
ramseyg_Dell @mclanem, we'll do a little testing on this; I see no reason (currently) why you couldn't embed it into your image
ramseyg_Dell Worst case, you could have one step in your OSD TS to install this update (it's an MSI file), and then after a reboot, do the install software updates task
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mclanem Where would we get that MSI?
ramseyg_Dell But that is a good question...we'll ask about embedding it into the image. I think that would be handy
ramseyg_Dell If you download the catalog, and edit the rule, you can see the path to the MSI (inside an EXE) on the Dell ftp site
mclanem Very good. I can handle that
ramseyg_Dell That Inventory Agent may need to be updated from time to time, so that's something you'll have to watch for
Donnie-Dell It will definitely be up on the FTP site...all the updates get pulled from there
BrianMason Can I just schedule it instead of having to watch for it?
rodtrent Pulled through FTP?
ramseyg_Dell With the new version of SCUP (4.5), you can configure it to auto sync
BrianMason Perfect
ramseyg_Dell But I haven’t tested it yet (just released yesterday). I would like to configure it to auto synch, and auto-publish meta data of new updates
ramseyg_Dell So once we learn a little more about that, we'll add that to delltechcenter also
Donnie-Dell Yeah...I would try to find a couple of links from the catalog for you all, but someone *coughgregcough* has all of the SCUP consoles open
Donnie-Dell :P\
ramseyg_Dell So we've put together a bit of info on for Dell updates and ConfigMgr. I wanted to also point out a downloadable PDF that takes you into very detailed step-by-step process:
rodtrent Click, click, revoke user rights, yes?
Donnie-Dell He he
ramseyg_Dell It's for servers, but the information applies the same for the workstations catalog (the only difference is the CAB file used for updates)
angie_DELL SCUP console is free
angie_DELL Um, Greg...
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ramseyg_Dell @donnie-dell, don't want to be starting something :)
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Donnie-Dell Bah
Donnie-Dell Okay, any other questions/comments?
ramseyg_Dell What other questions do you have?
Donnie-Dell *crickets*
kevin I have a mildly off-topic question (forgive me, I misunderstood the topic of hardware updates)
Donnie-Dell Greg, I do believe you have stunned them into submission
mclanem Please add the rest of the OptiPlex line
kevin Any word on the vaporware update for MD3000i that removes the 2 TB LUN limit?
ramseyg_Dell :) @mclanem, we hear you :)
Donnie-Dell Agreed, Mclanem. If we could make that decision it would already be made :)
mclanem I know
bjm This is the first time I've put any thought into SCUP at all, so I need to visit some of those links posted today before I start with questions... =)
Donnie-Dell @kevin, no information on that from us IT workers...they just keep us in the basement
bjm And ditto, ) OptiPlex drivers back to at least 280 would be cool
ramseyg_Dell In case you missed it earlier, check out our eight-minute Barry White-ish rock star video for using Dell Updates with ConfigMgr:
DELL-ScottH @kevin, not vapor. Hate to give you an exact date because if it slips again, then I have set wrong expectations, and we will be in the same situation—Januaryish
kevin Yeah, I'm there too...just a different basement =p
rodtrent Did you say SCUP pulls from FTP?
mclanem Just as a word of warning, I did have trouble getting SCUP installed on my server running x64 SQL.
rodtrent Or, that's just where to get manual downloads?
DELL-ScottH @kevin, believe me, I got beat up when I told people November
ramseyg_Dell Hmmm, @mclanem, we installed it on x64 SQL without issue
Donnie-Dell The updates are actually from, right Greg?
ramseyg_Dell Yes
rodtrent Checkpoint restart? Bits?
mclanem It was documented
kevin @scotth, yeah, that’s what I have heard too. Agreed about slipping dates. It’s a shame since I need to make a decision on whether to wait it out or implement another solution
BrianMason FTP is so 90s! Make it HTTP!
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mclanem I can't remember if the work around was in your doc or somewhere else, but you had to pre-create the database
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Donnie-Dell That is just to get the updates down to the SCUP server; after that it's normal distribution mechanisms
ramseyg_Dell :) @brianmason, we hear you there too!
rodtrent Yeah...that's kind of what I was getting at
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ramseyg_Dell @mclanem, we installed it no problem; ConfigMgr 2007 w/ SP1 on SQL 2005 SP2, on Server 2003 SP2
BrianMason FTP could force me to do some manual thing due to our proxy servers
ramseyg_Dell * Word of caution on SCUP: I sent feedback to Microsoft today. If you uninstall SCUP, you will lose your SCUP least that's my experience in test. You're not given an option to NOT remove the database
Sherry_Kissinger SQL05? Server03? 08!
angie_DELL @brianmason, Well, it’s an additional step, but I believe you can use a network share but you'll need to download the bits first
Reed_Porter I download them at home and bring them to work on floppies
Sherry_Kissinger @reed, that's kind of sad
ramseyg_Dell @brianmason, one of our guys, Dustin (not online right now), has some information. And the new SCUP has some proxy stuff built in, but I don't know the details. Let us know if you run into any road blocks, and we'll see what we can push on this side
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mclanem Better then punch cards
ramseyg_Dell @sherry, we've been running ConfigMgr since mid-2007!
Sherry_Kissinger Okay, okay, I concede!
Stuart Thanks heaps, guys. I now have lots of reading to do...gotta go…have a great day!
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Donnie-Dell Yeah, it's an old install
ramseyg_Dell This is the landing page for Dell Updates Catalog with ConfigMgr:
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ramseyg_Dell And Donnie posted the one for ConfigMgr
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ramseyg_Dell We have more great chats coming your way soon
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ramseyg_Dell Hi Ronni! Right-click the links!
bjm Thanks all.
DELL-ScottH :-)
Ronni_Pedersen I tried but my pop-blocker stopped me...can you post em again?
ramseyg_Dell We'll be covering the Dell Client Configuration Utility (DCCU) in early January. Dennis will be driving that one for us
DELL-ScottH Hello Ronni! Use Action, Recent Room History to see what you missed, we are about wrapped up
mclanem Alright. Time for me to take off. Thanks for the information. I look forward to playing with SCUP 4.5
DELL-ScottH There will also be a transcript posted, and you can see all the links
Ronni_Pedersen Thanx
DELL-ScottH left.
Donnie-Dell Thanks for attending folks; we will be sending out reminders for the DCCU, Server Deployment Kit, and OMCI integration at later dates :)
ramseyg_Dell If you haven't used the DCCU, definitely something worth checking out. It allows you to manage BIOS changes using software distribution
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DELL-ScottH Woops, closed the browser
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ramseyg_Dell And as Donnie mentioned, other chats on OMCI w/ ConfigMgr and the new Dell Deployment Pack for Server OSD in ConfigMgr
DELL-ScottH Transcripts and upcoming chats are here:
rodtrent Easy to do. That 'x' up in the far right corner will get you every time
Donnie-Dell He he
ramseyg_Dell DDP is very handy for driver management, BIOS, and RAID configuration, etc.
angie_DELL Happy Holidays to Everyone!
angie_DELL :)
rodtrent Dell nurse?
ramseyg_Dell Yes, thanks everyone for your time!
BrianMason Thanks. Peace out!
rodtrent Thanks to the Dell folks!
DELL-ScottH Thanks chat for two weeks!
Sherry_Kissinger Thanks Dell, bye!
ramseyg_Dell Drop us a line if you encounter issues, and feel free to add to the FAQs on the site for more information
Dell-Roger_F See you all on Jan 6th
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Donnie-Dell Thanks to everyone for attending. If you have any questions, you know where to find us!
Ronni_Pedersen Thanks...bye
DELL-ScottH Yeah, Dell nurse stopped by for the blood drive and didn't like my dual monitor setup
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rodtrent Say no more
Reed_Porter Next week come anyway, we'll play with sounds
DELL-ScottH Yeah!
ramseyg_Dell @reed :). . . .
ramseyg_Dell At least you can only play sounds
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DELL-ScottH Ha ha ha, we picked the same one!
virtualTodd Did you give blood right there in the cube?
Donnie-Dell Ha ha, and thus the chat degraded quickly
DELL-ScottH Donnie and I are long lost twins!
Reed_Porter Touching
DELL-ScottH I felt like she was taking it from me right then
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Donnie-Dell Cya everyone!
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Reed_Porter Gotta run, major load of chats today
ramseyg_Dell Bye!
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DELL-ScottH Bye, thanks again for joining !