If you are using ConfigMgr 2007, or System Center Essentials (or are thinking of using either of these products), join our chat to discuss how Dell is Simplifying IT by providing Update Catalogs for both servers and workstations. Dell internal IT will lead the chat to discuss how the update catalogs make your life easier, and members of our product teams will also be on the chat to answer any questions you may have.

The Business Client Update Catalog
The Dell Business Client Update Catalog automates the patch process for systems updates on the Dell Precision workstation, Dell OptiPlex desktop, and Dell Latitude laptop platforms in a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM/ConfigMgr) or System Center Essentials environment. The catalog file contains detailed information to determine which updates are required for the Dell business client systems and how to apply them. It can be used in conjunction with the software update management functionality of System Center Configuration Manager or System Center Essentials to provide automated updates for BIOS, firmware, drivers, and Dell applications.

The Server Update Catalog
The Dell Server Updates Catalog automates the patch process of system updates for Dell server platforms in a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or System Center Essentials environment. The catalog file contains detailed information to determine which updates are required for Dell servers and how to apply them.This can be used in conjunction with the software update management functionality of System Center Configuration Manager or System Center Essentials to provide automated BIOS, firmware, driver, and Dell application updates.

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Chat Transcript

DELL-ScottH The official chat actually starts in an hour and a half
DELL-ScottH Where do you work?
pcsukus I am in WI in between Chicago and Milwaukee
DELL-ScottH I miss the cold and snow; I bet you don't
pcsukus This is likely not the forum for this, but I have to pass this on: http://www.divinecaroline.com/article/22111/61941-frightening-mall-santas. Well, it’s sleeting today. Yes, I don't miss it, but it’s nice when it snows, and I like to drive in it believe it or not
DELL-ScottH Oh my. I usually type lol and don't mean it, but this time I actually did laugh out loud in my cube!
pcsukus I can totally understand those kids’ fright. You in TX then Scott?
DELL-ScottH Yes, sorry was just e-mailing that link…Austin
pcsukus Hee hee.
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pcsukus That is funny
DELL-ScottH Too
DELL-ScottH Hello mclanem
mclanem Hello
pcsukus Brb
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DELL-ScottH Chat doesn't officially start for an hour and half; we are just testing connectivity and hanging out
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DELL-ScottH Pc had a funny link
PeterCS Sorry had to change my name
DELL-ScottH http://www.divinecaroline.com/article/22111/61941-frightening-mall-santas
DELL-ScottH Did you guys hear about the chat from twitter/techcenter/or myitforum?
PeterCS Nope
DELL-ScottH Hmmm...telepath?
mclanem Ah, okay. I clicked on a link for a chat about software updates catalogs and SCCM from myitforum...is that what is on topic for today?
DELL-ScottH Yes, Greg (ramseyg) from Dell IT is going to lead today on that topic
ramseyg_Dell Yea. I could have made my username a little better, eh
mclanem At 3 CST (4 EST) right?
PeterCS Oh, I am sorry…e-mail.
DELL-ScottH Yes, a little over an hour from now
PeterCS <-- Way behind.
mclanem Great. I will come back then.
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DELL-ScottH <--- Always way behind...too much: twitter/email/web/work/phone/facebook/youtube/slashdot/
PeterCS I love not having people %%%% rails with servers when a server moves
PeterCS Grrr
DELL-ScottH Did you crunch a toe or lose a server?
PeterCS Oops ship. Should have said “ship”
PeterCS Not sh**
DELL-ScottH Oh... :-) was trying to figure that out. Yeah, love how they leave them in the rack, usually a contractor that has no clue
PeterCS Well in this case we were closing a facility, and the guy there says, “Okay shipped the servers.” But no rails showed up
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vinodh83 Hello
DELL-ScottH Hello! How are you?
vinodh83 I am good. Just wanted to know if I could help on IT issues or what’s new with IT. I mean I could get help. I am new here on the Dell TechCenter
DELL-ScottH The official chat starts in about 40 minutes, but until then we just hang out and chit-chat. Welcome then!
vinodh83 Oh, okay
DELL-ScottH Great to have you as a new member. What do you do? Anything I can help with right now?
vinodh83 I am in collection. Recently completed five years in Dell
DELL-ScottH Awesome. I'm on year two already; can't believe how fast it passed
vinodh83 Do we get to address the IT issues when the chat starts
DELL-ScottH The chat will mainly have external customers, not just Dell. What IT issues are you referring to?
vinodh83 The tools we use sometimes are very slow and at times when the customer need help most
DELL-ScottH Okay, this will not be the proper forum to address those issues. The Dell TechCenter is focused on customers and helping them solve their enterprise issues and solutions. This is not an internal chat. Probably best to voice those concerns with an official help ticket and possibly the internal employee storm tool
vinodh83 Okay. So, what could I gain from joining the TechCenter. You could help me
DELL-ScottH Although I'm always griping at Greg that they load too much stuff on my laptop
vinodh83 Alright
DELL-ScottH To get an idea of what the TechCenter is about, visit: http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/techcenter+wiki+guidelines and http://www.dell.com/techcenter
ramseyg_Dell :) Yes. We love to load all the extra goodies on your latptop :)
DELL-ScottH Greg, I just tweeted, so people should be joining soon
ramseyg_Dell Great
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DELL-ScottH Hello Chris
chris_davis Hey
DELL-ScottH Just hanging out, waiting for people to join. What company are you with?
chris_davis Just listening in on the chat. Carol Gittinger hooked me up. I’m the engineering manager for onboard drivers here at Dell for Biz Client
DELL-ScottH Cool, feel free to lurk, join, chat, whatever
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DELL-ScottH Hello ccscott
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DELL-ScottH Hello Josie
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mrxinu Good morning
DELL-ScottH Hello mrinxu and brian!
BrianMason Howdy (using my best taxan here)
mrxinu Ha ha, outstanding. More like, "hooow-dee!"
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DELL-ScottH Hello brace
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DELL-ScottH Hello Reed
DELL-ScottH Hello Roger
brennels Hey Scott how are you?
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reedracer Hi guys!
DELL-ScottH Doing great and running as fast as I can with Todd going to the new job
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brennels Run, Forest, Run!
DELL-ScottH Thanks everyone for joining! We'll kick it off in a few minutes
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DELL-ScottH Couple of things to note for anyone new to the chats
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mrxinu Whoa, follow request from someone at Dell. It's like magic stalking action ;)
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DELL-ScottH Right-click on the URL links, or the chat client will kick you out. That is always fun, and we laugh at you when it happens
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ramseyg_Dell Mrxinu, well if you're cool enough for reedracer to follow you, I probably should too :)
mrxinu Ha ha, ack'd; laughing will ensue. Aw, shucks; that is true
DELL-ScottH And you can also use Action, Recent Room History to catch up on earlier chat messages, and as always, jump in at anytime. We can weed out the multiple conversations, and it's fun to try to keep up, so here is the official start: Welcome! Thanks for joining our weekly chat sessions. This week’s topic is lead by Greg Ramsey (ramseyg) from internal Dell IT. Looks like Donnie from Dell IT is here too
Donnie-Dell *wave*
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DELL-ScottH Greg will be discussing the Dell Updates Catalog and how to integrate it into Microsoft System Center
DELL-ScottH Greg, please introduce yourself
ramseyg_Dell Hello, Greg here. As Scott mentioned, I'm one of the internal Dell IT guys
DELL-ScottH Hello Amy, we just started. Use Action, Recent Room History to catch up
ramseyg_Dell Donnie and I are on the team that handles ConfigMgr for managing our internal servers and workstation
DELL-ScottH How many is that? Roughly?
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ramseyg_Dell Somewhere around 130,000 systems globally
DELL-ScottH Welcome Dustin, Ronst, and Angela! Use Action, Recent Room History to catch up. We just started
ramseyg_Dell We've been working with our product groups (like Dustin_dell), and they have done a great job of helping us make it easier to manage Dell servers and workstations using ConfigMgr
Donnie-Dell They better, or else we cut off their email
ramseyg_Dell So we want to chat about that a bit today, give you some info, and answer any questions you may have. I see my colleague Angie has joined us also. Hi Angie
DELL-ScottH Ha ha, can you cut off my e-mail, please :-)
ramseyg_Dell And of course, what a great day for a chat! Patch Tuesday! Sorry 'bout that. Hopefully you're well on your way in the patch-testing process, and are ready for a small break. Okay, down to business
DELL-ScottH That's a testament to how efficiently you guys have the process down
ramseyg_Dell A brief overview: What are the Dell Updates Catalogs? We have two Catalogs, one for servers and one for workstations. You import these catalogs (one or both) into System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP)
DELL-ScottH For reference later, some information: http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/dell+updates+catalogs
ramseyg_Dell And once you have them in SCUP, you can publish them to your WSUS Server for your ConfigMgr central server
DELL-ScottH What type of files are in the catalogs?
ramseyg_Dell If you're familiar with software updates in ConfigMgr, the rest is easy. The catalog contains an XML file that has the definitions for each update
DELL-ScottH I'm assuming BIOS and firmware drivers also?
ramseyg_Dell How to detect, determine applicable/installed, and the content that ConfigMgr will use to download the updates for the software updates process
mclanem Does this get the drivers into SCCM so that they can be used for OSD?
Donnie-Dell Applications as well, Scott, like OMIA
DELL-ScottH And OMSA too :-)
ramseyg_Dell They can be used in the OSD process, but maybe not in the way you're hoping
Donnie-Dell Yeah, and OMSA also :)
DELL-ScottH Define OSD
reedracer Does it create an inventory and reports?
ramseyg_Dell In OSD (operating system deployment), you can use a task sequence to "install software updates." If you have approved and deployed these updates, they will install at that time. If you're talking about importing drivers into the OSD driver catalog, let's save that one for a chat in January :)
Donnie-Dell It uses the normal inventory reports, Reed, but Greg and myself are planning to publish some special ones here once we get some time
reedracer Sweet
ramseyg_Dell We're releasing a product for servers that will allow you to easily import drivers for the OSD "auto apply drivers" and "apply driver package" task sequences
Josh How often are driver updates released in this format for import into SCCM?
Donnie-Dell Quarterly
ramseyg_Dell (Word of caution: clicking on links can jet you from the chat; use a right-click: http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/dell+updates+catalogs
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ramseyg_Dell This is our home page for updates on Dell TechCenter; lots of good info there
Dustin_Dell Quarterly for the server updates, more frequently for the business client updates
ramseyg_Dell Oops! We got reed...sorry reed, please come back
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ramseyg_Dell FYI, we have a FAQ page here: http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/dell+custom+updates+faq
DELL-ScottH Hello Dan! Welcome, use Action, Recent Room History to catch up
ramseyg_Dell If you don't see the answer to a question, add it, and we'll see about getting it answered
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Dustin_Dell And on top of planned updates, urgent updates will be released as part of a "hotfix" release
DELL-ScottH Lol @reed
ramseyg_Dell Sorry reed
mclanem What about importing drivers for workstations to be used in OSD?
Donnie-Dell Ha ha
DELL-ScottH You can also wait for the transcript to come out tomorrow and follow all the links then
ramseyg_Dell Sorry reed :(
DELL-ScottH Your other right
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reed-I_did_right_click-racer No problem. It was the pop-up blocker that got me
ramseyg_Dell Mclanem, great question. We're working with our product teams to make this easier too—stay tuned :)
DELL-ScottH Hello kdowding. Use Action, Recent Room History to catch up
ramseyg_Dell Okay. back to the update catalogs
PeterCS Sorry, I think I finally caught up. You just import the file into WSUS and that’s it eh?
ramseyg_Dell This page will give you a little better feel for the admin experience, and the user experience: http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/detect+and+deploy+dell+updates+with+configmgr
brennels This looks great guys, good work
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Donnie-Dell There are some certificate considerations for third-party updates in WSUS, but once you get those figured out they appear just like the normal security updates you get from Microsoft
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ramseyg_Dell As you can see, once you publish the updates to ConfigMgr, and run your normal software updates synchronization, updates appear in the admin console like any other Microsoft update
DELL-ScottH Greg, I like that page, screen shots are great. Maybe we can record a demo?
ramseyg_Dell And the second screen shot is what you can give a user if you desire to give them the option before pushing to them
Donnie-Dell Yeah, we can do a demo
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Dell_-_AngelaQ And post it on YouTube
ramseyg_Dell Here's another important catch
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DELL-ScottH Heck yeah, I'll follow up with ya'll in e-mail
mrxinu Great article
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ramseyg_Dell To inventory Dell hardware and be able to determine update applicability, you have to install what we call a Dell OpenManage Inventory agent
PeterCS In previous versions of SUU there have been times where old firmware would not get upgraded because of age, etc. Then you would have to do an intermediate FW and install and then use SUU. Does the SCCM integration help with any of this?
ramseyg_Dell So when you first import, your Dell systems will only show one update as applicable
DELL-ScottH Where do you get OMIA? Regular support page?
ramseyg_Dell You approve and deploy this update, and after the reboot, the agent will detect updates, and have them ready for the next Windows update scan (which then reports the information back up through ConfigMgr)
PeterCS Gotchya
ramseyg_Dell Here's a link for a better, even more detailed guide: http://tinyurl.com/5t4xhx
mrxinu Ooo, I'm a fan of better (clicks)
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ramseyg_Dell Big thanks to Dell_angelaq and Dell-dustin for that one. Those guys spent a lot of time getting this process wired up
Donnie-Dell *claps*
DELL-ScottH Ah, Dustin, Angela will you sign my copy?
mrxinu *mourns the loss of ronst*
ramseyg_Dell That doc (Acrobat PDF, 6 MB) will take you through the entire process: certificate stuff, etc.
Dell_-_AngelaQ Aure
Scott_Ewing joined.
reed-I_did_right_click-racer Cool
mrxinu Ha ha, reed; love the name
ramseyg_Dell I haven't mentioned this yet, but the catalogs can also be used in System Center Essentials
DELL-ScottH Welcome Scott. Use Action, Recent Room History to catch up
DELL-ScottH Nice. The "cheaper" one
PeterCS How much time do you think this takes to implement? Said another way, should I engage Dell for people to help out, or is this something I can do without much trouble?
ramseyg_Dell One might ask, "What's the cost for such wonderful catalogs?” Free!
Dell-RogerF And did you say WSUS too?
ramseyg_Dell Petercs, if you're a ConfigMgr admin, this is something you can handle
Donnie-Dell Yeah, Roger. ConfigMgr and SCE essentially use WSUS for patching
ramseyg_Dell I would consider this easier than many of the things you may do in ConfigMgr
PeterCS Okay, thanks. I am the SCOM guy. I gotta talk to the SCCM guy ;)
DELL-ScottH @peter, I bet you can use the information on the TechCenter (knowing that you can ask questions right on the page) and get it going, especially since you know the experts are looking for your questions
ramseyg_Dell We're all about simplifying IT :)
PeterCS Good deal
ramseyg_Dell ** You can't use this functionality with WSUS alone...you have to use it through ConfigMgr or SCE
reed-I_did_right_click-racer Is this OMCA the same one used in Altiris?
Donnie-Dell Right, sorry if I confused
Dustin_Dell I am not a super WSUS expert, but for Microsoft experts, if you know how to use the WSUS API directly you can use WSUS standalone
ramseyg_Dell Ah, Dustin, the Magic man! Shake and Bake! :)
Donnie-Dell Not exactly sure, Reed. Dustin, do you know?
DELL-ScottH Dustin opens the can of hack-worms!
ramseyg_Dell Another thing to mention, supported models
Dustin_Dell I don't claim I know how, just that there are possibilities
ramseyg_Dell http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/dell+custom+updates+supported+models
ramseyg_Dell Servers: pretty much everything we currently support (Dustin/Angela, chime in if you know)
Dell_-_AngelaQ The only issue is that *using the WSUS admin console*, you cannot see or modify any custom or hidden updates
BrianMason Did I read something recently that said you also needed certifications for this to work?
ramseyg_Dell On the workstation side, here's the current list: Dell OptiPlex 960, Dell Latitude E-series Notebooks (E4200, E4300, E5400, E5500, E6400, E6400atg, and E6500), Dell Precision M2400, M440 (this is 0), M6400
ramseyg_Dell BrianMason, certifications, yes, but it can be a self-signed certification
Donnie-Dell Yeah, Brian. It's detailed on this site and the document Greg linked earlier
Dustin_Dell Petercs, to your question of how much time to implement, I believe this is something any admin can do and with the exceptions of getting your third-party trusts set correctly it is a very short implementation time
mclanem That is a short list of workstations. Are you planning on expanding that list in the future?
ramseyg_Dell Donnie put together a great "readers digest condensed version" of the PDF I mentioned earlier: http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/dell+custom+updates+installation
PeterCS @dustin thanks!
BrianMason Self-signed to just my servers will be a breeze
ramseyg_Dell There's a link on there with brief mention of certifications; the PDF gives you the detail
Donnie-Dell To servers and clients, Brian
Donnie-Dell Certifcate details: http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/dell+custom+updates+certficates
BrianMason Right, I meant clients on my servers (as opposed to workstations which we won't do)
ramseyg_Dell And the great thing about these updates, like Donnie mentioned, you can use standard ConfigMgr Web reports (the canned ones) to see this data
DELL-ScottH Man, you guys have been doing a ton of behind-the-scenes work on the site. Awesome!
ramseyg_Dell Well Scott, you had a few days in Vegas...while the cat's away
Donnie-Dell @mclanem, we are constantly asking the people in charge to expand that list; we would love to hear customer requirements!
ramseyg_Dell A couple other notes about SCUP
Dell_-_AngelaQ The catalog will expend to cover all new biz client systems
reed-I_did_right_click-racer *concurs* also, I love the Wetpaint, too
ramseyg_Dell We mentioned that the server catalog is updated quarterly, and the client catalog is more frequent (I think monthly)
mclanem Well, my two big requirements are supporting the OptiPlex line (as many as possible, but at least the future ones) and getting those drivers available for OSD
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Dell_-_AngelaQ We are adding hotfix to server catalog, so it will also release between quarters
Dustin_Dell Mclanem, to your question of this is a short list of workstations and what else we are planning: Right now supported in the Catalog it will mostly be latest platforms and going forward. The cool thing about SCUP though is you can import any third-party updates (whatever you want)—I believe Donnie and Greg are working on this—but a how-to guide to take older model BIOS updates and script them into SCUP
ramseyg_Dell When those catalogs update, you have to actually run the SCUP tool again to sync the SCUP tool with the Dell catalog. This is a feature with all things SCUP...all catalogs require this
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ramseyg_Dell Yes, we are working on some stuff
PeterCS Will the catalog add updates for say the BASP teaming stuff?
reed-I_did_right_click-racer I can see some scripting to that would bring the updates into OSD fairly straightforward
mclanem Is there an e-mail notification available for when these catalogs update?
Dell_-_AngelaQ Not yet
PeterCS Or RSS?
ramseyg_Dell For example, we're working on a custom update for installing OMCI; after you see a few examples, it's fairly straightforward
Dell_-_AngelaQ There is a requirement
ramseyg_Dell @mclanem, we're working with our product teams to make it easier for notifications
Dustin_Dell Ha ha, yes they are beating us up for this :D But, yes, we are working to make this happen
ramseyg_Dell For now, we'll probably mention the update on the Dell TechCenter site; if you watch that page, you'll probably catch the info there
Dustin_Dell Petercs, for your BASP question do you mean server or client?
PeterCS Server
DELL-ScottH Maybe get it as part of the "technical Subscriptions" updates: http://support.dell.com/support/notifications/managesubscriptions.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=gen
PeterCS And then maybe pro tools for the clients
Dustin_Dell In the server catalog there are two types of Broadcom updates, one for stand-alone base drivers only (for those people who don't use BASP) and another for the folks who have BASP installed
Donnie-Dell Might be able to get www.dell.com\systemcenter to post it as well. Based on your configuration the applicable one will detect and so applicable
ramseyg_Dell Yes, thanks for mentioning that, Donnie. We do have a new home page for systemcenter at the link Donnie mentions above
PeterCS Nice
Dustin_Dell I can't answer for the client one right now, as I am not as close to the daily details of it, but can try to check while we are on this chat
PeterCS Okay. It’s not as important but it will be asked
ramseyg_Dell That's the info in a nutshell. Any questions related to Dell updates catalogs (we'll open for additional questions after that). Please review this link: http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/dell+updates+catalogs
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ramseyg_Dell And as it's a wiki, we want your content also, so feel free to add or to add a comment at the bottom of any page, and we'll try to include that information
Dustin_Dell Petercs, the client catalog has base drivers only currently
DELL-ScottH Yes, if you end up hacking/scripting something that is useful, please share
PeterCS Okay, fair enough
Dustin_Dell But with plans to expand as soon as they are ready
BrianMason Does it work on s2k8x64? Any gotchyas? How long have you had it running?
mrxinu *again mourns the loss of reed*
mclanem So, if I use the auto apply updates during a task sequence, will it install drivers for hardware that might not have a driver like the soundcard, or will it only update the drivers?
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ramseyg_Dell Did I mention that the catalogs are free? (just checking)
ramseyg_Dell Welcome back, Reed
Reed_Porter Good to be back
Dustin_Dell Brianmason, yes does work on W2k8 x64—no gotchas I am aware of. I had it running since Dell started supporting Windows 2008 (I believe a year now?)
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Dustin_Dell Mrxinu, how the drivers are updated depends on their install package. Some install packages are just driver updates, where others are "application like" install packages that include software and drivers
mrxinu I asked a question about drivers?
ramseyg_Dell @mclanem, we're not 100 percent certain on your question about auto-apply drivers. We'll have to investigate. I can tell you for sure that you'll need to get the OpenManage Inventory agent installed first
BrianMason Can this cure cancer?
mrxinu Oh, mclanem, gotcha; I'm just happy to be here. This is outstanding information
Donnie-Dell I do know there will be some touch-n-go with the OMIA; will have to investigate the OSD drive question
DELL-ScottH @brian lol
Reed_Porter Predictive response, what next Dustin?
Dustin_Dell No, but we are working on it, by keeping your servers working so the community can cure it :D
mrxinu @dustin_dell brilliant response
Donnie-Dell Wow, that was a PG response if I ever heard one
mrxinu Ha ha, indeed
BrianMason :)
mclanem Are you looking for early adopters or beta testers for the automated integration of drivers for OSD?
ramseyg_Dell @brianmason, we should probably add that disclaimer to the bottom of the Web pages...Not known to cure cancer. Doesn't give you the ability to walk on water, and doesn't give you the ability to completely patch a server without a reboot
Dustin_Dell Thanks, I try. Ah, the last one was a shot at us I think ;) Well, and Microsoft. We will be soon, on the server side. I don't know about the workstation side
DELL-ScottH Greg, that is my new email sig line: awesome
ramseyg_Dell @mclanem, the server deployment kit will be released in January. We'll have a chat around mid-January on it. The beta has closed. We'll have to get some more information on the workstation side as far as driver import and OSD. Not sure of the timeline there
mclanem We don't have too many servers, but we are all about getting the drivers for the workstations
Reed_Porter Nice
ramseyg_Dell Any other general questions? Open season :)
PeterCS What is OM?
Donnie-Dell OpenManage
Dustin_Dell OpenManage (brand name for Dell Systems Management product tiers)
mrxinu Are there any transcripts of previous sessions by chance?
Donnie-Dell Unless you are Dustin, then it's a meditative sound.
DELL-ScottH http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/openmanage+systems+management
PeterCS Sorry, that was meant as a joke
Dustin_Dell http://www.dell.com/openmanage
DELL-ScottH Yes, many transcripts...hold for link
PeterCS :|
mclanem Are these chats held on a regular basis?
mrxinu @petercs, you got noobified, sir =(
PeterCS Yeah
mrxinu They've got a whiteboard at Dell with your name on it, and it just got one big frownie face
PeterCS He he he
Reed_Porter The guy that travelled with Luxwanna Troi (geek card renewed)
DELL-ScottH Chats are every week. Here is the list of up upcoming and previous chats with transcripts: http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/chat+topics+and+transcripts
Donnie-Dell Hah
mrxinu mrxinu (Smartass), petercs (noobcake), reed (link clicker)
BrianMason Gotta run. Thanks!
ramseyg_Dell We'll work on getting a YouTube demo together this week to talk about dell updates
mrxinu Take it easy, Brian
BrianMason left.
DELL-ScottH They are also listed and updated right on the home page: http://www.delltechcenter.com
ramseyg_Dell Next week's chat is a continuation chat on this one. We'll be here to answer any questions, clarify stuff, etc, etc.
mrxinu @dell-scotth, thanks man; bookmarking
DELL-ScottH Let me know if I can help
Reed_Porter Very nice, Greg and all, thanks for so much
ramseyg_Dell Here are the chat topics coming up: http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/chat+topics+and+transcripts
ramseyg_Dell Dell Client Configuration Utility (DCCU) at the beginning of January
DELL-ScottH Alright, looks like we are coming to an end; check out the link Greg just gave for the upcoming topics
ramseyg_Dell If you're not familiar with it, you want to be—trust me
DELL-ScottH Next week we will continue on this thread
ramseyg_Dell Allows you to configure BIOS, etc, using software distribution
PeterCS Thanks, guys
Dustin_Dell Sorry Petercs, I am in question-answer mode. I missed the detection of sarcasm
Donnie-Dell We encourage everyone to give this a try before next week so we can answer any questions you might have
ramseyg_Dell Keep an eye on TechCenter for our Rock Star video
DELL-ScottH Feel free to hang out and keep going with this chat as long as necessary
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mrxinu @dustin-dell, he even punctuated the question with “roflcoptor”
PeterCS Hard to show sarcasm over chat
PeterCS Np
mclanem Thanks for the info
DELL-ScottH **really** No, you don't say
ramseyg_Dell Thanks everyone for your time; send us your feedback. Tell us what you want to see more (and less) of
mrxinu Appreciated
brennels Thanks for the information Scott, good chat session
ramseyg_Dell We'll hang out for a little while in case there are additional Qs.
PeterCS I like <sarcasm> Really! </sarcasm>
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Reed_Porter This is so much more engaging than a webcast, I liked it
DELL-ScottH If you have any questions, just start a thread at the bottom of any page. They all bubble up to the main discussion thread, and we will be happy to answer
Donnie-Dell Good
Dustin_Dell I love <>tags </>
DELL-ScottH Thanks Reed, appreciate that feedback
ramseyg_Dell @reed_porter, good. Let us know what else you would like to chat on
DELL-ScottH http://www.delltechcenter.com/thread
ramseyg_Dell And Scott, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe chat is open 24/7
DELL-ScottH Yeah, but usually nobody is here
ramseyg_Dell So if we have a few peeps that want to discuss something, we can always break open a chat
Reed_Porter Neat
DELL-ScottH Yeah, chat is always on
Dell-RogerF And recorded
Reed_Porter Hey @delltechcenter didn't tweet the chat
DELL-ScottH Yes, and e-mailed nightly to myself and Roger :-)
ramseyg_Dell :) @good point on the "and recorded" :)
DELL-ScottH Did too, about three times
Donnie-Dell Will have to keep Greg on a leash then
ramseyg_Dell ...better be a big leash
PeterCS Alright, guys thanks! You have been very helpful. Have a good night. I have to go drive through the blizzard
DELL-ScottH @reed, four times actually
ramseyg_Dell @petercs stay safe in the snow!
DELL-ScottH Check your client :-)
Donnie-Dell Seeya Peter!
DELL-ScottH Drive safe
Reed_Porter Remember, my autoit3 skillz are sitting idle
Reed_Porter Night
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mrxinu Take care folks
mrxinu left.
ramseyg_Dell Big thanks also to all the Dell team on the line
Dell_-_AngelaQ Nice chating with you all. Thanks and I need to go for my next meeting
DELL-ScottH Thanks to Greg, Donnie, Angela, Dustin…who did I miss?
Reed_Porter left.
DELL-ScottH Oh and all you customers!
Dell_-_AngelaQ left.
Donnie-Dell Thanks for hosting, as always, Scott!
DELL-ScottH Couldn't ask for better users, you guys rock
Dustin_Dell Yeah thanks to the customers and who use the products we create; nice to know they weren't just posted and never used ;)
DELL-ScottH So are you guys planning to use the TechCenter pages as the main distro/helping pages? We use Google analytics, and I can get you reports on stats
PeterCS left.
ramseyg_Dell Yes, we want to make these the main helping pages, with supporting links to the other docs, which can be difficult to find
Donnie-Dell I think we are going to be posting a lot of Dell-specific system center stuff here, so those reports might be nice
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ramseyg_Dell I agree
DELL-ScottH Great, let me know if you need some help on the demo. I’ve got Camtasia installed on an XPS laptop if you need to borrow it. Would be nice to have for next week’s chat
ramseyg_Dell I agree. We'll try to get it done Wednesday or Thursday
Dell-RogerF Also, per the question on notification of new catalog updates, we could do that with just a TechCenter page that people could follow through e-mail notifications
DELL-ScottH Yeah, just a single page with a link to update in bold, that could work. Set a watch on the page
Scott_Ewing left.
ramseyg_Dell Yeah, I think we'll have to go that way for now...so only one manual step :)
Donnie-Dell That would be cool. Got to find some way to automate the posting of that information then. It's the manual steps that kill it.
Dell-RogerF Seems like a reasonable ask to PG
Donnie-Dell Absolutely. Well, gotta go. Thanks again everyone!
ramseyg_Dell Yep, we're working with Dustin on that one. Thanks everyone! great chat!
DELL-ScottH Yes, great chat. Thanks again, and see you next week
Dell-RogerF Thanks again!