Late night chat to discuss the recent VMworld 2008—special for all our members who surf the Web late into the night. We have continued to get a fair number of users from all over the world for our regular "daytime" chats, which are targeted at the U.S. time zones. It turns out that IT guys are often up in the middle of the night doing work: system updates, reading documentation, playing Team Fortress, and so on. Stop by the late-night chat and discuss the latest VMware developments that were announced at VMworld.

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Chat Transcript

DELL-ToddM Waiting on chat to start at 10
DELL-ScottH joined.
DELL-ToddM What’s up!
DELL-ToddM I'm finishing my last compliance course now
DELL-ScottH Watching TV...”Californication”--good show
ethoslight joined.
DELL-ScottH Am I still online
DELL-ScottH Looks like it
DELL-ToddM Welcome ethos
ethoslight Hey, how’s it going guys?
ethoslight Its markmathson from twitter
ethoslight Saw you were in here; thought id drop by :)
ethoslight Didn’t know this chat existed
DELL-ToddM Hey, Mark. Good to see you here
DELL-ToddM We're just kinda waiting for the crowd to gather
ethoslight Cool, I will have to remember this; unfortunately, I can’t stay long tonight because I’m working on some stuff
ethoslight But will drop by again
DELL-ToddM Yeah, I just got finished working on a Team Fortress 2 session :)
DELL-ToddM Now I'm doing real work stuff--required online training
DELL-ScottH Hey, Mark. So was your tweet in hex or dec for the conversion?
ethoslight Dec :)
DELL-ScottH So, what’s the significance?
ethoslight 9/30
DELL-ScottH Ah
ethoslight Today’s date
DELL-ScottH How was the Tf2 session?
DELL-ToddM I was medic mostly; got 20K healing points
DELL-ToddM We had one really awesome assault with uber heavies against about four or five sentry guns
DELL-ToddM Almost made it all the way through
DELL-ScottH Awesome
DELL-ToddM Opt-in, opt-out--Very fun stuff I am learning
DELL-ScottH Oh yeah, compliance courses were fun
greg.ashbaugh joined.
greg.ashbaugh Hola
DELL-ToddM Hey Greg. Welcome to late night
DELL-ScottH Hey greg
greg.ashbaugh Thanks
greg.ashbaugh Hey again Scott
DELL-ScottH Long time
greg.ashbaugh =]
DELL-ToddM w00t, I am compliant with training requirements--with two hours to spare
greg.ashbaugh Congrats
greg.ashbaugh I have two trainings, which I’m delinquent on at work.
DELL-ToddM I just realized this morning that the deadline for our group was Oct 1st
greg.ashbaugh You guys getting paid overtime :)
DELL-ScottH Yeah, he had this deer-in-the-headlights look during the meeting
DELL-ToddM Well, it looks a little bit thin on chatters so far
DELL-ScottH ppppppppuuuuuuullllleeeaaaazzzzzeeeeee
DELL-ScottH The job is reward enough
greg.ashbaugh So what direction are you taking twitter?
DELL-ScottH Or manager reads this, right?
greg.ashbaugh I’ll sign a virtual chat NDA
greg.ashbaugh :p
DELL-ToddM The twitter meeting was about setting up an "official" delltechcenter account
DELL-ToddM And a "personal" team twitter account for Scott and me
DELL-ScottH Which of course has no followers now
greg.ashbaugh W might be getting be getting into the vi4 beta
greg.ashbaugh Which will be awesome
DELL-ToddM Which we did--delltechcenter is official, dellservergeeks is Scott and me
DELL-ToddM I haven't really checked in with our engineering guys on what they have tested with vi4 to date
DELL-ToddM Usually they are working with VMware all along to make sure that Dell servers will work well with ESX
DELL-ToddM PERC drivers and OpenManage support, for example
greg.ashbaugh Yeah, I’d like to show off some of the new features to the head honchos at work
DELL-ScottH I forget how nice we have it; can just download the builds
greg.ashbaugh That's definitely nice
DELL-ToddM Are you guys a big VMware shop today? Lots of Vi3 already in production
DELL-ToddM ?
DELL-ScottH And the MSDN sub is a cool perk
greg.ashbaugh Yeah, we have a total of 35 ESX servers right now
greg.ashbaugh Connected to EMC Clarion
greg.ashbaugh And Symetrex
DELL-ScottH Do you deploy virtual first? Or still consolidating?
greg.ashbaugh We just bought twenty 2950s
DELL-ToddM Are you all Fibre? Or is there some iSCSI in there?
greg.ashbaugh They created a "VMware first" policy
greg.ashbaugh Where it has to be considered first
DELL-ToddM I ask about the storage because we are doing a series of selecting the right storage for virtualization starting next week
greg.ashbaugh No iSCSI for us
greg.ashbaugh How does iSCSI perform in comparison to the Fibre?
greg.ashbaugh That will be interesting
DELL-ToddM In most small block random I/O scenarios, iSCSI will perform just as well as Fibre when comparing the same number/type of disks
greg.ashbaugh I set up my home openfiler server with iSCSI; that's as far as I've done with it :)
DELL-ToddM Large block sequential allows Fibre to take advantage of its higher throughput in terms of Mb/s
DELL-ToddM So things like backup can be much faster on Fibre
greg.ashbaugh So is the end of the late night chats?
DELL-ToddM It doesn't look good.
DELL-ScottH Could be...took us months to get the regular chats going
DELL-ToddM We keep trying new ideas on the site; some work and some don't
greg.ashbaugh I’ll try to keep coming on a regular basis
greg.ashbaugh Good information being shared
DELL-ToddM We might need to do a little more promotion before giving up on this one
DELL-ScottH Yeah, just keep throwing and throwing...the 3 pm’s have been good lately
DELL-ScottH Maybe 9 pm would be better
DELL-ScottH Catch 10 on the east coast
greg.ashbaugh Do you guys ever watch Chris Pirillo?
DELL-ScottH Used to follow him all the time
DELL-ToddM I haven't heard of him before--just used Google to get his site up
greg.ashbaugh He's doing an unboxing right now
DELL-ToddM Indeed he is. I tried out one of those systems in a store once
greg.ashbaugh He used to be a host on Tech TV
greg.ashbaugh With Leo Laporte
DELL-ScottH I really want a Microsoft surface
greg.ashbaugh I’ll take one too
DELL-ScottH Maybe you can pick one up cheap in a few years
DELL-ToddM Maybe we could do an unboxing via chat
DELL-ScottH With twitpics, that might work
DELL-ToddM I'm opening the box. I see some docs
greg.ashbaugh You guys should set up a ustream or stickam live stream or something in a lab
greg.ashbaugh Demonstrating some stuff
greg.ashbaugh That would be cool
DELL-ToddM I throw the docs away and now I see the server
DELL-ScottH Lol
DELL-ToddM I think that’s a cool idea--do some server demo stuff or unboxing in a video
greg.ashbaugh Have you seen
greg.ashbaugh I watch their shows
greg.ashbaugh Another example of video
DELL-ScottH Looks good
DELL-ToddM Dude!
DELL-ScottH Yeah, you clicked a link!
DELL-ScottH hahaha
greg.ashbaugh lol
DELL-ToddM Yes, I fell for the click on a link thing
DELL-ScottH Well, think I'm going to drop off
greg.ashbaugh Night, Scott
DELL-ScottH Catching up on “Californication”--funny show, sick humor
greg.ashbaugh I guess I'll take off as well. See ya on twitter
DELL-ToddM Thanks Greg!
DELL-ScottH Yeah, Greg, thanks!
greg.ashbaugh Welcome. See ya next time
greg.ashbaugh Adios
Dell-RogerF joined.
Dell-RogerF Everybody go home?
DELL-ToddM Only had a couple of guys show up; and one of them was in the afternoon chat
DELL-ToddM The other had to run as well
DELL-ToddM Both were from twitter
Dell-RogerF Following Dellservergeeks?
DELL-ToddM Yes, dellservergeeks followers
DELL-ToddM We may need to try this again with a little bit more promotion
DELL-ToddM Maybe at 9 instead of 10
DELL-ToddM I'm watching a live unboxing on the Web at
DELL-ToddM He has about 800 viewers
Dell-RogerF Now that's something we could do with new products
Dell-RogerF I need to get back to Geometry proofs though
DELL-ToddM We could even record it and just post the video
DELL-ToddM Have fun with your shapes
Dell-RogerF No, it's theorems.
DELL-ToddM Or proof that the shape is the shape that you think it is
Dell-RogerF That's more like it. See you tomorrow.