Join us for a discussion around using the Dell™ OpenManage™ suite with the Microsoft® Hyper-V™ technology.

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DELL-ScottH hello Jerry !
jerrypele Hello. I may not be able to give my full attention. We'll see
DELL-ScottH doesn't start for another 1 hour and 15 minutes, so I'm sure I'll lose all your attention by then :-)
jerrypele I haven't particicpated in any of these yet, so I joined early to see excactly what I might expect
DELL-ScottH bunch of banter back and forth , very informal ... are you with Dell or a customer ?
jerrypele Value added reseller, of sorts
DELL-ScottH cool, welcome to the site .. sometimes we have a bunch of people join, sometimes just a few. Feel free to lurk or join in at any point when we kick off ...
jerrypele Ok, I'll just 'hang out'
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DELL-ScottH hello james
James_Culley Hey Scott
James_Culley I have to get over there sometime and meet
DELL-ScottH always here just hanging out ... would love company
James_Culley Went to Mms this year, lot's of buzz on hyper-v
DELL-ScottH Todd is doing some testing right now with a ton of Vms on a single server connected to a bunch of Equallogic storage ... he's having fun , lots of blinknig lights
DELL-ScottH getting him to come on now
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DELL-ScottH Todd ! ... was just talking about you
DELL-ToddM Hello Everybody
DELL-ScottH hello dammmifino !
DELL-ToddM Yes - blinky lights
James_Culley sounds like fun!
DELL-ToddM I setup 40 Vms on an R900
DELL-ToddM Using Equallogic storage on back end
James_Culley this is with the new hyper-v
James_Culley ?
DELL-ToddM Yes - Hyper-v with the patch that makes it final version 1.0
James_Culley What is the virtual machine Bios? How do you install server admin since it is not Dell bios and has no service tag?
DELL-ScottH ahhhh , Omsa is not for the Vm's .... installed on the physical server
DELL-ToddM Omsa is just installed on what Microsoft calls the Parent partition
DELL-ToddM This is the windows sever 2008 that is installed directly on the hardware and where you enable the Hyper-v role
James_Culley just like we currently do with Esx
DELL-ScottH exactly
DELL-ToddM The parent partition also has all of the device drivers that the child partitions end up using to communicate with the devices
DELL-ToddM Overall it is simliar to the service console in Esx in some ways, but in other ways the parent partition is very different
James_Culley So, I am assuming It Assistant will classify the Vm's like it does with Esx Vm's
DELL-ToddM It Assistant doesn't yet have support for Hyper-v Vms
DELL-ToddM So it won't recoginze them like it does for Esx
James_Culley ok
DELL-ScottH pulling up out Ita box now to see what it sees
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DELL-ScottH hello cmdr
James_Culley I think ita gets the vm info from the Esx mibs
DELL-ToddM Welcome cmdr
DELL-ScottH yes, for Esx that is true
DELL-ScottH just looked at out Ita console , all the hyper-v vm's show up in the Unknown devices category
James_Culley Not sure on the roadmap for that, perhaps the ita replacement Dmc will classify them
James_Culley we should probably ping sustaining
DELL-ScottH Yes it looks very similar to what we had with Esx .... and then they added the support for the Esx groups, I think with Dmc being around the corner there is more focus on that side, but Ita will still be around for a while
James_Culley they will probably need to tweek ita to read the virtual machine Oids from the parent Mib and the Wmi classes.
cmdr Hello guys.
DELL-ToddM We should be getting started with the "offical" chat in a few minutes
cmdr Okie
DELL-ToddM Although we try not to be very formal :)
cmdr Are you guys from Austin?
James_Culley yup
DELL-ToddM Yes - we are in Austin (actually Round Rock to be more precise)
DELL-ToddM We meaning Scott and I - we are both on Dell Techcenter team
James_Culley I am Dell Enterprise support.
DELL-ToddM Where are you at cmdr?
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DELL-ScottH hello rayg
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rayg hello gents...
cmdr Todd Sorry I was away a bit
cmdr I am in Houston
DELL-ScottH hello mark
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DELL-ScottH yah houston
DELL-ScottH hello rager
DELL-ScottH roger
cmdr yup tropical storm spared us one more time :)
Dell-RogerF Afternoon all.
cmdr Afternoon professor. Roger
cmdr :)
DELL-ToddM Hey rayg
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rayg can I rant about how crappy Scvmmbeta is!!!
rayg hey todd
DELL-ToddM Welcome bert
mark Hi Bert
DELL-ScottH Welcome all to our third and final webchat around hyper-v management
DELL-ScottH hahah
DELL-ScottH noooooo
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DELL-ToddM I have been using Scvmm 2008 beta as well
bert Hi Mark
DELL-ScottH errrr and it's been "testing" us at times too :-)
cmdr You would choose Hyperv over Vi ?
rayg You can say that again Scott!
DELL-ScottH today's chat should be relatively short around the topic of Openmanage on Hyper-v ... then we can jump off onto other topics
DELL-ScottH it works.
DELL-ScottH was that short enough ?
DELL-ToddM As it stands right now - Vmware Esx and Virtual Center is a better solution for virtualization
cmdr Cool.
rayg hee he
DELL-ToddM If you are doing " a bunch " of Vms
DELL-ToddM For smaller things - Hyper-v would probably be fine
DELL-ToddM Many point to price of Hyper-v as being pretty attractive
rayg what would you call "a bunch"?
DELL-ScottH if you look through the chat history (action .. Recent Room History) todd was discussing some of things he's doing right now
cmdr Do you guys have provisioning tools?
DELL-ToddM Hey - come on I was trying to be vague!
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DELL-ScottH cmdr ... elaborate
cmdr Say I want to virtualize 10 servers of application development group
cmdr and I would like to measure it's I/o
rayg yep its inthere
DELL-ToddM I think the problem with really comparing Hyper-v and Esx is that Scvmm is still in beta and Virtual Center is a mature product
cmdr I mean their I/o and then use a tool to provision my need.
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DELL-ScottH To move them around and optimize for performance ?
DELL-ToddM Hey Al
DELL-ScottH hello Al
Al hey guys!
DELL-ToddM Just getting started Action, Recent Room history will get you caught up
Al thx
DELL-ScottH You'll see some of that coming in the form of a Pro Pack addon for Scvmm ... Pro = Performance and Resource Optimization
cmdr Scott to virtualize them. I currently have 10 Dell 2950 servers
DELL-ScottH One of the guys from the Dell Virt Engineering team has a demo we jsut posted that shows Pro working with Scvmm in the case of a simulated power failure
DELL-ScottH link to come ..
DELL-ScottH so you mean physical to virtual migration tools ?
DELL-ScottH here's the link to the Pro pack demo --
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cmdr Scott: P2v is not a problem. Right now, I have 10 old physical servers, I would like to know which tool to measure their performance (beside perfmon) and tool to provision my need purchase new servers to virtualize those 10 old servers.
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DELL-ScottH for hyper-v or vmware ?
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cmdr Both if it's possible.
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DELL-ToddM One option is that Dell services can be engaged to do an assesment that will result in a detailed report with recommendations about which servers to virtualize and settings for the Vms
DELL-ScottH There are some partner tools ... .platespins Powerrecon works for Vmware .. not sure for Hyper-v ...
DELL-ScottH and of course the services ...
DELL-ToddM As far as I know this is oriented towards Vmware - but I would think that Hyper-v will be added at some point
DELL-ToddM Let me check with service guy that I know
cmdr Cool. Thanks.
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DELL-ScottH So ranjith's demo shows what is possible with the Pro Tips, and as the admin you can choose to manually implement the tips or automate them. may more coming
DELL-ScottH welcome Paul !
Paul_Shadwell Hi there.
cmdr That'll work.
Paul_Shadwell Saw Todd's tweet that you will be talking about Hyper-v, you don't mind if I sit in do you?
DELL-ScottH So longer answer to my short answer earlier .... Omsa installs and works on Windows Server 2008 with the Hyper-v role ... supported
DELL-ScottH aren't you a printer guy ?
DELL-ToddM Paul - Action, Recent Room History will give a run down of what we have been talking about - glad to have you here!
DELL-ScottH I think the confusion at times is that some people try to install the Omsa agent on the Vm ....
James_Culley it works
cmdr oh
James_Culley not on a vm
rayg it just gets installed on the host machine then?
James_Culley on the parent
James_Culley correct, just the host
DELL-ScottH and people in the past have installed Omsa on Vms of "other vendors" Vm software ... and it works "somewhat"
James_Culley has to be server admin v5.4
DELL-ToddM In Hyper V lingo parent = host
James_Culley works on 2k8 core too
DELL-ScottH but yes, it's meant to manage and monitor "metal"
DELL-ScottH yes, and I actually like the Om Cli tools better than the gui
DELL-ScottH but that's my preference from writing scripts
DELL-ScottH so Todd what are you hoping to show with your "bunch of" Vm testing on the Equalogic and R900 ?
DELL-ToddM I'm working on a whitepaper that will highlight the performance of Hyper-v on R900 server
DELL-ToddM Lots of stuff has been done about performance of Esx - but not much with Hyper-v
DELL-ToddM So this is a test to see how well is scales with "a bunch" of Vms
James_Culley R900, 256 Gig of Ram, should scale out nicely!
DELL-ToddM Using Equallogic storage is also a cool aspect of the testing for me, as I haven't had a chance before now to really stress it
DELL-ToddM Alas, my R900 only has 128gb
James_Culley only, lol
cmdr yup
cmdr I ordered a R900 last month, 128gb as well.
cmdr 43K
cmdr educational price hehe
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DELL-ScottH I bet Intel might need something to put these into --
DELL-ScottH hey kent
DELL-ToddM I started to use Scvmm 2008 beta to manage this environment, but had too many little issues
DELL-ScottH you're telling me .... I couldn't log on earlier, but turned out to be Id-10-t error on my part
DELL-ScottH helps if you logon with the right admin id
DELL-ScottH Ray how's your testing been going ?
rayg hmmmm - hit and miss.
rayg had some group policy issues with my win2k8 boxes. got that ironed out.
DELL-ScottH past the functional part yet ?
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DELL-ScottH yeah active directory still gives me troubles
rayg Now I'm battling with Scvmm. 1 host with 1 vm;
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rayg scvmm on r300; host 2950
rayg scvmm keeps giving me: Connection to the Vmm server Localhost lost
rayg it closes then opens and is ok. till it does it again!
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DELL-ScottH you're not on Token Ring are you ?
rayg hee hee.. Hell No!
rayg feels like it hough!
cmdr hehe
DELL-ScottH hmmm Todd just lost his connection
rayg I'll get it figured out... following the Kb950049/950050 thread now.
DELL-ScottH apparently he had several things to say, and thought we were ignoring him
rayg hmm
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DELL-ScottH he must be on Ham radio connection
rayg nope he clicked a link
DELL-ScottH hahha
DELL-ScottH got you in the beginning
rayg I know! I even r clicked
rayg Did you guys get the P2v to work or even get to test it?
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DELL-ScottH Todd got hiccups on same place I did, we put it on pause with other things hitting the plates
DELL-ScottH have you had a chance to get it working ?
rayg not yet gotten a chance to try it.
rayg Any good web resources for batteling the Scvmm error Hell?
rayg or do you guys just get to pickup the phone and talk to the Ms team!??
DELL-ToddM I get the same lost connection message in Scvmm
DELL-ScottH I wish .. we get to talk to a person, who knows a person, who knows someone that knows someone on the inside
rayg pretty regularly? todd?
DELL-ToddM It seemed to happen more as I had more Vms on the server
DELL-ToddM After it reconnects some of the Vms would go into a missing state
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rayg per Ms - Kb950049 -> Kb950050 are supposed to fix it.
rayg Restart the service and they are back, right!
DELL-ScottH looking at that article right now
DELL-ToddM I will check out these Kbs, but restarting isn't really an option that just fixes it
rayg Scott; I have 950050 installed - so do you ; it doens't!
DELL-ToddM Becuase these lost connections were causing my clone and migrate jobs to fail
rayg The Kb's come from Windows Update
rayg Mine too!
rayg usually @ 97% too!
DELL-ToddM I assume that this issue will be resolved in final version of Scvmm 2008
rayg my thoughts too... Beta software
rayg did you notice that the Help doesn't work either?
DELL-ToddM Yes - but that seems to be pretty standard operating procedure in tech - Do everything and document at the end
DELL-ScottH it helped me halfway with the self service portal setup , but left out key steps about group persmissions
DELL-ToddM I know that's the way that I wrote my C programs in school - do all the comments at the very end
DELL-ScottH you had comments ?
DELL-ScottH # kewl code
DELL-ToddM Just pray that I could still comprehend my own code!
DELL-ToddM Early results from testing looks like Hyper-v is performing pretty well
DELL-ToddM I have 32 Vms up and running under stress and the results are in the range of what I would expect
rayg how many hosts?
DELL-ToddM 1 R900 with 4 quad-core procs and 128gb of Ram
rayg oh, right
DELL-ToddM The task manager screen with 16 little Cpu boxes is pretty cool to see
rayg What's next weeks topic?
DELL-ToddM Next week's topic is Esxi
DELL-ToddM We will talk about both features / function and licensing
DELL-ToddM Seeing as how Vmware announced that Esxi is free
DELL-ToddM But there is really more to it than that
DELL-ScottH anyone here headed to Vmworld next month ?
DELL-ToddM I'm going
DELL-ScottH if you can't make it, or even if you can we will be twittering all the cool happenings and sessions ...
DELL-ScottH the account is pretty active right now with Todd and I tweeting happenings in the lab and outside the lab
DELL-ToddM Any requests for future chat topics?
Paul_Shadwell this interesting guys thanks
DELL-ScottH I really wanted to take a sneak pic of an interesting server I saw in the hall, but that thought that I liked my job more !
cmdr virtualization provisioning tools?
rayg P2v
Paul_Shadwell Fyi I have a Hyper-v and a Esx server in my lab working together.
DELL-ScottH define "together"
DELL-ToddM Cool - We also have Hyper-v and Esx being managed by Scvmm in our lab
Paul_Shadwell Application server Vm running in Esx talking to a Sql Server Vm on Hyper-v
DELL-ScottH the cool thing would be able to Vmotion from Esx to Hyper-v !
DELL-ToddM Scott even did a video demo -
Paul_Shadwell Not that difficult really :-)
DELL-ToddM Cool setup - what do you think about Hyper-v so far?
Paul_Shadwell Moving Vms between the two would be cool for sure.
DELL-ScottH yeah was pretty scarry how fast the Ms product assimilated the Virtual Center
Paul_Shadwell Esx is quicker to setup the host. Hyper-v is quicker to setup a new Vm from scratch.
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rayg thanks guys - peace out
DELL-ToddM Yes and Esxi is even quicker to setup on host!
DELL-ToddM Thanks rayg
DELL-ScottH thanks again to everyone for joining ....i'll be out next week so take it easy on Todd and Roger
Paul_Shadwell Do you know of any way to run a Esx vm on Hyper-v?
Dell-RogerF Have a good vacation Scott
Paul_Shadwell and vis-a-versa
DELL-ScottH have to look into that .. platespin has v to v conversion ... or maybe a p2v using Esx Vm as the P ..... hmmmmmmm
DELL-ScottH could be a cool hack
DELL-ScottH Vm Convertor from Vmware does Virtual-server to Vmdk
Paul_Shadwell good point, I'll try that
DELL-ScottH thanks again everyone ! ... follow us on twitter and thanks for being members of the Techcenter
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DELL-ScottH cmdr ... Todd got email back from services guy ... they have done some hyper-v assessment pilot projects and could do a custom project ... email todd and he'll get you in touch with him
cmdr Cool.
DELL-ScottH Underscore
cmdr Cool. Thanks bro.
Paul_Shadwell bye
cmdr do you know Patrick Polster?
cmdr bye.
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DELL-ScottH I don't
cmdr okie. no biggie, he's our Dell sale guy
cmdr I am watching your demo now.
cmdr it's cool
cmdr Are you comforable with Powershell ?
DELL-ScottH not yet
DELL-ScottH bash, korn, I'm old linux guy
cmdr :) then Ps shouldn't be a problem for you :)
DELL-ScottH yeah, they are all just different ways of making spaghetti !
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