Microsoft's Hyper-V is released. Come join us for a discussion around using Microsoft's System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

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Chat Transcript

DELL-ScottH Hello rayg !
DELL-ScottH chillin
DELL-ToddM Hey rayg
rayg yep
rayg new server r300 out of box today.
rayg downloading Scvmm2008 beta as we speek
DELL-ScottH cool
rayg what are you guys pimping today?
DELL-ToddM Does your r300 have Windows Server 2008 already?
rayg I just loaded it this a.m. Win2k8 64bit Edt Ed.
DELL-ScottH some more of what we talked last week, but now Todd and I have demos of it
rosalind_bell joined.
DELL-ScottH hello rosalind !
rayg cool
DELL-ToddM Hey Rosalind
rosalind_bell hello
rosalind_bell how are you two
DELL-ScottH we'll give a few more minutes for people to connect ... let's continue the banter
DELL-ScottH doing well, and you ?
rosalind_bell well, I'm practicing.....
DELL-ScottH try the smileys ::surprise
DELL-ScottH or the sounds
DELL-KentS joined.
DELL-ScottH hello kent
DELL-ToddM Welcome Kent!
rayg ::beer
DELL-KentS Good afternoon!
DELL-ScottH I saw that your are going to do a great session at techsummit
DELL-KentS As long as you don't steal all of my thunder today
rayg audience looks to be too small for that
DELL-ScottH I think you'll have more attendees :-)
DELL-ScottH agreed rayg
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DELL-ScottH ohh wow, please hold for the president ! .. welcome
DELL-ToddM Hello prez!
DELL-ScottH ok, let's kick it off and others can catch up as needed
theprezodent Hey guys, I am having computer issues. Be back in a min
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DELL-ScottH Welcome everyone to our 2nd week of Hyper-v management ... last week we talked briefly about Scvmm08 ....
rayg don't sweat it, Bush isn't that smart either!
DELL-ScottH Todd and I have had a little more time in the lab with it and have produced a couple of demos
DELL-ScottH mine is on using Scvmm08 to initiate a Vmware Vmotion .... here's the link
DELL-ToddM Link to last week's chat transcript - Right Click to avoid leaving chat -
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DELL-ScottH caught one !
DELL-ScottH on that page you'll find mine and Todd's demos ...
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DELL-ScottH I was amazed at how easy it was to ...
DELL-ScottH got two
DELL-ScottH I'll wait
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DELL-ScottH so in conclusion ...
DELL-ScottH lol
DELL-ToddM My video demo shows using Scvmm to clone a Hyper-v Vm
DELL-ScottH .... how easy it was to manage Esx from Scvmm08
DELL-ScottH Todd, what does yours show ?
rayg have you guys tested P2v or is that even included in the beat now?
rayg sorry beta
DELL-KentS Or use firefox ;)
DELL-ToddM My video shows how to use Scvmm to clone a Hyper-v Vm.....
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DELL-ToddM It includes the sysprep that you must do on the Vm before the clone,
DELL-ToddM the actual clone wizard in Scvmm,
DELL-ToddM and the final customization that is done to the new Vm after it boots the first time
DELL-ToddM All very cool
DELL-ToddM More cool than Scott
DELL-ScottH is that a new character in the Star wars movie .. "the clone wizard" ?
DELL-ScottH most def cooler than mine
DELL-ScottH the convert physical server option is in the beta but I haven';t played with it yet .. have you todd ?
DELL-ToddM I haven't tried the P2v either
DELL-ScottH I'm looking at it right now, and it seems pretty straight forward
DELL-ScottH wizard based with steps on the left panel
rayg good topic for next week fellas! demo material!
DELL-ScottH yeah, I can try sucking up todds gateway machine right now
DELL-ScottH he doens't mind when I do updates and stuff to his box in the middle of the day
DELL-ScottH one quick thing I'd liek to cover is the sefl service portal
DELL-ToddM I only mind a little, as long as I'm not in the middle of a test
DELL-ToddM like last time
DELL-ToddM ::smoke
DELL-ScottH Don't make me bring up the "storage" thing again ::sadeyes
DELL-ScottH Where did all our production Vm's go ?
rayg I've read about that "feature" reboot the scmvmm
DELL-ScottH haha, yeah beta code is nice .. had to restart the console a couple times, but not too many
rayg fill us in... how did you restet the console as I'm sure we'll all have to do it!
DELL-ScottH with the self service role, you can create groups and place hyper-v servers in them for other admins to manage through the web browser
DELL-ScottH simple close and reopen worked this time.
DELL-ScottH Todd have to add the hyper-v hosts back in last time, right ?
DELL-ScottH had
rayg what level of Admin does it give them?
DELL-ToddM Yes - I had to remove the Hyper-v server from Scvmm and then do an Add Hosts to put it back
DELL-ToddM Then all the Vms were back where they were supposed to be
DELL-ScottH you have choices for the admin levels
DELL-ToddM I assume this was due to the beta level of the code
DELL-ScottH can allow users all tasks or just speciofic .... I'm looking at those options in the console right now ... and agree it would be a great demo
rayg so Self Service allows selected people to control selected vm's. Like roll back changes - etc>?
DELL-ScottH yes manage checkpoints is one task to allow/disallow
rayg so its good for a Huge Enterprise with geographically dispersed admins?
DELL-ScottH start - stop - pause - remove - remote control - shutdown
DELL-ScottH well it's for the hyper-v managers
DELL-ScottH the Vm's are just regular servers in the Ad
DELL-ScottH so regular user roles are the same at that level
DELL-ScottH and I would say yes is the answer
rayg yeah... just trying to make a business case for it.
DELL-ScottH it also allows you to let them create Vm's .. and you can cap it with a quota on the number they can create
DELL-ScottH so pretty cool, like Vmware's lab manager, but all bundled in
rayg Your Developers would Love It!
DELL-ScottH yes !
DELL-ScottH is your beta downloaded yet ?
rayg 2430.6 remaing 12 hrs!
DELL-ToddM The self service portal is part of Scvmm - not windows 2008
rayg right.
DELL-ScottH oooffffa .. tin can and a string Isp ?
rayg T1
DELL-ToddM Just trying to be clear on what is bundled with what :)
rayg does self service install iwth Scvmm by default or is it an option?
DELL-ScottH Todd ?
DELL-ScottH I can't recall, I can bring up the insgtall screen
DELL-ToddM It is an additional option
DELL-ToddM When you insert the Scvmm Dvd you get a splash screen with lots of options
DELL-ToddM There are three options that will install the three different pieces -
DELL-ToddM Server, Admin Console, and Self Service Portal
rayg roger
DELL-ToddM They must each be run seperately - there isn't a master install program that will give you the option to install all
DELL-ToddM This may be becusae it is still in Beta?
rayg beta software!
DELL-ScottH Was messing with the P2v just now and get to a screen to gather information about the server and it stops with error about Wmi service not running ... have to check more
rayg That what I've seen out on the forums Scott
DELL-ScottH Vmm is unable to complete the request. The connection to the agent was lost. ensure that the Wmi service and the agent are installed and running and that a firewall is not blocking Http and Wmi traffic. id: 3157 details: The Rpc server is unavailable (0x800706ba)
DELL-ScottH just pasting so they'll come here now too ! :-)
rayg hit and miss luck is the norm I think
DELL-ScottH is that the Ms Technet forums ?
DELL-ToddM That system is a Hyper-v server - not sure if you can P2v that
DELL-ScottH which ones are you following ?
DELL-ScottH ohh yeah, duh
rayg Following links from Hypervoria
rayg you guys seen it?
DELL-ScottH ha, you almost got me to click on it the wrong way !
rayg good stuff!
DELL-ScottH looking now, haven't seen that one ... thanks for the link
rayg sure - good resource so far!
DELL-ToddM I was on this site a few days ago
DELL-ScottH are you pimping your own site ? :-)
rayg nope...
rayg no Msmvp here.
rayg My site is about Mountain Biking... i'll link it iffn you guys want! hee hee!
DELL-ScottH hey look, they link to us --
rayg Thats How I Found You Guys!
rayg famous you are!
DELL-ScottH we'll have to show them some love
DELL-ScottH strong with the force are you
rayg they'd dig your demos me thinks
rayg pimp me will ya! ;)
DELL-ScottH ok, so we've got the demos ... self service portal demo would be good to do .... what else ?
rayg you asking me?
DELL-ScottH yeah, we got you surronded ... and just general question to the audience at large
rayg simple install ? if I may?
DELL-ToddM I was hoping to hear from Kent as well - what are you seeing with Hyper-v customers?
DELL-ToddM The Scvmm install is fairly simple.
DELL-ScottH yeah, that would be a boring demo, you';ll see in 12 hours
DELL-ToddM I setup a Sql Server 2005 instance instead of using the Sql Express install option.
rayg do I need to install the Hyperv role on the server for it?
DELL-ScottH Kent, what are you going to show at techsummit ?
DELL-ToddM And the thing I didn't get before starting was that you have to install the Scvmm server on a Windows 2008 server system
DELL-ToddM Hyper-v does not have to be installed on the Scvmm server
rayg Should it be?
DELL-ScottH the recommnedation is to not have hyper-v on the managment server
rayg ok thanks!
DELL-ScottH that might be some of our problems in the lab
DELL-ScottH but Todd and Rtfm after the fact usually
DELL-ScottH .. and I
DELL-KentS Seeing lots of people kicking the tires
DELL-ToddM I'm like everybody else - I rftm and google when I run into problems
DELL-KentS from a Dell hardware management perspective we have seemless support for Omsa in Server 2008 so there is no issue integrating into an exisiting management framework
DELL-ScottH have you installed Omsa on it ?
DELL-ScottH that's part of my work for next week
DELL-KentS Yes I have it running in the Toronto Showcase
DELL-ScottH and working as designed/expected ?
rayg sorry, what's Omsa... Open Manage S A?
DELL-KentS Absolutely
DELL-KentS Openmanage Server Administrator
DELL-KentS our hardware manamgement agent
rayg thanks I know what it is.. .just not he acronym
DELL-ScottH yeah, we have too many in the tech industry
DELL-ScottH Well hang out for a little longer, that's about all we had to cover this week ....
DELL-ScottH we'll work on the portal demo - the p2v (if it works) - and next week talk about openmanage on hyper-v
DELL-ScottH thanks to Todd for his great demo !
DELL-ScottH and thanks to everyone for showing up again
DELL-ScottH tell your friends to come see us !
rayg I just started watching them. See you cats next week.
rayg my download should be done by then!
DELL-ScottH later gator
DELL-ScottH ha
rayg left.
DELL-ToddM I just joined on the Hypervoria site
DELL-ScottH cool, I'll join too
DELL-KentS Later Guys
DELL-ScottH thanks kent, later
DELL-KentS left.
DELL-ScottH bye
rosalind_bell bye...............
Stuart Bah!
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Using Microsoft's SCVMM 2008 to Clone a Hyper-V VM
By Todd Muirhead
Download .WMV file ~3.5MB
Quick demo of using Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 to clone a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine running Windows Server 2008. The demo includes the sysprep of the VM, clone wizard in SCVMM 2008, and final customization of VM after cloning.