Switching from HP Systems Insight Manager to Dell OpenManage can appear to be a daunting task. Come join us for a chat around decoding the HP terminology and tools to the Dell OpenManage set of tools.

See transcript from the chat below. If you have any further questions or thoughts on this topic, simply start a thread at the bottom of the page.

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Dell OpenManage Home Page

SystemsEdge Blog posting on the Secret Decoder Ring for Systems Management

Chat Transcript

DELL-ScottH welcome to out weekly chat session - this one is on the Secret Decoder ring ...
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DELL-ScottH sounds intriguing, right ? ...
DELL-ScottH hi Greg
ramseyg Hi Scott
DELL-ScottH I'll kick it off with a few links to things we've been doing in the lab and some links to resources
DELL-ScottH then feel free to jump in with any questions
DELL-ScottH and it's ok to jump in whenever, we're pretty good about handling multiple streams of thought
DELL-ScottH We are currently in the middle of a topic area on the techcenter around switching to openmanage from other vendors platforms ...
DELL-ScottH this is the link where I'm keeping all that work - http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/switching+to+dell+systems+management
DELL-ScottH caveat, if you click on any links, you leave the chat ... Right click on them instead
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DELL-ScottH So the secret decoder ring came from this thought I had on a blog posting -- http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/04%2f03%2f2008+-+secret+decoder+ring
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DELL-ScottH basically, how can you explain to current Hp or Ibm customers how to "map" what they know in that vendors systems management world to Dell's ....
DELL-ScottH the actually mapping is on this page -- http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/competitive+mapping
DELL-ScottH so using that chart you can quickly grasp what each of the Dell Openmanage tools do, because you have a reference to what you already know
Tom what was 1st Url, when I selected 1st time it re-laucnhed me into this chat
DELL-ScottH once you have that down, the next frequently asked questions is "what do I download" .. and "what are all the acronoyms"
DELL-ScottH @tom -- http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/switching+to+dell+systems+management
Tom thx
DELL-ToddM Tom - Be sure to right click on Urls in the chat - so it will open new window instead of dropping you to new page
DELL-ScottH so in order to figure out what to Dl and explain the acronyms this blog posting will help -- http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/2-8-2008+-+openmanage+download+-+comments
Tom ::smoke
DELL-ScottH The most current thing I've been working on is figuring out how to manage an Hp Dl385 on my Ita machine in the lab
DELL-ScottH I've got all my current findings here -- http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/managing+non-dell+servers+with+ita
DELL-ScottH currently at the point where I can see the machine and get some details, but need to import more Mibs ....
DELL-ScottH once I get a nice prog/script written, I will share and we can all benefit. Should be easy to modify to import other vendors Mibs
DELL-ScottH So that's all some good background information and will point you in the right direction ... what specific questions does anyone have ... or any personal experiences switching from Hp/ibm/etc to the Dell world ?
DELL-ScottH ohhh btw, I also setup a page where you can submit Suggestions for improvements - http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/openmanage+suggestions+for+improvements
Steve_Bagaason How do you overcome the objection, "I'm used to Hp Sim, I can manage your Dell servers with Sim, why should I switch?"
DELL-ScottH Well my first gut reaction is to ackowledge that since we built platforms on standards they have the choice to manage with whatever they want ... so that is goodness ... although you will get much more detail using our agents, over simple Snmp monitoring
DELL-ScottH personally, the only thing I care about is switcihing all the Hp servers to Dell servers, they can manage with Hp Sim if they want to keep doing that :-)
Dell-RogerF Sim can receive the Snmp alerts but doesn't provide inventory or sw/fw update capability
DELL-ToddM They should still put Server Administrator on the individual Dell servers and use Hp Sim console
DELL-ScottH yes, you definitely want Ita for firmware updates, you won't get that in the Sim console for the Dell machines, and it's a string feature in the prodcut
DELL-ScottH strong
Steve_Bagaason I often say something similar including more granularity. I guess it depends on the customer. If it is early on in the cycle, I have encouraged them to use Sim on Dell and try to schedule to come back and do another dive into Openmanage later. Good point about updates.
DELL-ScottH Yes, and if they just want to see some demos - you can point them here -- http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/openmanage+demos
DELL-ScottH they can get a feel without spending too much time installing in their labs .. and we are always here as a resource for their questions on planning
Steve_Bagaason Going forward, I'm going to stress the Bios, firmware and driver updating from Ita. It is a feature that is important and if I can demo Om, one to many updates is a big part of that. Thx.
DELL-ScottH other thoughts, discussion - can be on this topic or we can wander off topic ... sometimes we tromp all over Todd's chats, so feel free to stomp on mine :-)
DELL-ScottH An easy way to keep up with what we are doing here in the Techcenter is to follow me on my Systemsedge blog ... if you haven't Rss'd it, now would be a good time to do so -- http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/systems+edge
DELL-ScottH Greg, how was vegas and the Ms mgmt summit ?
Tom I'll change topic, what do I need to get power monitoring to work?
DELL-ScottH ahh great question ... let me find that page .. someone asked that same question last week
Tom ::smile
DELL-ToddM On Dell or Hp?
Steve_Bagaason I have to hop on another call. Thanks Scott!
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Tom Dell- 2950
DELL-ToddM ::biggrin
DELL-ScottH thanks for joining steve .... steve steve ? steve ?
DELL-ScottH here's the page http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/dell+servers+capable+of+power+monitoring
Tom how can I tell if I have 2950iii
DELL-ScottH that will tell you which ones are capable .. here's an example page that shows it in action ..
Dell-RogerF Tom, the 2950 would need to be a "iii" to have the prerequisite power instrumentation. Is that what you have?
DELL-ScottH http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/blade+power+monitoring+with+ita
DELL-ScottH if you put the service tag information in support.dell.com I'm pretty sure it will tell you
DELL-ScottH let me check a system in the lab to verify
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DELL-ScottH hmmm, not what I expected, it just comes back with 2950 for a system that I know is a 2950iii
Tom y
DELL-ScottH I'll have to research that more and see if there is an easy way, other than going into the lab and looking at the bezel with the tiny iii on it.
DELL-ScottH I'll update that page when I get an answer
Tom ok, i'll watch
DELL-ScottH ok, does anyone have personal experience in the Hp Sim world ? ... I'd like to promote you to writer and you can help.
DELL-ScottH typically contract, I'll give you the fame and glory and maybe a t-shirt :-)
DELL-ScottH ok, let's see what else .... ohhh yeah, I did an interesting experiment on removing power supplies from servers ...
DELL-ScottH if anybody remembers a few chats back, we had a customer that took out the redundant power supply because their facilities people thought it would save a bunch on the power bills
DELL-ToddM I checked in Omsa about the power monitoring capapbility -
DELL-ToddM And if you have it installed , you goto the Main System Chassis -> Power Supplies page
DELL-ToddM And it has a colum for Power Monitoring Capable
DELL-ToddM With Yes and No as possible answers
DELL-ScottH Todd did a quick check while we were in the chat and came up with a number ... I did some further testing, and came up with these results -- http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/cost+savings+through+removing+server+power+supplies
DELL-ScottH thx for checking on that Todd
DELL-ScottH findings are that for older generations of servers you can save a little bit by sacrificing redundancy ... but ...
DELL-ScottH with newer servers the efficiency of the Ps's is much better and therefor you don't save as much ..
DELL-ToddM Code Breaking Tip - Omsa = Open Manage Server Adminitrator
DELL-ToddM Which is the one to one browser based management tool
DELL-ScottH and as workload increases that savings further decreases ...to the point where it is only 3% or less
Tom i am waiting for it to load...
Dell-RogerF Todd, what's the first version of Openmanage that has the Power column? 5.4?
ramseyg Vegas was good by the way - very good information - lots of deep dives into Ms System Center Products.
DELL-ToddM I'm looking at 5.4 - This is the first time I have seen it
DELL-ScottH also here's a link to help with Om acronyms -- http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/2-8-2008+-+openmanage+download+-+comments
DELL-ScottH @greg - did you put my bet down for me ? Am I Rich ?
ramseyg I didn't even have time to hit the tables. . . :(
DELL-ScottH better for your pocketbook :-)
DELL-ToddM I think that Scott has upgraded all the systems in the lab to 5.4 now
DELL-ScottH Fyi Greg (ramesyg) is with Dell It, him and the team will be providing some great info on Ms System Center, so keep an eye out on that page --
DELL-KentS Omsa 5.3 and Ita 8.1 added Power Monitoring
DELL-ScottH http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/microsoft+system+center
ramseyg yes - very soon we'll have some info there. .
DELL-ToddM Didn't you guys present a session at the conf?
ramseyg one of the biggest announcements was that Operations Manager will be supporting cross platform in the next Sp: http://blogs.technet.com/systemcenter/archive/2008/04/29/operations-manager-2007-goes-cross-platform.aspx
ramseyg yes . . . a few Dell personnel had presentations. . I had one on Sccm Console Extensions and leveraging Powershell with Sccm
DELL-ScottH Ms embracing linux ?!
ramseyg Angie Stahl presented on Sccm Client troubleshooting
DELL-ScottH ahhh, you are now my powershell goto guy :-)
ramseyg well, "embracing" might be a bit strong . . .. . but they're definnitely moving towards supportability . . they even gave away some Swag that was a pig with wings. . .get it . . pigs are flying because Ms is going interop. . :)
ramseyg I know some Powershell. . but I definitely have a ways to go. . . . :)
DELL-ScottH ohh that is too funny
DELL-ToddM How did your session go? Lots of good questions?
Tom my 2950 is not capable, any idea when the iii
Tom 's started shipping?
Tom might be a good point when you update the page
Tom thx
ramseyg yes -pretty good session
ramseyg we'll definitely have some Powershell examples there soon. .
DELL-ScottH will do, I'll find the exact date when it start shipping, will be good reference point for the page, or maybe Todd is checking right now ?
DELL-ScottH started
Tom :)
DELL-ScottH my fingers never seem to keep up with my thoughts
Tom I guess it's the same case for the blades. The new blades can be monitored but not old
DELL-ToddM It seems like the 2950 Iii started either very late last year or early this year. I will have to check to get specific date
Tom cool, thx
DELL-ScottH ok, and I will add column with first ship date
DELL-ScottH column added, of course it's blank right now .. I love wiki technolgoy
DELL-ScottH and technology too
DELL-ScottH coming up on the end of the hour, anything else before we close out ?
DELL-ScottH somewhat on topic ... everybody see all the cool Dell products in the Iron Man movie ?
Tom one last, when will the altiris+openmanage be releasing?
Tom i didn't c ironman yet
DELL-ScottH doh ! .. what are you talking about :-) .... a product that we have no knowledge of, since it is unannounced/unreleased, and Dell guidelines prohibit said knowledge from being released
DELL-ToddM I'm still working on offical word - but it looks like 2950 Iii started shipping in Nov
DELL-ScottH lol
Tom they have been talking about it at the managefusion shows---a dashboard, etc
Tom ok, thx guys. i gotta run
DELL-ToddM Thanks
DELL-ScottH thanks to everyone for joining .. next week we will stay on this topic, see you next week and bring a friend next time
cashout thanks