DELL-ToddM Hello all
DELL-ScottH Hello all !!
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DELL-ToddM Hello jingle2
jingle2 Howdy
DELL-ToddM Hey Kent
DELL-ScottH hey everybody
DELL-KentS Good Afternoon
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DELL-ScottH hello robby
DELL-ScottH hello damien
Robby_Pearson Hey
damien Howdy
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DELL-ScottH waiting a few minutes to start, but in the meantime if you want to intro yourself and bring up any topics for discussion, that would help
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Robby_Pearson Well, I am Robby Pearson and work for a construction firm. We are a Novell shop and are looking into some different client management ideas.
Robby_Pearson I have recently setup a Vm and am trying the Dell Client Manager
DELL-ScottH Did you find our Dcm page here ?
Robby_Pearson Yea
Robby_Pearson It helped a lot since I have been waiting to hear back from an Altiris rep
Robby_Pearson I watched the little video
Robby_Pearson And followed along with some of the steps
DELL-ScottH not really my speciality, but I can put you in touch with the right people if they don't join today
Robby_Pearson If this isn't the right fit for us I also need ideas for some other possible products we might heads toward, ideally something that would touch imaging as well
Robby_Pearson Its tough since we are Novell and don't have a domain controller, seems like Ad is our next step possibly
DELL-ScottH That should be a fun project, the guys on the Windows Server page here can help out quite a bit with Ad rollout
DELL-ScottH damien, anything on your mind ?
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DELL-ScottH hello tagamet
tagamet Hi there
damien I'm working with about 20 Windows servers. I'm fairly new at systems administration (within my first 6 months), and I'm looking for a way to quickly be able to view that status of all the servers under my control.
damien Not sure if I'm in the right place for something like that ;)
DELL-ScottH I think we can help with that ... have you navigated the site much ? ...
damien No, this is really the first time I've been on the site.
DELL-ScottH don't click on these links yet, it will kick you out of the chat ..... You can right click to open in new broswer
DELL-ScottH start with this page --
DELL-ScottH it will help explain all the acronyms I am about to spit out
damien Thanks
DELL-ScottH On each server you will want to install Omsa ..
DELL-ScottH this will allow you to point a browser to the server and do hardware administration and setup some alerts
DELL-ScottH for a central alert portal , you will need to install Ita on a server that can be the collection point for alerts from the servers ... this can be a regular server, or some people run it in a Vm
DELL-ScottH There are some demos on this site that will help you setup the infrastructure and get a base understanding ....
tagamet Hi guys, I'm not sure how/when it's ok to ask a question here. Is there a line? Or do we just fire away... thanks
DELL-ScottH There's also some Enterprise Support Tutorials that the dell community puts out that are quite good -
DELL-ScottH just fire away
DELL-ScottH we're good at multitasking
tagamet Great, thanks Scott
DELL-ScottH @damien .. that get you pointed in the right direction ?
tagamet I'm using Ita 8.0.0 to manage approx 500 Dell Pe 1850, 1950, 2850s
tagamet =) multitasking, nice
damien Absolutely. Thanks for the links. That sounds like exactly what I'm looking for.
tagamet Anyways, on our 1850 and 1950s, they each arrived with 2 power supplies each.
tagamet In our Dc, they only ran power cables to 1 of the 2 Psus
DELL-ScottH and anytime you have questions, just post them as threads here and the community at large is very helpful
tagamet On our 1850 and 1950s, we leave the unwired Psu slightly pulled out
DELL-ScottH so you have lots of nice yellow lights :-)
tagamet Now, when I go into Ita, the 1950s all show up with green checkmarks
tagamet But my 1850s all show red Xs due to the 2nd Psu not being redundant
tagamet I am desparately seeking a way to *ignore* the red X when it's only due to lack of psu redundancy (we don't do any on these subsection of Dells)
tagamet How can I do this?
DELL-ScottH clarification, you want the alert log to stop filling up ? ... Todd is pulling a power supply on one of our 1850's right now ... we might have to take this as homework
tagamet A little but of correction... I actually meant to say - how can I have my 1850s show up with green icons instead of red xs, when the only reason it has a red x is due to lack of psu redundancy
tagamet ok np, thanks for asking
DELL-ScottH ok, Todd pulled a power supply, I'm bringing up my Ita
tagamet So far, I was able to reconfigure my email alerts to ignore these, and I stopped getting tons of emails due to the psu issues (nice).
tagamet ok thanks
tagamet Yeah, for some reason the 1950s don't complain about the issue (ie they still show green icons unless something serious is wrong). But the 1850s almost all show up with red x icons due to the psu redundancy issue
DELL-ScottH yeah, depends on what the software engineer coded at the time .... I've got it reproduced here .... can't guarentee if it's something that can be fixed , I'll look into it more tonight and tomorrow .. send me an email reminder (
tagamet Btw, the view that I'm referring to in Ita is the View | Devices | Servers container
DELL-ScottH Todd had a good idea , how about Y-cords ?
tagamet ok thanks Scott, Will do
DELL-ScottH yes, looking at that view right now
tagamet If I replace them with Y cords, won't they then start consuming twice the power at the rack Pdu level?
tagamet ok thanks for confirming the view
DELL-ScottH no
DELL-ScottH might be a little more, but not twice
tagamet (our Dc power ops guys did not run dual cords/etc due to power considerations)
tagamet ic
DELL-ScottH components will consume the power they need
DELL-KentS Load is spread across both Power Supplies
tagamet Ok, I'll put that idea into my hip pocket and discuss with mgmt/dcops
DELL-ScottH we have a power meter, we can tell you exactly what it will be
tagamet Ah, did not know that. Thanks!
DELL-ScottH Todd is hooking up our powermeter right now, we have Y cables, give us a sec
tagamet Np, your approximation is more than adequate. I can always snake an unused 1850 for an hour of testing from my users
tagamet oh wow, you guys rock
tagamet Feels like I'm a participant in Mythbusters or something ::cool
DELL-ScottH Todd is already behind the racks, he can't hear me yelling at him, so I'll let him have his fun and we'll see what he says
DELL-KentS Can I blow something up?
tagamet haha
DELL-ScottH we need some dummies
DELL-ScottH ohh wait .... (insert your own punchline)
DELL-ScottH any other questions from the field ? .. damien, you have enough to get in trouble ?
tagamet Rofl, present!
DELL-ScottH Fyi, another resource to get in touch with people that are discussing power and cooling issues is here --
DELL-ScottH Marc Farley runs that blog and is on here often
tagamet Thanks for the link. Checking it out now
DELL-ScottH Todd hasn't yelled yet, I think he is close to an answer
tagamet Up until yesterday, I only knew about the main website docs, and I am totally newbie to delltechcenter <-- looks great!
DELL-ScottH thanks ! we are trying to draw experts like yourself that know servers/storage/virtualization etc ... tell all your friends.
DELL-ScottH where else can you get a Dell employee electrocuted for trying to help you !
tagamet I am sharing this info now with colleagues of mine in other areas now (1 is down the hall and walking over to see what I'm laughing about)
tagamet Haha electrocuted
DELL-ScottH what company are you with ?
tagamet Orcl
DELL-ScottH Todd is alive !
DELL-ToddM Ok - so the very unoffical results:
tagamet drumrolll
DELL-ToddM One power supply - apr 240 Watts
DELL-ToddM Two power supplies - Ps1 - 145, Ps2 - 137 -
DELL-ScottH my math says 17% more
DELL-ToddM for a total of 282
DELL-ToddM This is at idle
tagamet Very interesting -- thanks guys for the really fast turnaround on data
tagamet ahh, good to know
DELL-ToddM usual words here about your mileage will vary
DELL-ScottH ok, I'll dive some more into the Ita red icon, will take a little longer
tagamet np, tks
DELL-ScottH on another front , I was using Suu 5.4 today to see what I could do on the Esx servers
DELL-ToddM But in general two power supplies do not take 2x the power, but do take more than 1
DELL-ScottH some blog postings are saying that Suu 5.4 works with Esx 3.5, yes and no ... look on one of the latest threads for my reply to one of the members here
tagamet Ok, thanks Scott, Todd -- I'll shoot you guys an email for followup. Would be ideal if I could fix this "programatically"
DELL-ScottH you actually need Sbuu in conjunction with Suu, but you can use the Suu Cli to develop a workaround
DELL-ScottH I'll have a blog posting on those findings soon ... here's the link to my blog if you're not already following --
DELL-ScottH any other myths we can bust ? Todd had fun with that one.
DELL-ToddM Robby - What virtualization platform are you using? Vmware?
DELL-ToddM I was just going to ask how you are managing your Vms along side your Novell
DELL-ScottH damien, are you familiar with other systems management platforms ? Or new to the whole realm ?
tagamet Have you guys seen many problems updating Rac5 firmware from Ita using v5.40 bundle on Windows? I just pushed this bundle to approx 30 servers this Am, and 5% failed on Rac Fw update, exit code 1
DELL-ScottH Not sure, my gut feel without knowing more is a setting in the Drac, are they all enabled for virtual media ?
tagamet yes, they are all enabled for v-media
DELL-ToddM I found an entry on the dell support forums about the Power Supply Redundancy question with the 1850 here -
DELL-ScottH I haven't updated our Dracs in the lab yet, so maybe I'll run across issues ... if I do I will be sure to blog about it ... you'll probably need to open support issue on it
DELL-ToddM Net was to filter out the alerts in Ita for this event - as you have already
tagamet Tood, thank you for that link. Unfortunately, and funny... my userid on that forum is Greenhills. So that was my thread =)
DELL-ScottH haha I win $20
tagamet Haha
DELL-ToddM Ah ha - I have connected the two identies!
tagamet Ok, I've already opened a support case w/ Dell for the Rac Fw issue, just wanted to see if you pros had any further suggestions/info. Thanks anyway
DELL-ScottH it was the butler in the dining room with a pipe
tagamet <stewievoice> "blast! My cover is blown!"
DELL-ScottH well if you get a resolution, please post it on the Techcenter so we can all gain the knowledge ... it's about all of us helping each other
tagamet ok, definitely will do
tagamet Need to help a colleague with a issue. Brb
DELL-ScottH ok, well we are about at the end of the hour .. thanks again to everyone for joining, you can always view the transcript of this chat on the web so don't worry about writting down any Urls ....
DELL-ScottH Todd, what's up for next week ?
DELL-ToddM We are going to be discussing running enterprise apps on Vmware
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DELL-ToddM Things like Exchange, Sql Server, Oracle -- You know, Important stuff
DELL-ToddM I've started a home page for the chat that has some links to background reading -
DELL-ScottH alright, thanks again, we'll hang out a little longer for any lingering questions ... see you next week
tagamet Thanks guys. See you at the next chat session
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