joe_green hello
Dell-RogerF Scott's on his way.
DELL-ScottH Hello everyone ! -- sorry was having problems getting connected
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DELL-ScottH Today is based around Openmanage with Vmware ... we've got Bala from the Dell Virtualization Engineering solutions team, helping us out as well ... say hello to Bala !
DELL-ToddM Hello Bala
DELL-balacs Hello
DELL-ScottH Bala is with the team that wrote this valuable document -- Installing Openmanage in a Vmware Esx environment -- don't click on the link now, it will kill your chat session :-) ---
DELL-ScottH That is the starting document you should use on the topic today
DELL-ToddM Yes - cut and paste is your friend
DELL-ScottH they also have other great docs here -->
DELL-ScottH ok, so what specific questions are on your mind .... please chime in anytime - also if you could give any background info on your company and relevant details
DELL-ScottH I can tell you that we have been testing (and Balas lab as well) on the new 3i product and Openmanage
joe_green How are we going to be able to manage a server with an embedded version of the Hypervisor? Where would you install the agent?
DELL-ScottH great question .... no service console in 3i, so some things are built into the 3i kernel to handle management ... bala, care to elaborate ?
DELL-balacs Vmware has implemented Cim profiles in Esx 3i. Health status of hardware components will be available in Vi Client
DELL-balacs It is basically "agentless". Openmanage agents will not be installed in 3i.
DELL-ToddM Bala actually put together a demo of this capability that was used on stage during the Keynote at Vmworld 2007 in Sf
DELL-ToddM It showed Dell server health inside Virtual Center
joe_green What performance and health metrics are available and what is missing?
DELL-ScottH here's the link to the demo that was shown at Vmworld 07 --
DELL-balacs Health status of hardware components like Cpu, Memory, Fan, storage will be available in Vi Client. Lets say if something if something goes wrong with a fan, the health status will go from green to yellow (or red). You will also get an Snmp alert in Dell Ita
DELL-balacs What kind of performance metrics are you using today? The performance metrics should be the same.
joe_green how about integration into other consoles like Landesk, Bmc Patrol, or Microsoft's Systems Center?
DELL-balacs Now to "what is missing?". The main thing that will be missing is active hardware configuration through in-band. For example, you cannot create Raid volumes, configure the Bios, configure the front panel Lcd etc. For some of this you would have to use out of band tools (like Ipmi). Or use tools during system boot up
DELL-balacs When Dell releases the product, we will have detailed documents on what you will be able to do and how you will be able to do it
DELL-balacs Regarding other consoles: If those consoles support standard Ws-man, they should be able to report Esx i health information.
DELL-balacs Any console, which has features dependant on agent installs, will not be able to support it.
DELL-balacs Did that answer your question?
DELL-ToddM Most people probably won't have to create Raid volumes with an imbedded solution, so some things like that won't even be needed
DELL-ScottH Fyi for those reading the transcript and needing further info --
DELL-balacs yes. Remember, one of the main advantage of embedded Esx is the feasibility of diskless configurations. Most of the deployment will use Vms in Fc/iscsi San. You will be able to save power becase no local drives and internal raid controller is needed
DELL-ScottH gsherman, great to see you here again ! ... anything you care to bring up ?
DELL-ScottH Jt and s12y, welcome also ! - any thoughts or topics of discussion ?
s12y just listening and trying to learn something. Thanks
DELL-ScottH no problem ! we encourage lurking :-)
DELL-ScottH I'll say that we have a new version of Openmanage right around the corner, I'll be doing some more testing on the 2950 iii and how it looks with 3i and 3.5. I'm also planning some demos around it .... any ideas or requests on what you'd like in the demo .... other that "shout outs" when I record the voice :-)
DELL-ToddM Bala - I know that you have worked with Openmange on Esx since we first started this program with Vmware. What is the most common mistake or issue that you have seen in your discussions with custeomers?
DELL-ToddM That is in terms of getting Omsa installed / configured on Esx
DELL-balacs There are minor things that i have seen customers do. like not turning off the firewall, not having the right file permissions when Openmanage files are copied from say a windows box etc
DELL-balacs If they follow the document ( ) there should not be any issues.
DELL-balacs Also the document has a good troubleshooting section that lists the common mistakes and how to resolve them
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DELL-ToddM Bala - I noticed that with Esx 3.5, we are now supporting a much broader range of Dell servers than in the past
DELL-ToddM I think this is a big win for customers - Why did we not support more servers in the past?
DELL-balacs Yes, our support matix will list all the servers that are supported ina particular Esx version ( )
DELL-ToddM The chart that shows the support is on page 3 of the doc that Bala referenced
DELL-ToddM The chart almost looks like a periodic table
DELL-ScottH periodic
DELL-balacs Customer demand is the main reason. Esx is now being used by broader customer segments, hence the broader support. This will only get better !
gsherman Sorry was on a call not at this time I was still looking for a powerconnect session and some assistance with Md1000 /md3000 and perc6 performance metrics
DELL-ScottH you're alive !
gsherman oh yeah
gsherman I livre
gsherman live
DELL-ScottH ok, will get back on that, was on a slight detour with vacation
DELL-balacs Also, you can also use the discusssion forums to get any quick questions answered.
DELL-ToddM Bala - Which forum topic should they use?
DELL-balacs sorry typo in link
DELL-ScottH also don't forget ... we take discussion questions here as well !
DELL-balacs There is a Powerconnect forum, if gsherman had powerconnect questions
DELL-balacs for Vmware Esx, you can use the Poweredge Os forums. For systems management questions use the "systems Management" forums
DELL-balacs All these are under "servers and Storage"
DELL-ScottH we'll have more detailed demos once 3i hits the street and I'll show the intergration in the Virtual Center console as a demo along with the Openmanage 5.4 Ita demo -- keep an eye out on the Openmanage section of the wiki -- and the Demos section --
DELL-ScottH I'll also announce them on the "systemsedge" blog --
DELL-ScottH we've got time left for any open discussion .. any topic ? anyting on your minds ? .... yes I did see kanagroos on my vacation to Australia :-)
DELL-ToddM Were the kanagroos on the menu? What did it taste like?
DELL-ScottH hahah .. yes kangaroo rump was on the menu, but I couldn't bring myself to try it , they are too cute
DELL-ScottH Marc., any news on the Equallogic front ?
DELL-ToddM Marc has a great blog -
MarcFarley_Dell Not pertaining to this chat today, but otherwise trying to connect a few dots and figure out how to get content on Techcenter
MarcFarley_Dell There are a lot of different ways to communicate here.
DELL-ScottH yeah, but really it's all just 1's and 0's
DELL-ScottH or as someone else would say, "it's all ball-bearings"
MarcFarley_Dell I'm want to link Equallogic tech support and product management people at Equallogic and bring them to these chats.
DELL-ScottH yes, great ! how about the chat after Todd's next week ?
DELL-ScottH 3-18 ?
MarcFarley_Dell What's the topic?
DELL-ScottH That's the great thing, you get to define it !
MarcFarley_Dell Heynow!
MarcFarley_Dell Open is good
DELL-ScottH ok, we can talk about it off-line - will 3-18 work ? enough time to line up resources ?
MarcFarley_Dell I think that can work. Its certainly enough time to get resources lined up. I'm thinking something on data protection using snapshots and replication might be possible.
DELL-ScottH Thanks again to everyone for joining ... next week's topic is on Virtualization hosted by Todd ... also check out Openmanage entry here --> ... virtualization here --> ... and the Dell Vmware alliance page here -->
DELL-ScottH we'll hang out for a little bit for open discussion
DELL-ScottH anybody seen the movie Jumper yet ?
DELL-ScottH Great geek flic
DELL-ScottH guess we are done .. thanks Bala, appreciate you hanging out
DELL-ToddM Thanks for coming everybody
DELL-balacs no problem.
DELL-balacs bye !
DELL-ToddM Use the discussion forums for any questions