DELL-ToddM Welcome to Tech Tue Chat
DELL-ToddM The planned topic for today is to cover available resources for Openmanage on Dell Techcenter
DELL-ToddM And to also cover any Systems Management related questions that are lurking out there
DELL-ToddM Does anybody have any other topics that would like to chat about today?
dajwalia nope i am interested in systems management using It assistant and other tools
DELL-ToddM Well you are in the right place
DELL-ToddM Ask anything you want as we go along.
DELL-ToddM How long have you been using It Assistant or other Dell Openmange tools?
dajwalia i am just given charge of more than 1500 dell servers located globally, i am evaluation and weighing my options
dajwalia *evaluating
DELL-ToddM Very interesting - are there any management tools in place?
dajwalia 8.0 It assistant is in place but needs configuration and has not been used much it seems.
DELL-ToddM Sounds like a good place to start
DELL-ToddM Hopefully some of the resouces that we have on the techcenter site will help
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DELL-ToddM Before I start including some of the links to different pages - let me warn you that if click on them - it will cause you to exit the chat
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DELL-ToddM So you may want to wait until after the chat is over to visit or use cut and paste
DELL-ToddM The first wiki page to highlight is the main Openmange Systems Managment page on the wiki located at -
DELL-ToddM This page has links ot all of the Openmange resources on the wiki and to resouces on as well.
DELL-ToddM Perhaps the best place to go first is the Techcenter Openmanage blog - Systemsedge -
DELL-ToddM On this blog there are posts covering current Openmange releases and new features
DELL-ToddM The blog is intended to give some life and personality to the systems management information that lives on the wiki
dajwalia yeah - i just finished reading scott's blog on the latest naming conventions (i got lost with Dell Suu and Sbuu and likes.)
DELL-ToddM The acronyms do get to be a bit much - especially if you are just get aquainted with Openmange
DELL-ToddM The Systemsedge blog provides a great place to have conversations about the topics that are covered there.
DELL-ToddM Typically these topics are based on the work that we are doing in the lab
DELL-ToddM Or about topics or questions that have come up in our conversations with customers
DELL-ToddM If you ever have a request for information, something that you might want to see a blog post about
DELL-ToddM You can just let us know via a Comment on the blog or a Discussion Thread
DELL-ToddM Which brings me to the next feature of the wiki - Discussion Threads
DELL-ToddM At the bottom of every page on the Delltechcenter wiki there is the ability for any registered user to start or join an existing discussion thread
DELL-ToddM This feature allows for conversations about page to live and grow along with the information that is on that page
Dell-RogerF For instance, I recently answered some questions on what version of Openmanage to use and how to remotely deploy the Server Administrator agent that is needed on servers to be managed
Dell-RogerF Over time, with help from the community, those simple posts might grow to full wiki articles.
DELL-ToddM If you look on the bottom of the main wiki page for Openmanage (link listed earlier in chat) you will see 5 or 6 threads
DELL-ToddM The most recent one was started earlier today
DELL-ToddM Another area that is pretty fun to check out is the video demos
DELL-ToddM Videos on Ita, Suu, and Sbuu are all posted here!
DELL-ToddM This is a test to see if you read the blog entry!
dajwalia what about support for dell It assistant? under what category does it fall?
DELL-ToddM There is a wiki page dedicated to It Assistant (ita) -
DELL-ToddM There is a link on the main Openmange wiki page under the Manage category
dajwalia so dell support does not cover it?
DELL-ToddM Dell does support Ita - although this site - - is not offical Dell support
dajwalia i understand the wiki - its a community based help. but i would like to have someone help us if we get stuck performing an action - like a phone based support
Dell-RogerF Openmanage would be covered as part of the support contract you have on your servers.
dajwalia grt- thanks
DELL-ToddM Another good resource for community support of Openmange is the Dell Community Forums
DELL-ToddM There is a board specific to openmange which is link on the Openmange wiki page
DELL-ToddM Here is the link directly -
DELL-ToddM With we are hoping to enable conversations that go to more depth about why you would make certain decisions
DELL-ToddM and to provide more information in context - than what you can get on the community forums
DELL-ToddM Another new feature that we have just started is a Community Spotlight
DELL-ToddM This is a page where commuinty members can point to their own blog postings that relate their stories about Dell
DELL-ToddM The initial entry points to a blog entry about how a customer discovered some of the things that he could do with Ita
DELL-ToddM Sorry - not Ita, Omsa
DELL-ToddM translation - It Assistant = central management console
DELL-ToddM translation part Ii = Omsa - Open Mange Server Assistant - local management agent on server
DELL-ToddM Other links on the Openmange site are to specific Openmange tools wiki pages
DELL-ToddM And to Openmange resources on the traditional site (Not wiki pages with cool features like comments!)
DELL-ToddM Any questions?
DELL-ToddM Anything that you would like to see that you haven't been able to find?
dajwalia not at this moment, but as we move forward, i am sure we would have more questions
DELL-ToddM Good luck on your evaluation - let us know if we can help
DELL-ToddM We have Openmange based chats every other week
DELL-ToddM With Virtualization based chats on the weeks in-between
dajwalia sure
DELL-ToddM Thanks to everybody for coming to this week's Tech Tues chat
DELL-ToddM The transcript for today's session will be posted on the wiki shortly