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  • The audio sound is gone in my laptop what should be done to solve this problem

    Some one please suggest.

  • hello

  • I am using dell inspiron 15R 5537 with operating system windows 8.1... but i am having issues of continues hanging and freezing issues.

  • i have reboot the window nd also used without any driver but having same issues

  • when i have checked the task manager  the disk memory is shown 100% while there is nothing is running....

  • anybody help me to resolve this issue?

  • How to connect Inspiron 1420 to I phone?

  • Hello the e-mail that I entered into the computer on first time start up and to login in to this account I cannot access, can I get the computer to ask me this again

  • When I try to connect my Inspiron mini to my Dell Inspiron 660 wireless, the 660 doesn't appear as an available connection. I checked the 660's wireless adapter and it says "the device is working properly." I have also updated the adapter's driver.  My Dell Inspiron mini has connected with numerous wireless systems so I don't think that's the problem. How do I enable the 660 wireless?

  • need me password bios taq-dmbqhp1

  • hi,

    dernierement j'ai acheter 2 laptop dell xps12 le probleme est que la connexion wifi est tojours tres faible et que l enternet ne marche que par cable sachant que ces 2 pc sont nouveaux

  • Logged off  my inspiron mini and now when I turned on it doesn't start up. It seem initialize windows 7 and the screen then just stays blue and nothing else happens --any help would be appreciated//Thanks

  • I have a Verizon Jet Pack and I live in the country where I get only 3G reception, however, I do get fairly good reception.  The problem isthat my computer monitor is aways alternating search between analog and digital imput, (I used to have dial-up, but I've had wifi for over a year),    consequently it oftentimes shuts down with a black screen appearing with a coloful box going up and down that says searching for digital.   At which time to get my computer running again, I have to turn it off at the power source, the electrical power switch, and restart it.  If oftentimes starts up, but I can see it fighting for analog or digital with little messages flashing on the screen.  When the computer is up for a while, at times the screen will go black and I will have to turn the power off again, and go thru the same thing.  What can I do to solve this problem?

  • Hi ,, I am using Dell Inspiron N5050. Yesterday i got in trouble with a unique problem that i never been faced before. When i Starts the Laptop it shows WINDOWS IS LOADING FILES and then it automatically Fixes the issues taking so much time and finishes whereas Restarts with the same problem.  I have done also Diagnosis Tests for it but he Diagnosis Test fails when it tests the Hard Drive and makes a beeping sound prompting a S/N ( e.g; 123456..) "A Validation Code and Error Code"  , Moreover the DVD ROM also does not response. I have tried many times to put CDs as well as DVDs but result is always unsuccessful. Please answer me soon.

    Thank You. . .

  • windiws 8 graphic card drivers for dell inspiron N1440