Join us on Tuesday, May 20th, from 3:00-4:00 PM Central for a Tech Chat on Dell Wyse WDM and WSM:

Hear directly from the experts  about  new and exciting features that Dell Wyse Device Manager version 5 (WDM 5)  is bringing to thin client management as well as how  Dell Wyse WSM is changing the game with high performance, on-demand desktop virtualization and server provisioning. 

WDM software enables you to configure, monitor and manage Dell Wyse endpoint devices. From a single console, you can easily issue software images, patches, updates and add-ons, and manage all aspects of remote cloud clients - helping to ensure peak user productivity at your endpoints.

Security features include:

  • HTTPS communications: Manage endpoints using fully encrypted, HTTPS-based transmissions.
  • Secure remote imaging and updates: Enable IT to securely update and image clients remotely.
  • Common Criteria EAL2 certification: Work confidently with an established and secure solution.

WSM delivers operating systems and applications separately to stateless, disk-less clients on demand from the cloud.

WSM desktop and application virtualization features include:

  • High performance: A rich, speedy PC experience that, to the user, is indistinguishable from that of a traditional desktop system, with complete application and peripheral compatibility.
  • Easy maintenance: Centralized web-based administration with policy-based control, and one-click device recovery and cleanup.
  • Scalability: Distributed architecture with multiple server support that easily scales across a campus or a global enterprise.


  • Jigar Shah, Dell Wyse WDM Product Manager
  • Manish Bhaskar, Dell Wyse WSM Product Manager
  • Eric Selken, Channel Marketing Manager, Dell (Moderator)

Join us at to learn more.

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