Join us on Tuesday May 13th from 3:00pm-4:00pm Central for a TechChat on OpenManage Mobile. 

OpenManage Mobile is a software application that enables you to remotely and securely perform a subset of datacenter monitoring and server remediation tasks from your Android handheld device. OpenManage Mobile connects to your datacenter through the DELL OpenManage Essentials management console. This allows a user to monitor all systems managed by OpenManage Essentials such as DELL Servers, Storage, Networking, and Firewall appliances and any other supported third party appliance from your android mobile device.

OpenManage Mobile can also connect to a server directly through the iDRAC interface. Once connected, a user can perform several basic management functions directly on the server.

Key Features of OpenManage Mobile –

  • Connect to multiple OME servers from a single mobile device
  • Connect to multiple 12G servers individually through the iDRAC interface
  • Receive critical alert notification on your mobile device as they arrive into your OpenManage Essentials management console
  • Acknowledge, forward, and delete alerts from your mobile device
  • Browse through device details, firmware inventory, and event logs of individual systems
  • Perform several server management functions such as Power On, Power cycle, Reboot, and shutdown from the mobile application

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