EqualLogic Updates to Improve Management & Performance: PS6210 Series, v7 Array Software & SAN HQ 3.0

April 8th @ 3pm Central

Join Dell™  in an interactive tech chat to ask and learn about major enhancements to the EqualLogic™ storage line.  This tech chat will provide information on the recently announced Dell EqualLogic PS6210 series arrays, featuring a re-engineered controller with higher-performance hardware including 4x the memory, 2x the 10GbE ports and enhanced software that optimizes flash performance and offers lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  This new line of storage arrays delivers notable application performance improvements, including up to twice the database and VDI performance in flash-enabled arrays and twice the throughput. We’ll discuss the PS6210’s ability to operate as both a 10GbE and 1GbE array, to help environments transition to higher speed fabrics.  We’ll also cover important management and technology updates to PS Series Array Software version 7.0  and SAN HQ 3.0.

Join us at http://DellTechCenter.adobeconnect.com/chat to learn more.

Chat with you then ...

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