One of the primary drivers of iDRAC Enterprise is the out-of-band remote desktop (virtual console).  Because iDRAC is the video controller for the server, it has visibility into the frame buffer at all times and remote desktop can be viewed in pre-boot environments. 

Introduction of a VNC server in iDRAC will address the customer needs to  use a standard and open VNC client to view their remote desktop.  Customers will be able to view the remote desktop with several clients both mobile and desktop.  

You can use a standard open VNC client to manage the remote server using both desktop and mobile devices such as Dell Wyse PocketCloud. When servers in data centers stop functioning, the iDRAC or the operating system sends an alert to the console on the management station. The console sends an email or SMS to a mobile device with required information and launches VNC viewer application on the management station. This VNC viewer can connect to OS/Hypervisor on the server and provide access to keyboard, video and mouse of the host server to perform the necessary remediation. Before launching the VNC client, you must enable the VNC server and configure the VNC server settings in iDRAC such as password, VNC port number, SSL encryption, and the time out value.

Learn this and more tomorrow February 18th, 2014 at 3:00 PM Central Time for a TechChat on new ways to connect and manager your Dell PowerEdge servers with iDRAC Enterprise.  Come chat with us about the new VNC server inside of iDRAC that will let customers use a standard and open VNC client to view into their remote desktop.

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