Dell's latest offering in the converged infrastructure space is the PowerEdge FX architecture based PowerEdge FX2 chassis. FX2 is a 2U rack-based system that combines the density and efficiency of a blade chassis with the simplicity and cost benefit of rack-based systems. The individual blocks or components of this system like the server, network or storage block can be chosen based on the application requirement, along with the flexibility to grow as per the business needs. 

The reference architecture showcases a Microsoft Windows Server 2012R R2 Hyper-V virtualized infrastructure, hosting a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database, on Dell PowerEdge FX2 and Dell Compellent Storage SC4020. The solution enables organizations to focus on getting more value from the virtualized infrastructure, for both OLTP and OLAP database workloads. The reference architecture paper outlines guidelines and practices to deploy a SQL Server database on this Dell PowerEdge FX2 platform.

Key features of PowerEdge FX solution for the SQL Server workload are:

· Provides dense computing power along with ease of managing the converged system as a single unit, which benefits the SQL Server database performance.

· Offers high availability at the infrastructure layer and ensures maximum SQL Server database uptime.

· Virtualizes the infrastructure and enables application consolidation. On a powerful platform like PowerEdgeFX2; SQL Server database can run in conjunction with other workloads with ease.

· Offers optimal performance for a deployed database by using Dell and Microsoft best practices applied to the infrastructure. For virtualized workloads like the SQL Server database, designing the underlying Hyper-V architecture is a key step.

· Enables direct Fibre Channel (FC) storage access to the SQL Server virtual machine using the FC host bus adapter (HBA) on the chassis PCIe slot and Hyper-V virtual FC feature.


For more details on the reference architecture and configuration, please refer to paper: A Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Virtualized Reference Architecture with Dell PowerEdge FX2.