Dell recently launched its 13th generation PowerEdge® servers targeting wide range of customer needs. These servers are featured by Intel® Xenon® E5 Haswell processor product family.

The Dell PowerEdge R730xd is designed with flexible modular disk backplane options. The hybrid backplane option of R730xd provides the right platform for applications requiring high performing local storage and massive local storage capacity. Microsoft SQL Server databases can benefit from R730xd hybrid chassis  supporting up to 18 x 1.8-inch SSDs for high I/O performance and up to 8 x 3.5-inch 4 TB HDDs for massive storage capacity.

When coupled with Windows storage spaces, R730xd provides an excellent server platform for high performance demanding Microsoft® SQL Server database deployments. Using windows tiered storage spaces feature the PowerEdge R730xd can boost the SQL Server database OLTP performance when compared to the traditional deployments as shown in the table here.


Improvements over traditional SQL database deployments



2.8 times more user load supported

Transactions Per Sec

3.5 tiimes more transactions per second supported

Response time

 11 times improvement observed


(tiered:Non-tiered pool)


 For more details about this performance study and configuration details please refer the link: