Virtualization provides highly efficient data center computing environments. To optimally design a virtual environment, an initial understanding of the underlying platform and its capabilities is important. This white paper proposes a virtual converged infrastructure using the Dell Active System 200 for virtual database deployments. Dell Active System 200 is a member of the Dell™ Active Infrastructure family. Dell Active System 200 is a pre-engineered converged infrastructure system that is designed to address the typical data
center challenges such as design, procurement, rapid deployment and testing. Dell Active System 200 benefits from the latest technology advances in the Dell™ server, storage, networking portfolios and virtualization era. Dell Active System 200 combines servers, storage, networking and management into an
integrated and optimized system aimed to reduce the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

This white paper provides design guidelines and recommendations for the designing, deploying and consolidating the Microsoft SQL Server databases on the Dell Active System 200 converged virtualized platform.

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