Applies To:

Operating System(s): RHEL/OEL 5.x and RHEL/OEL 6.x

Oracle Version(s): and higher


Manjunatha Reddy MC


How do I upgrade Oracle 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure to Oracle 12cR1?


If the source database is Oracle 11gR2 version ( or higher), it can be directly upgraded to Oracle 12c Release 1 (12.1). This is an out-of-place upgrade, which will create a new GI home and leave the old home untouched for us to rollback or downgrade easily. Check or validate nodes readiness for upgrade.

After successful execution on all nodes, check Oracle Clusterware active version on the cluster and Oracle Clusterware version on each node.

 The following steps are for node one of your cluster environment, unless otherwise specified.

a.     Log in as root. 

b.     If you are not in a graphical environment, start the X Window System by typing: startx

c.     Open a terminal window and type: xhost + 

d.     Mount the Oracle Grid Infrastructure media. 

e.     Log in as grid user, for example: su - grid. 

f.      Type the following command to start the Oracle Universal Installer:<CD_mountpoint>/runInstaller

In the Download Software Updates window, enter your My Oracle Support credentials to download the latest patch updates. If you choose not to download the latest patches, select Skip software updates and click Next.

In the Select Installation Option window, select Upgrade Oracle Grid Infrastructure or Oracle Automatic Storage Management and click Next.

In the Grid Infrastructure Node Selection window, click Add to add additional nodes that must be managed by the Oracle Grid Infrastructure. Click SSH Connectivity and configure your passwordless SSH connectivity by entering the OS Password for the grid user and click Setup.  Click OK and then click Next to go to the next window.

In the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository Option window select Yes for Configure Grid Infrastructure Management and click Next.

In the Privileged Operating Systems Groups window, select:

 asmdba for Oracle ASM DBA (OSASM) Group

 asmoper for Oracle ASM Operator (OSOPER) Group

 asmadmin for Oracle ASM Administrator (OSDBA) Group

In the Specify Installation Location window, specify the values of your Oracle
Base and Software Location as configured within the Dell Oracle utilities RPM.
NOTE: The default locations used within the Dell Oracle utilites RPM are:

Oracle Base -/u01/app/grid

Software Location - /u01/app/12.1.0/grid

In the Root script execution configuration window, select Automatically run configuration scripts and enter the password for root user  and click Next. 

In the Select batches for nodes window select the Node names and the Batch of nodes for upgradation. 

In the Perform Prerequisite Checks window check for any mandatory requirements missing for installation and take care of the them before installation.

In the Summary window, verify all the settings and select Install. In the Install Product window check the status of the Grid Infrastructure Installation.

After the installation is complete, click Yes for the Configuration scripts to run by privileged user root in the popped up window.

In the Finish window, click Close.