Executive summary

The Dell™ enterprise portfolio is evolving to incorporate better-performing, more energy-efficient, and more highly-available products. With the introduction of Dell’s 12th generation server product line, customers have an opportunity to improve their total cost of ownership by consolidating distributed legacy environments.

With the advent of virtualization technology, datacenter resources can be better utilized. Virtualization enables you to create multiple virtual servers within a single physical server. The latest Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers are equipped with greater CPU, memory, and network resources. Coupling virtualization with the latest and powerful Dell PowerEdge 12th generation 12G servers delivers benefits far beyond simple physical server consolidation: using Oracle VM virtualization, multiple databases can now be consolidated into a single R820.

Dell strives to simplify IT infrastructure by consolidating legacy production environments to reduce data center complexity while still meeting customers’ needs. The tools and procedures described in this whitepaper can help administrators test, compare, validate, and implement the latest hardware and database solution bundles.

This whitepaper explains how to:

  • Consolidate multiple legacy servers to PowerEdge R820 Servers.
  • Consolidate and run multiple oracle databases on a single PowerEdge R820 server using Oracle VM virtualization.
  • Optimize the TCO of Dell solutions.
  • Achieve the benefits of consolidation and virtualization.

Key findings include:

  • 10:1 to 12:1 consolidation possibility
  • 50% Power Consumption Savings

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