The following whitepapers are published by the Oracle Solutions Engineering Team.


Accelerating Oracle OLAP with Dell Infrastructure

by: Phani MV

Migrating Oracle 11gR2 to Oracle12cR1 on Dell Infrastructure

by: Manjunatha Reddy MC,  Mahesh Reddy,


Oracle Database Disaster Recovery Using Dell Storage Replication Solutions

by: Krishna Kamal Kapa, Ramamohan Reddy K, and Manjunatha Reddy MC

Accelerating Oracle OLTP with Compellent Flash Optimized Array

by: Kai Yu, Wesley Vaske, Raj Hosamani

Improving Oracle OLTP database performance with Dell Fluid Cache for DAS

by: Balamurugan B, Krishna Kamal Kapa, and Naveen Iyengar

Consolidating Oracle Databases on the Dell PowerEdge R820 Server using Oracle VM 

by: Phani MV and Ramamohan Reddy K

Enhancing Oracle VM Business Continuity Using Dell Compellent Live Volume

by: Wendy Chen, Roger Lopez, and Josh Raw

Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Using Dell Storage Snapshot Technologies

by: Manjunatha Reddy MC, Krishna Kamal Kapa, and Wendy Chen


Cost and Performance benefits of Dell Compellent Automated Tiered Storage for Oracle® OLAP Workloads

by: Balamurugan B and Ramamohan Reddy K

Consolidating Oracle OLTP Workloads onto one Dell PowerEdge R720xd

by: Naveen Iyengar

Consolidating OLTP Workloads on Dell PowerEdge R720 12th Generation Servers

by: B Balamurugan and Phani MV

Optimizing an Oracle Database with Dell Compellent Automated Tiered Storage

by: Wendy Chen and Tom Dau

Optimizing OLTP Oracle Database Performance using Dell Express Flash PCIe SSDs

by: Kai Yu

Oracle Database Migration to Dell PowerEdge 12th Generation Servers and Dell Compellent Storage Systems

by: Wendy Chen and Vinod Emmanuel