How to create a snapshot in PowerVault MD3660f for Oracle Database?

Applies to:

RHEL 5.x/6.x and OEL 5.x/6.x


Krishna Kamal Kapa


How to create a snapshot in PowerVault MD3660f?


Ensure you install the latest PowerVault MD Storage Manager (Modular Disk Storage Manager)

Discover the new servers for which the Storage Volumes need to be mapped

Create Volumes for the Oracle Database


1) Create a Consistency Group for the Oracle Volumes for which the database resides in.

Select the volumes from the Eligible Virtual disks which will be added to the Member Repositories

A consistency group named “Consistency_Group1” will be created with volumes selected in previous step.

2) To create a snapshot we need to create a Consistency Group Snapshot Virtual Image

A Consistency Group Snapshot Image will be created.

Also we can schedule a Consistency Group Snapshot Image periodically

Modify the schedule as per your requirement by specifying the days, start date, end date and the snapshot Image start time.

Now the Consistency Group Snapshot Image is created under the Consistency Group

3) From the Snapshot Images, create a Consistency Group Snapshot Virtual Disk which needs to be mapped to the new host.

Select the volumes which need to be created from the Source Snapshot Image. We can map the volumes to the host now or can be mapped later.

Click Finish.

The Snapshot Virtual Disks are created which are the snapshots for the respective volumes.


The above process will create the snapshots for the Oracle Database.