How do I configure Dell Compellent iSCSI SAN Server for Oracle VM 3.1.1?

Applies To:

Hypervisor: Oracle VM 3.1.1

Oracle version(s): 11.2.x.x


Manjunatha Reddy MC



How do I configure Dell Compellent iSCSI SAN Server for Oracle VM 3.1.1? 



Performing configuration steps for Dell Compellent iSCSI storage includes the below sub sections.

For front end cabling of Dell Compellent iSCSI storage follow the wiki article “How do I cable my  compellent array?

Discovering SAN Server:

After logging into the Oracle VM Manager console,

  1. Navigate to the Storage tab, and then click on SAN Servers sub tab. Then click Discover
    SAN Server
    to display Discover SAN Server dialog box.

         Enter the following info to discover Compellent iSCSI storage in the Discover SAN Server wizard.

  • Name:The name of Compellent iSCSI storage
  • Description:The description of the storage (optional)
  • Storage Type: Select iSCSI Storage server
  • Storage Plug-In: Select Oracle Generic SCSI Plugin
  • Access Host (IP) Address: Provide Dell Compellent Fault Domain IP address
  • Access Port: The defaults port 3260 and then click Next to proceed to Admin server selection screen.

2. At the Discover SAN Server window, use the arrow buttons to Add Admin Servers from the Available Servers pool into the Selected Servers pool and then click Finish to complete the storage array registration.

Configure the Access Group for Dell Compellent iSCSI Storage Array:

In the Storage tab click SAN Servers sub tab and select your SAN server. In the management pane select the Perspective Access Groups. Select the default access group and click Edit Access Group.

In the Edit Access Group window click the Storage Initiators tab. Select and move the appropriate storage initiators to be included to the Selected Storage Initiators box and then click OK.

Once the Oracle VM Manager discovers the storage, the Compellent Storage Center automatically recognizes the World Wide Name (WWN) of the server HBAs within the network to which it is connected.

Create Volumes and Configure Host Access to Compellent Volumes:

To create volumes in Dell Compellent storage, refer to wiki article “How do I create volumes on my
Compellent array?

NOTE: reate 4 storage volumes one each for a server pool, storage repository to store templates and ISO files,VMs and databases.

Configure host access to Compellent Volumes,refer to wiki article“How do I configure host access to my Compellent Volumes?

    NOTE:After creating volumes and mapping those volumes to the servers from Compellent torage Center, refresh your SAN Server from Oracle VM Manager to list the Available hysical Disks. 

    Select the Storage tab to change the perspective toPhysical Disks within the management
    pane. This view will list the physical disks assigned to the selected Oracle VM ervers.

    After configuring the access group it is advisable to refersh the SAN Server discovered to make sure that the current storage layout and access rules are effect