How to configure Compellent Fibre Channel (FC) storage for Oracle VM 3.1.1?

Applies to:

Oracle VM 3.1.1


Carthik Annayan


How to configure and discover Compellent Fibre Channel (FC) storage for Oracle VM 3.1.1?


Performing Configuration Steps for the Fiber Channel Storage To configure Compellent storage, please follow the below wiki articles.

  1. Cabling the Compellent storage
  2. Zoning the Compellent array
  3. Create Compellent volumes
  4. Configure Host Access to Compellent Volumes

Note: Ensure a restart of the Oracle VM servers once the configuration steps for FC storage is complete.

  1. Once you have completed the section ‘Performing Configuration Steps for the Fibre Channel Storage’, login to the Oracle VM Manager console Navigate to the Storage Tab,
  2. click on SAN Servers
  3. choose Unmanaged Fibre Channel Storage Array and make sure the Perspective is Chosen to be Physical Disks.
  4. Refresh the storage array.

The disks should appear in the Oracle VM Manager as shown in the below image.


Note: If a storage or network setting modification is required, please refresh the ‘Unmanaged FibreChannel Storage Array’ for the changes to be reflected within the Oracle VM Manager.