How to Create Oracle VM using ISO for Oracle VM 3.1.1?

Applies to:

Oracle VM 3.1.1


Krishna Kamal Kapa


How to create a Virtual Machine using ISO file in Oracle VM 3.1.1?


Creating a Virtual Machine using ISO files

Perform the following steps:

  • Click the Servers and VMs tab.
  • Right Click on the VM Server and select “Create Virtual Machine
  • The Create Virtual Machine wizard is displayed.


Select the Create a new VM option. Click Next.

 Provide the required information and click Next.

For each Virtual NIC (VNIC) corresponding to the virtual machine, select a VNIC from the Unassigned VNICs drop-down list. Select the appropriate network to use from the Network drop-down list, and click Add VNIC.

Add a virtual disk or physical disk to be selected as the VM’s hard disk for deployment of the guest operating System. Similarly select the ISO to use to create virtual machine. Within the Actions section, select the search option to either include a disk already available, or create a new disk from the repository by selecting the + sign.

 Add the ISO file to VM by selecting the CD/DVD from the disk type drop down list. Click Next.

Select the appropriate ISO file. Click Ok.

The Virtual disk and the ISO are displayed in the console.


Specify the boot order, first the CDROM followed by the disk. Click Finish.

This concludes the virtual machine creation. Next, start the VM by right click and selecting Start.

Right Click on the VM and Click “Launch Console” to install the guest operating system.

Please follow the installation steps and complete the guest operating system installation.