Dell Engineered Solution and Technology Team

The Dell Engineered Solutions and Technology team is excited to announce the Dell Acceleration Appliance for Databases (DAAD). Available in a standalone or high availability configuration, DAAD is an easy to procure and deploy, pre-integrated solution that enables mid-market and enterprise customers and avenue to quickly and cost-effectively boost database performance.  DAAD offers database and operating system independent block storage that provides acceleration for any database infrastructure (Oracle, MS SQL, SAP ASE, SAP HANA, MySQL, etc.). 

The Dell Acceleration Appliance for Databases will really appeal if you are experiencing bottlenecks in OLTP performance, especially in Oracle environments, and want to address the issue without incurring major platform or infrastructure overhauls, large expenditures on additional traditional disk or compute resources, or if you don’t want to suffer a significant increase in database licensing costs spurred by additional servers.  Initially, reference architectures are focused on Oracle environments, but the DAAD is database agnostic, and will work with any OLTP database platform – including non-Dell servers. 

Key Technologies 

The Dell Acceleration Appliance for Databases is built leveraging industry leading technologies such as:

  • Dell PowerEdge servers
  • Fusion-io ioDrive2 NAND Flash SSDs
  • Fusion-io Ion Acceleration software
  • QLogic 16GB Fibre Channel HBAs
  • Mellanox ConnectX-3 Infiniband (for HA synch only)

Pre-integrated by Dell, DAAD provides 12TB of high performance flash storage for database servers on the storage network (with optional high availability, mirrored, configuration).

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