Authors:  Ravikanth Chaganti and Quocdat Nguyen   -   August 2011

SharePoint 2010 large farm Performance Study with EqualLogic storage is the Reference Architecture demonstrating a Large SharePoint solution with 2 TB database that can handle a user load of 10,000 users concurrently (or 100K users at 10% concurrency rate) for SharePoint collaboration workload.  This was a challenging project, and anyone that is contemplating an effort of this size now has a definitive performance results, recommended configuration, deployment best practices and setup from Dell Solutions Engineering to guide them.

The white paper that covers this reference archtiecture includes a comprehensive study and describes how this solution (built using Dell PowerEdge™ blade servers and Dell EqualLogic™ PS6100XV and PS6000XV iSCSI storage arrays) performed under high load testing.

The key findings from this study are:

  • The recommended solution architectures were able to support 10,000 users concurrently (or 100K users at 10% concurrency rate).
  • The recommended architectures had an average response time of 60ms at the maximum supported users; which was well below the one second response time target.
  • The EqualLogic storage backend was capable of supporting a 2TB SharePoint content database with an average disk response time of 2ms and 2600 average disk transfers per second.

Using hardware load balancing enabled us to scale the solution beyond 4 WFEs and achieve the maximum desired concurrent user load.

The white paper provides detailed information on how the farm was configured, some of the factors considered while designing the farm, how Dell performs SharePoint load testing, and finally provides several performance metrics of various solution components.

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