Authors: Ravikanth Chaganti and Quocdat Nguyen  -  August 2010

The Dell SharePoint Solutions Team is pleased to announce the release of Dell’s SharePoint 2010 Mainstream 1.1 Solution.  These whitepapers address:

SharePoint 2010 Medium Farm performance study using Dell M-series Blade Servers and EQL PS6000 Storage. This paper details information on how the farm was configured, some of the factors considered while designing the farm, how Dell performs SharePoint load testing, and finally provides several performance metrics of various farm components. This paper also details information on how the recommended farm architectures could support more than 5000 concurrent users (or 50,000 users with 10% concurrency) and achieve sub one second response times. Performance benefits of the new generation of full-height blade servers – Dell PowerEdge M910 – and its Nehalem EX series processors - are also highlighted.

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