Author: Robert Pound

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Episode 6 | Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Dell™ US Patent Office (USPTO) Project. This episode will contain information necessary for setting up the Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance (QSDW).

  • What is the QSDW?
  • Setup requirements
  • Setting up the QSDW
  • Installing Atom

The USPTO project utilizes Dell Boomi, Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance and Toad products to analyze publicly available data. For more information about the goal and scope of the project as well as a breakdown of the episodes, go to Episode 1.

What is the QSDW?

The Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance is a comprehensive solution that includes all of the hardware, software and implementation services you need to implement a robust and powerful data warehouse quickly. Designed for midmarket and departmental users, QSDW is engineered to provide the most power in the smallest footprint possible. The solutions is comprised of a Dell PowerEdge™ 12th generation server, Windows Server™ 2008 R2, SQL Server® 2012, a Boomi subscription, and both onsite and remote consulting services. For more details about the appliance, view the whitepaper or visit the main data warehouse at

Setup requirements

Before consulting services arrive to support your initial setup, you will need to gather the following information:

Ÿ  Local domain name in company.local format

Ÿ  User name/password for:

  • Local domain account
  • Local domain account that will act as local administrator
  • Local database administrator accounts

Setting up the QSDW

On first power-on, the appliance will display a logon screen asking the user to create an administrator password. Once the administrator password is created, the appliance setup wizard will guide the user, providing a straightforward setup, and ensuring optimal Microsoft Fasttrack configuration.

                                                                 Figure 1.      Quickstart Wizard → Getting Started

Installing Atom

Once you have successfully the setup wizard process, the appliance is ready to start storing data. To get started with Dell Boomi Atom™, simply click the Boomi icon located on your desktop. For detailed information on downloading the Boomi Atom, visit the Dell TechCenter blog, Boomi Getting Stated.