Dell Reference Configuration for a 12TB Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Fast Track Data Warehouse

by Mayura Deshmukh

This reference architecture paper provides guidelines to achieve a compact, balanced, optimized 12TB Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 data warehouse configuration for Dell™ PowerEdge™ R720xd servers using Microsoft Fast Track Data Warehouse (FTDW) principles.

Dell SMB Reference Configuration for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Fast Track Data Warehouse on PowerEdge R720XD

by Mayura Deshmukh and Anthony Fernandez

This reference architecture paper describes the architecture design principles needed to achieve a balanced configuration for the Dell PowerEdge™ R720xd server using the Microsoft Fast Track Data Warehouse guidelines. 

Database Backup and Recovery using NetVault™ Backup and PowerVault MD3260

by Mayura Deshmukh, Robert Pound and Umesh Sunnapu

This paper describes the steps by step process for setting up and utilizing Netvault Backup and PowerVault MD3260.

Dell end-to-end business intelligence solution using Toad BI suite and Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance

by Mayura Deshmukh and Umesh Sunnapu

This white paper discusses the Dell™ end-to-end Business Intelligence solution that allows users to extract meaningful patterns and useful information from their data.

Analyzing Patent Data in Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance Using Toad Business Intelligence Suite

by Mayura Deshmukh and Umesh Sunnapu

This white paper discusses how to analyze real world patent data that is stored in the QSDW using Toad BI Suite.

Integrated Data Warehouse Solution with Toad BI Suite and Dell PowerEdge VRTX Enclosure

by Anthony Fernandez, Mayura Deshmukh and Deepthi Cherlopalle

Project Management and Marketing Team: Scott Swist and Hema Sudarsanam

Additional contributors: Nirmala Sundararajan

The BI VRTX reference architecture described in this paper leverages the solution detailed in Dell VRTX Reference Architecture Virtualization Solution using Microsoft Hyper-V 2012. The goal of this architecture is to provide an efficient small and medium business (SMB) infrastructure solution.

Disaster Recovery Solution for Windows™ Based Appliances

by Anthony Fernandez, Paul Marquardt and Umesh Sunnapu

This whitepaper explains the methodology of using SD cards for windows based appliances in the event of catastrophic hardware or software failure.