Online transaction processing (OLTP) is one of the most ubiquitous workloads. Rapid growth of data and business demand to process massive amount of data at accelerated speeds calls for new technology and systems that deliver higher performance, greater agility, and extensive scalability.  

Dell EMC offers compelling end-to-end solutions for customers to incorporate new technologies and remain current. These solutions, based on Dell EMC’s 14th generation of PowerEdge servers and Dell EMC storage, help customers improve performance, lower total cost of ownership, and accelerate time to value for their business critical applications. One recent addition to the Dell EMC Solutions portfolio is the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 solution that delivers a number of new capabilities and benefits.

The Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 is one of the 14th generation of PowerEdge servers. It is a 2-socket, 2U rack server designed to run complex workloads using highly scalable memory, I/O, and network options. It has the optimal balance of resources to power the most demanding environments.

To help customers evaluate the PowerEdge R740 servers for Microsoft SQL Server environment, the Dell EMC Enterprise Solutions team conducted a performance study. Our results demonstrate that the PowerEdge R740 server, when compared to PowerEdge R730, delivers a 41% increase in transactions per second, a 50% increase in user load, and a 50% reduction in average query response time.