IT is the backbone of all major enterprises. Currently, IT needs to do more than ever by supporting mission-critical applications, managing complex and heterogeneous workloads, and fulfilling demanding service level agreements (SLAs). To support these requirements, data centers face the following challenges:

  • High total cost of ownership
  • Underutilized infrastructure
  • Limited scalability options
  • Sizing/Infrastructure planning for heterogeneous workloads

To address these data center challenges, Dell EMC offers compelling end-to-end virtualized solutions for customers. These solutions help customers lower the total cost of ownership, improve resource utilization and scalability. Our recent addition to the end-to-end solution portfolio supports Microsoft SQL server 2016.

In this study, we explore the performance of the PowerEdge R830 server, a compute-intensive platform designed for virtualization deployments, while deploying Microsoft SQL server 2016. We have conducted TPC-E benchmark testing for workloads with different sizes in an OLTP environment. This performance study includes hardware configurations, testing methods, and results.

This study concludes with a recommendation to deploy Microsoft SQL Server 2016 on the Dell EMC PowerEdge R830 server.

Based on our study, the R830 solution:

  • Delivers a maximum of 11,200 transactions per second (TPS)
  • Supports a maximum of 1600 concurrent users
  • Provides 4 to 1 consolidation factors for large workload profiles, 8 to 1 for medium workload profiles, and 16 to 1 small workload profiles